Suitable Animals To Be Kept At Home – Do you have plans to raise animals but are confused about which type of animal to choose? therefore we will recommend animals that are suitable to be kept at home.

Pets are animals that humans deliberately keep as friends. Even animals can help some people by guarding the house, driving away pests, plowing the fields, and even being friends to relieve fatigue and stress from a full day's activities.

Types of Pets

Reptiles, birds and mammals are just a few of the animals that can be kept. You can also choose one based on a number of factors that appeal to you. For example, its cute shape and easy maintenance.

Types of Pets

Here are the types of animals that you can raise at home:

Persian cat

Animals that are suitable to be kept at home, the first is the Persian cat. Persian cat is the most popular animal among humans.

Maybe you are also familiar with this type of cat. Its body may be covered with thick hair that resembles a tuft of bristles.

Persian cat has short legs, which distinguishes it from other cats. This cat is very adaptable to a new environment.

So, if you decide to get a Persian cat as a pet, you can be sure that it will be the perfect fit.

Caring for a Persian cat is also very simple; You just need to tidy up the fur regularly and bathe it occasionally so that the old and dead hair can fall out.

Village cat

Kampung cat is one of the cats originating from Indonesia. His appearance is ordinary, like a cat that you might see every day.

However, if cared for properly, the cat's pattern will give an appearance that is not inferior to other cats.

Domestic cat care is even simpler than cat care in general. Because village cats are born with a high level of independence.

There's nothing wrong with getting a village cat; after all, lots of people own and care for them nowadays.

Angora cat

Apart from the two cats mentioned above, animals that are suitable to be kept at home, which some people are familiar with, are the Angora cat.

This is because this cat has a very desirable shape of fur, especially on the hairy tail. The tail is also a big attraction for animal lovers.

Shiba Inu dog

Shiba Inu dog

The Shiba Inu dog is a type of dog originating from Japan. This dog has ears that are quite distinctly small and stand straight up. Another feature of its stocky body is that it resembles the shape of a wolf's body.

Shiba Inu dogs also have a body that is quite agile, happy to play, and can easily learn new things.

Despite its medium size, the soft brown fur on this dog's back and white on the chest makes it look adorable. Shiba Inu dogs are independent animals that are relatively easy to care for.

Norwegian Elkhound dog

The five pets are still dogs, specifically the Norwegian Elkhound. This dog has a stout body shape, ears straight up, and a wolf's face.

While his hair is fine and black on top, white on the bottom, especially on the stomach and legs.

Dogs love to play, and they can also serve as house guards. Don't worry, because he is a dog that obeys his master, he can definitely guard the house.

Many people have kept it and claim that the Norwegian Elkhound is sensitive to the feelings of its owner.

When the owner is sad, this dog will try to cheer him up by sleeping on his owner's lap, for example.

Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is an animal that is ideal for being a pet or a friend at home because it is not too big and can even be said to be of medium size.

Its fur is brownish-white and thick. Its characteristics are entertaining and simple to train as a pet.

Golden Retriever dog care is not difficult; just bathe regularly with dog shampoo. Then, because this dog's coat is smooth and tends to be long, comb it gently.

Pomeranian dog

The Pomeranian is the next dog breed that is undoubtedly ideal for you, especially if you are a beginner. Because the owner thinks this dog is very easy to manage.

Many people like this dog because of its small and adorable body. Not only that, this dog has a cheerful personality and likes to run around. Very adorable Pomeranian dog.

The Pomeranian's coat is whitish brown and very soft to the touch, and therefore requires frequent brushing to avoid tangling.

In addition, it can be bathed with shampoo occasionally, but must be dried off immediately to prevent this dog from becoming cold.

Mini Hedgehog

Mini Hedgehog

The mini hedgehog is a type of pet that comes from the small hedgehog species. Mini hedgehogs have recently become popular among animal lovers.

Because its mini shape resembles the size of a hand, it looks very cute and adorable.

Moreover, the color is quite varied, including brown, black, and white. You can also choose the one you like the most.

The hedgehog, although it has spines on its back, is not a particularly dangerous animal. The spines of the mini hedgehog are so small that they are not sharp and may even appear soft.

Maintenance is simple, just bathe it regularly and diligently clean the cage to keep it healthy.


Hamsters are rodents that are unquestionably related to rats. There are many species of hamsters found in Asia and Europe.

The body shape of this animal is similar to a ball of fur, even the tail is small. As a result, it is not surprising that many children like to make pets.

The color of these animals varies depending on the hamster species. There are a variety of pets to choose from, including white, brown, black, gray, and the funny fact that there is also a red one. Maintenance is very simple; enough to feed and clean the cage regularly.

guinea pig

Talking about hamsters would be incomplete without mentioning guinea pigs. These two animals at first glance seem to have the same shape and characteristics.

The body size of guinea pigs which are larger than hamsters shows the difference quite clearly.

Guinea pigs have distinct personalities that lure people into keeping them. Whether it has been friends or deliberately bred for resale.

Guinea pigs, unlike hamsters, are more friendly to their owners. You can even be invited to play without fear of being kicked out.

Cemani Chicken

Ayam cemani is a pet that comes from a local breed of chicken; This chicken is endemic to Indonesia.

The distinctive feature of cemani chicken is that its entire body is jet black, from the feathers to the feet to the head.

Some chickens have black flesh and bones as well. As a result, it is not surprising that many people keep them as rare animals. One Ayam Cemani can be purchased for around 40 million rupiah.

Isn't that a fantastic nominal for just one chicken? These animals are kept by only a few people.

According to popular belief, this chicken has the unique ability to bring its owner food. Despite the fact that it is a myth, many people believe in it.

Onagadari Chicken

Onagadari Chicken

The onagadari chicken is a breed of chicken native to Japan. Since the 16th century AD, this chicken has been kept in Japan.

While in Indonesia increasingly popular. One chicken can cost from one to millions of rupiah.

The characteristic feature of this chicken is that it has a very long shape and tail, with one chicken reaching a length of 15 to 20 meters. It's just that in Indonesia, this chicken only has a tail of 1 to 2 meters.

This is due to differences in the environment and the type of food available. However, if you keep the Onagadari Chicken as a pet, it tastes really good.

New Zealand White Rabbit

The New Zealand White Rabbit was chosen as the next pet. According to existing stories, this rabbit was brought by the Dutch during the colonial period and since then it has been found in many parts of Indonesia.

This rabbit is quite large. Even one tail can weigh up to 5 kg. Many Indonesian people deliberately keep these animals as processed food animals.

However, many people make it as an ornamental rabbit because of its pure white and unique fur.

These rabbits are very simple to care for and breed. A New Zealand White rabbit can give birth to up to 12 tails in one birth. Isn't that a lot?

Lion Head Rabbit

The Lion Head Rabbit, as the name suggests, is a popular pet due to its cute appearance and lion's orange color.

With a round face, the ears grow straight up. The fur on this rabbit is very dense, with a smooth and soft texture when held.

In addition, their small body size makes them an excellent choice for pets.

The weight of these rabbits ranges from 1 to 2 kg. Maintenance is easy because it does not require a large cage and the food is easy to get, such as carrots and other vegetables.

Netherland Dwaf rabbit

Because of its small size and thick fur, the Dutch Dwaf rabbit is widely cultivated and kept as a pet.

Furthermore, the appearance of the given body is cute. These rabbits originate from the Land of Windmills, or Holland, and have since spread throughout Europe and Asia.

This rabbit has existed in Indonesia for a long time because it was introduced by the Dutch during the colonial colonial period from the 18th to 19th centuries.

Unfortunately, this type of rabbit is getting rarer, but still quite common in Indonesia. The care given is the same as any other rabbit.


Humans often use civets as animals to select quality coffee beans, especially pandan civets, which are very good at distinguishing quality coffee beans.

Ferrets, on the other hand, are unique as pets for animal lovers. Its face is cute, and its tail is long and colorful with an interesting pattern.

In addition, ferrets are intelligent and human-friendly animals, making them ideal for keeping.

The types of weasels, namely the Root Civet, Moon Weasel, Rase Civet, and Binturung Weasel are currently several types of weasels that are kept by many Indonesian animal lovers.

Sugar Gliders

The Sugar Glider is a nocturnal animal native to eastern Indonesia, especially Maluku and Papua. This animal is small, and because of its small size, it can fit in the owner's shirt pocket. This animal comes in three different colors: black, white, and brown.

Sugar Gliders are currently very popular, and there are several communities of Sugar Glider enthusiasts from all over the archipelago. This is not without reason, because these animals are easy to care for and have a cute shape.


Owls are one of the few animals that can turn their heads 180 degrees. This animal is also distinctive because of its frightening face shape and smooth fur. Many people like him in this regard.

Many people today assume parrot as a very good pet. Benign. Because if a ghost has been close to its owner for a long time, even if it has just been released, this bird will never run away.


Almost everyone has heard of this parrot species, the original and natural habitat of this parrot includes eastern Indonesia, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

According to existing data, this bird is one of the birds with above average intelligence. Some even have the ability to mimic human voices.

Parrots are deliberately kept not only because of their intelligence, but also because of the variety of types, characteristics and species.

The shape of the beak, the type of feathers, and the distinctive shape of the crest are the characteristics that attract the attention of birds from the public.

Love Bird

Love BirdLove Bird

Love Bird is the name of a type of bird that has recently become increasingly popular, because many bird lovers consider it as a pet.

Love Bird has beautiful feathers with a variety of colors. Red and green dominate the colorful plumage. Birds are very easy to care for and breed, so they are ideal for you to keep.


The canary is one of the birds that is very resistant to color and song. Many bird enthusiasts have more than one of these birds.

Because there are so many types, this bird is perfect for you as a pet. This bird can be found in a variety of natural habitats, including Europe and Asia.


Starlings are the 27th animal that can be kept as pets; this animal has a loud, sonorous voice. This bird comes in various varieties and species, especially in Indonesia.

However, several types of starlings cannot be kept because they are prohibited by the government on the grounds that their existence is already threatened with extinction. Bali Starling is a rare species of starlings with only a few species of birds in their natural habitat.


Many Indonesian people keep goldfish, both for ornamental purposes and for consumption.

Because when cooked, this fish has a very good taste. Goldfish are widely distributed in various waters in Indonesia, and are also found in other Asian countries.

The color of the carp is yellow-brown, which is very similar to the color of gold. Not only that, Ikan Masa has several types that can be consumed, as well as several other types that can be used as food decorative fish.

Siamese fighting fish

Betta fish, also known as fighting fish, is one of the fish whose beauty you no longer need to question.

The body color is bright and beautiful, and the shape of the tail fin makes many people want to keep it as a pet. Don't be surprised if betta fish are popular both in Indonesia and elsewhere.

Arowana fish

Arowana fish

Arowana fish is an endemic animal species from Indonesia with a beautiful shape and reddish color.

Unfortunately, these animals are now very difficult to keep because they are rarely found in their natural habitat.

Moreover, the price of arowana fish is quite expensive. One of the difficulties in keeping these fish as pets in an aquarium is the cost.


Animals that are suitable to be kept at home, the last one is guppy fish. Guppy fish is a type of fish with a very small shape and a very diverse and beautiful color palette.

The patterns on its body are very attractive, and fish lovers can't resist having it as a pet.

This fish is well known throughout the world, and many people in Indonesia keep it. Because it can easily adapt to its environment, this fish is very easy to care for and breed.


That's a little information about some animals that are suitable to be kept at home to accompany you so you don't feel alone when you're at home. How are you, current friends? Which animal would you like to raise?

Thus the article about Animals Suitable for Keeping at Home and don't forget to keep visiting the Infokekinian website.

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