Convert PPT to Video Application on Mobile – Converting ppt to video is often used by workers, students or school children. As is known, PowerPoint presentations, which are often known as PPT or PPT slides, are widely used.

It is undeniable that Microsoft PowerPoint is the best presentation application that is currently widely used. you no longer need to press the mouse button every time you make a transition.

The reason is because your PPT presentation results can now be converted to video and changed automatically according to the set time. But please note, apart from being converted to video, PPT can also be converted to other formats.

It's no secret that PPT files can now be converted or converted into several other file types.

Of course this can be an excellent choice, especially for those of you who regularly make or produce presentation slides for professional demands. Interestingly, no further program is required to convert the PPT files.

how to convert ppt to video on cellphone

Convert PPT to Video

Convert PPT to video on cellphone is the easiest method. Of course, it is no stranger to your ears to convert files from this application. To convert powerpoint files into videos, choose an application that is good enough to convert

Save As is capable of converting ppt files to videos. Powerpoint slide timing must be adjusted to convert the presentation to video for editing.

Set the time for how many seconds according to your wishes, and don't let the setting be too fast so that it catches the eye later throughout the presentation. For information on HP's method of converting ppt files to video.

Converting the PPT file into a video application will make the presentation sessions more realistic. No need to bother sliding slides one by one.

Apart from that, converting Microsoft PowerPoint to video is also quite practical when you want to publish documents to sites that only contain video formats, such as YouTube.

Images, transition effects, sound effects and so on will all be included in the video, just like in a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Convert PPT to Video on Android

There are several ways convert ppt to video on android. Making presentation slides using PPT is also quite easy. To make things easier, we can get ready-made ppt templates from the internet. Or, you can improvise according to your own artistic vision.

Currently, there are many kinds of presentation needs, there are offline and online presentations. Especially in the contemporary epidemic, most of the presentations or assignments are collected online.

It's not uncommon for presentation assignments to be collected in the form of ppt videos. Therefore PPT should be converted to Video.

PPT to Video export is easy. You can quickly convert or export ppt to video if you use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016.

There are two methods that you can do in MS PPT 2016, first, export using the save as menu and also the export option. Depending on the situation, one of these approaches may be appropriate.

To convert PPT to video without sound, you can use the Save As option in PPT 2016 then choose the mp4 file format.

Using the export option, and then present ppt, you can add presentation sound to your PPT. After concluding the presentation, then the ppt is exported to video.

Important Things in Making a PPT Design

1. Create a Simple Slide

Slides in PowerPoint are renowned for their ability to present visual information in the most straightforward and user-friendly way possible. Many think that slides are 'supplements' to a presentation.

By displaying interesting slides, it will encourage people to hear and be moved by the content that you convey. Don't include too many photos or charts on your slides, as this will make them look cluttered and unappealing.

2. Limit the Use of Bullets

When creating slides, be sure to pay attention to the use of bullets as well as the amount of text you enter on each slide.

Slides crammed with too many bullets will tire your audience. Therefore, try to create slides with minimum text and minimal bullets.

3. Font Size and Type

Font size and type is one factor that is rarely noticed by many people. Even if the use of typography in presentation slides is very important.

The location of the audience that is far enough must be considered when making a presentation. Try not to use a font size less than 24 pt!

4. Limit Use of Animations & Transitions

Next, you need to use transitions or animations between slides as comfortably and intelligently as possible. It's best not to use transitions for all the slides you want to present. Make sure you use basic and clean animations made by a professional


Those are some reviews on how to convert PPT and some other information that will make your presentation even more memorable. Hopefully the information above is useful and helpful in presentation activities.