Convert PPT to Video application on Android – Animation becomes a simpler and more practical form for making videos in PPT. The ppt to video converter application is suitable as a tool for you to make video presentations from ppt.

The ultimate goal of editing videos in Power Point is to turn PPT into videos that can be viewed on an Android cellphone or laptop. In this tutorial, we will show you how to convert a video in PPT to an MP4 format video.

How to convert ppt to video is very easy and the procedure is very fast compared to rendering videos using professional tools, such as premium pro or after effects. Power point is increasingly being used for more than just making presentations it is also used for creating promotional items.

That's why you'll find plenty of power point design classes available online. The results are stunning, and almost anyone can use ppt.

several applications convert ppt to video on android

Convert PPT to Video application on Android

InfoKekinian will provide a review of the application to convert ppt to video on Android.

1. Convert Ppt to Video Application via Microsoft Power Point

Open the PPT file you want to convert in PowerPoint. Make sure all your work in the file is complete and correct. Save the file first by clicking the File menu, then selecting Save or Save As. In this paragraph is only to confirm the contents of the file.

Next, select Export from the File menu, then select Create Video from the drop-down list that appears. In the Create Video section, you can specify the desired Video Format and Duration. Select the appropriate Video Quality from the first drop-down menu.

The larger the selected Video Resolution, the larger the file size. For additional information on format options, please read on. In the table below, you will see exactly what I mean.

Then, in the second drop-down list in the Create Video area. You can combine narration and timing. Apart from that, you can customize these options if you wish.

If you haven't recorded a timed narration, the default option is “Don't Use Your Timed Narration”.

When you're done setting it up, click Create Video. Please fill in the File Name for the video and select File Type (MPEG-4 Video Video or Windows Media Video) » select a storage location » then click Save.

Slides automatically pause after five seconds by default. Changing the time per slide is also an option. Namely by clicking the up arrow to increase the duration or clicking the down arrow to decrease the length in the “Seconds spent on each slide” section.

2. Convert PPT to Video Application via the Save As Menu

Save As option in ppt can be used to convert presentation to video. Basically after we finish producing PPT, we can save files with different extensions, including ppt files which are saved in the form of pptx, pdf, jpg, png, mp4 files and others.

To save a document, you must first decide what type of document you want to save. It is possible to convert ppt to pdf by saving or saving as with the pdf file extension. For additional information, you can follow the instructions below.

The first stage, please generate or open the PPT file that you want to make a video.

Click File > Save As or you can use CTRL + SHIFT + S on the keyboard.

If you want to convert video from your ppt presentation, use mp4 format. After that, all that remains is to click SAVE and wait for the procedure to complete.


So, those are some applications that you can use to make presentations from ppt to video. Hope it is useful!