4 Ways to Check the Latest Smartfren 4G GSM Internet Quota 2018

For those of you who have been a Smartfren customer for a long time, of course you already know very well about this how to check quota, credit, active period and other services. However, for the majority of new users, of course there are still many who don't know how to check their Smartfren quota. Because as we know, to check quotas, whether it's the remaining quota or active period and so on, of course it's different for each operator and we ourselves sometimes forget how to check quotas because this is rarely done.

Smartfren is a cellular provider that is quite widely used by smartphone users today. This is because Smartfren has various internet quota packages and the most popular is Smartfren which is 16 GB. Unlike before, now Smartfren also supports GSM alias can be used for other providers, good news for you Smartfren smartphone users.


On this occasion admin Infokekinian.com will provide tutorials 4 ways to check GSM 4G smartphone quota for those of you who want to see information on quota usage because once in a while checking quota usage is really important so that we know how much we spend while we are surfing the internet.

Check Smartfren Quota Via SMS

As per the title, there are 4 ways we can check the Smartfren 4G GMS quota and the easiest way is via SMS. All you have to do is send an SMS in the CEK format and then send it to number 995 and later you will receive an SMS reply from Smartfren in the form of info on your remaining internet quota.

By Dial Code

Apart from via SMS, to check Smartfren quota, you can also use the dial code, just like when we are going to buy internet quota, the method is not much different, you only need to type the dial code *995#. easy isn't it?

How to Check Smartfren GSM Quota on Modem

Apart from cellular devices, smartfren cards are also usually used for modems because there are smartfren modems with fast networks so many use smartfren mifi modems, and the check is also the same, namely by sending an SMS to 995 just like when texting on a cell phone.

Via Online.

Finally, you can check your Smartfren quota online, namely by visiting the official Smartfren website menu, various kinds of service information are available, including checking quotas there. Not only for checking quotas, on the official website various kinds of information are also available, such as Smartfren internet quota promos and much more.

That's a tutorial on how to check your 4G GSM smartfren quota, I hope with the information above now you can check your smartfren quota easily and won't be confused anymore, especially for you new smartfren users.