Interesting and Appropriate Examples of Vision and Mission Speeches for Student Council Chair Candidates You Can Use – This time we will discuss how to deliver a speech, as well as some examples of vision and mission speeches as a good candidate for student council president.

In delivering a speech, especially the vision and mission must be conveyed properly so that other students can consider and get an idea of how you will perform if you are elected as a student council president.

Definition of Speech

So that it will be easier to get more votes in the election of the student council chairman.

Definition of Speech

Speech is the act of speaking in front of a large audience. The audience accepts the words used in speech.

Usually, the speech will communicate its views to the audience or listeners. The conversational content of the speech will convey concepts and instructions.

Often, speakers delivering speeches will offer advice to their audience. It depends on the context or circumstances of the speech.

Generally, speeches will be delivered by influential people. In a certain sense, individuals are required to convey a speech or perspective.

Information provided through orations is contained in the submitted materials.

Speech Purpose

The implementation of the speech has several objectives, including the following:

1. Give Greetings

One function of speech is to convey greetings. Generally an event or activity will begin with a greeting, therefore a speech is needed.

The purpose of this speech is to convey an introduction or greeting to the audience or the general public.

The skyscraper's inauguration speech is an example. In addition, a speech given at the start of a meeting or event can be used to convey greetings.

2. Providing Information

Speech also serves the purpose of conveying knowledge. The contents are clearly intended for listeners or the wider community.

In this context, the information offered is generally related to the topic of the subject. Examples include speeches during press conferences.

Usually related to situations or things that must be immediately notified to the general public. Similar to a speech discussing Ramadan decisions or similar.

3. Influence Listeners

Another purpose of a speech is to influence the audience. Usually, this style of speech takes the form of an invitation. Persuasive speech is speech that is used to influence the audience.

The purpose of the speech is to inspire the speech to act on its recommendations.

This activity is also voluntary. An example is an invitation to protect the environment by disposing of waste properly.

So that fans no longer litter is one example of speech This. The government's recent promotion of vaccine speeches is another example.

The speech aims to invite the general public to join vaccine-related activities.

4. Entertaining the Listeners

The purpose of the speech is also to entertain the audience. In this speech, the speech will convey pleasant-sounding sentences. Speech with a comic aspect is an example.

5. Convince Listeners

Persuasive speeches can also be delivered. Generally, this speech is given when there is an important event. An example is a campaign speech for a political party.

Candidates for office are sure to give many speeches outlining their ideals and goals.

This is done so that individuals have self-confidence. This is one example of the purpose of a speech to convince the audience.

Definition of Vision

Vision is a series of words that describe the goals, aspirations and future aspirations of an organization, whether it is an institution or a business.

Vision is also the purpose of the organization. The vision is generated by the thoughts of the founders of the organization for the future of the organization.

Visions can serve the purpose of selecting future actions, encouraging and motivating members to contribute as much as possible.

Therefore, the series of words used in a vision must be concise and unambiguous, consisting of no more than one or two paragraphs.

The vision will have a significant impact on the organization's ability to implement change. Vision keeps the organization operating in accordance with the aspirations of its founders, thus preventing the organization from developing new directions or deviating from its vision goals.

The development of the vision is very important for the implementation of the next process; a vision cannot stand alone.

Therefore, a vision or description of the future requires an explanation of how it will be set in motion.

Definition of Mission

Definition of Mission

After understanding the meaning of the vision, then you also need to know the meaning of the mission. In simple terms, vision is the company's aspirations or goals for the future.

Meanwhile, the mission of the company is how it will achieve its goals in the future.

In addition, the mission will answer a number of other issues, such as corporate mentality, winning efforts, and how to monitor the success of a process.

Thus, the mission can be summed up as a collection of plans or strategies designed to achieve the vision that has been set.

Vision and mission language should complement each other, but mission statements are more detailed than visions. The quality of the organization will differ from the quality of other organizations based on its mission.

Even the item or service to be prioritized can usually be communicated on a mission. This is what defines the mission in the vision and defines the action plan.

Vision and Mission Functions

Following are some of the functions of the vision and mission:

1. Provide Work Standards

First, vision and mission can serve as work standards for company departments. Work standards can be used to determine the duties and responsibilities of workers and employees in an organization.

The availability of work standards can encourage workers or employees to set goals for their work, thereby making work more effective and efficient.

2. Increase Work Motivation

Second, the company's vision and mission can function to increase the motivation of its workforce or employees.

Vision and mission statements can facilitate workers' understanding of the purpose of their work.

Therefore, the company's mission and vision have a significant influence in arousing the motivation and enthusiasm of its personnel and achieving its goals or vision.

3. Increase Productivity and Performance

Third, if the vision and mission of the company can generate motivation and morale.

Labor or employees can become much more productive. The joy or motivation of labor can significantly influence its output.

A vision and mission that can be understood has the potential to motivate workers or employees to be more enthusiastic about achieving organizational goals.

4. Become a Reference for the Company

Fourth, the company's vision and mission can certainly be a reference in moving forward.

The vision and mission of a corporation can be the basis, benchmark, or reference for the development of an organization or business.

In general, the function of the vision and mission is as a reference for the organization in determining the steps for change and development.

This can prevent and prevent the company from deviating from its goals and ensures that all of its actions are aligned with its vision and mission.

5. Become an Employee Work Guideline

Vision and mission apart from being a reference, can also be a guideline. As a guideline, the vision and mission of a company or organization will become the foundation for its workforce or employees.

Automatically, guidelines will greatly assist employees in increasing their confidence at work.

6. Increasing Employee Loyalty

Increase Employee Loyalty

Sixth, vision and mission can be a means to boost employee loyalty.

If a company has a clear vision and mission and is able to arouse the emotions of its employees, then not only will their performance and productivity be boosted, but they will also be loyal to the company in the future.

Automatically increasing employee loyalty will ultimately allow them to do their best for the organization.

7. Influence Decision Making

Vision and mission have the ability to influence decision making within an organization.

Vision and mission-based decision-making can prevent actions that deviate significantly from goals.

The vision and mission of the company will also influence decision making regarding the company. In accordance with the vision and mission of the company, decisions are taken to provide maximum profit for the business.

8. Establish Basic Goals

In addition, the vision and mission serve as the fundamental goals of the company. The company's activities will be facilitated by a vision and mission with clear and motivating fundamental objectives.

This is because employees who carry out company activities have a clear vision of their roles and responsibilities, because they understand the fundamental goals of the company.

Example of a Short Vision Mission Speech for the Head of Osis

Example of a Short Vision Mission Speech for the Head of Osis

Assalamualaikum Wr. Wb

Ladies and gentlemen teachers who I respect and friends in arms that I care about.

First of all, I would like to thank you for the time you have taken to attend this event.

I also thank you for trusting me as a candidate for the next osis chairman.

Previously, let me introduce myself to the teachers and friends. My name is nayla adinda from class VII C

Being a leader is not an easy thing to do, but time and process will teach everything.

I will try to keep learning and give my best for the progress of our school together.

So to make it easier to make this happen I will convey vision and mission student council

To maximize it, I built a vision, namely to make our school more accomplished, creative, innovative and responsible based on faith and piety.

In order for my vision to be optimally achieved, there are several missions that I plan to support this vision, namely:

  1. Increasing spiritual activities and religious development to increase faith and devotion to God Almighty
  2. Develop creativity by improving the quality of existing extracurricular activities
  3. Maximizing programs that have been or will be implemented to improve student achievement both academically and non-academically
  4. Improving discipline with various activities, especially in learning to organize at school
  5. Make stricter rules to remind students of the disciplined and neat character of students while at school
  6. Producing cadres who are able to demonstrate their existence in the academic field and organize optimally
  7. Growing awareness of students to take responsibility for maintaining school cleanliness and order according to applicable regulations
  8. Provide a place for students to develop their talents and interests beyond the existing extracurriculars
  9. Foster a sense of kinship among students
  10. Optimizing the performance of osis members, especially in student organizations in accordance with the division of predetermined job desks

In order to maximize the work results from the realization of the vision and mission of the osis, we will improve the program and the results of osis work in the previous period which have been evaluated.

So that in the future there will be changes made by the student council from time to time in accordance with the vision and mission that I have conveyed.

That's all I can convey about the vision and mission of the prospective student council president, if later I am entrusted with becoming the student council president, I will try my best to realize this vision and mission properly.

Thank you for the attention of the teachers and friends, the end of the word.

Wassalamualaikum Wr. Wb.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

1. OSIS Stands for What?

OSIS stands for Intra-School Student Organization, which is a bridge for students at school.

2. What is meant by the Vision and Mission of the Osis Chair?

The vision and mission of the OSIS chairman are the plans and goals that the OSIS chairman wants to achieve during his leadership period.

Vision is a description of the desired future, while the mission is the goal to be achieved to achieve that vision.

3. What is the purpose of the student council chairman's vision and mission?

The purpose of vision and mission of the OSIS chairman is to provide an understanding of the direction and goals of the student council president's leadership to the student council members and the school.

It also helps to explain how things work and the strategies used to achieve the vision and mission.

4. How to Make a Good Student Council Head Vision and Mission?

The way to make a good student council president's vision and mission is to explain the vision and mission clearly and in detail, and explain how the vision and mission will be achieved.

In addition, the vision and mission must be based on the needs and potential of the school and student council members.

5. How to Convey the Vision and Mission of the Osis Chair to the Osis Members?

The vision and mission of the OSIS chairman can be conveyed in various ways, such as through presentations, speeches, or videos.

It is important to consider student council members as an audience and adapt your delivery style to that audience.

In addition, the vision and mission must be conveyed in an interesting and fun way, and include concrete examples to show how the vision and mission will be implemented.

6. What Should Be Considered in the Vision and Mission of the Osis Chair?

Some things that need to be considered in the vision and mission of the OSIS chairperson are:

  1. Clear and detailed in explaining the vision and mission
  2. Explain how the vision and mission will be achieved
  3. Based on the needs and potential of the school and student council members
  4. Deliver vision and mission in an interesting and fun way
  5. Consider student council members as an audience and tailor your delivery style to suit that audience.


In the example of the student council's vision and mission, you can see that the most important thing is to convey the contents of the speech clearly and briefly.

There is no need to be convoluted because it will make listeners easily bored and no longer focus on what you are conveying.

So it would be better if you just focus on the important points you want to convey, in this case, the vision and mission.

Likewise, in choosing the vision and mission that will be carried out, you don't need to be too excessive.

The most important thing to consider is the possibility that the vision and mission can be carried out optimally.

That way when you are truly elected it will be easier to realize and develop it according to what has been conveyed in the short speech.

Submission of the vision and mission of prospective osis members will provide an overview of the performance that will be carried out during your tenure, so consider carefully what you want to convey in a short speech.