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InfoKekinian.com is a portal or web that we created specifically to present all the latest news & information that is currently being discussed by netizens in cyberspace. We will review news & info on technology, health, entertainment, lifestyle, business, etc.

We have a vision and mission that motivate us to achieve the main goal of building this portal.


  • "Become a Current Information Portal that provides useful reading resources for netizens, especially in Indonesia"


  1. Provides useful up-to-date information.
  2. Review useful contemporary tips & tricks.
  3. Presenting unique and relaxing content to read.

We from the Infokekinian.com team will continue to try to provide / present up-to-date information that is useful and in accordance with customs, culture and laws in Indonesia.

We also accept any criticism, suggestions and input from readers, so that we can present even better content. Criticism and suggestions can be submitted via the form Contact us.

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