Video Quotes Edit Application on Android – The video quotes editing application is capable of displaying moving images and sound at the same time, just use an application to make text videos as a solution.

If you want to add text to it, just use an app to create video captions as the answer.

Having a special video editing application that can add text is better than having to use video to make videos.

Because you know what people want, now applications that can make video captions are starting to develop and have their own benefits.

several video editing applications quotes

Video Quotes Edit Application on Android

The following is a list of applications for editing video quotes on your Android phone

1. Viva Video – Video Quotes Edit Application

Viva Video is known as one of the best applications for creating videos that can be added with text. How to use it is also very simple, making it easier for people who have never used it before.

It has a lot of advanced features and should fulfill all the needs of everyone who owns it. Only if you add a little creativity can you create beautiful and engaging videos.

Even this video text creation application can be used to create story boards in an easy and practical way because of the features it has. With all the benefits it has, it never hurts to try it.

2. Andromedia Video Editor

Andromedia Video Editor is very good at things like adding text to videos, so it's the best for that. These tasks can be performed quickly thanks to a simple but easy-to-use interface.

Being able to create videos in multiple formats is one of the many advantages it has. This application even allows users to choose the resolution of the video.

Don't be afraid to use it, as it requires no professional looking software for PC. After this, there will be no more excuses not to download it.

3. Kine Master – Video Editing Application on Android

If you want to use a special editing application that is very complete and has the best quality, Kine Master is the best application. The nickname arose because of the many features that make it easy to create and edit videos.

One of its best features is being able to move different types of media with the touch of a finger. This is called “Drag and Drop.” Naturally, this application is widely used because it is more practical and easy to use.

Not only that, this application for creating text videos allows users to edit videos very well. Then, add audio and text. Then, add a number that can be done quickly.

4. Android

A good video editing tool is Androvid, which can help with tasks like adding certain things to videos, as well as some scenes.

How about this? This is a professional application that can be used to edit videos with the best results.

There is no need to take responsibility for this app as it has some simple features like adding music and text. Videos also look better because of these different features.

5. Video Show – Video Quotes Edit Application

Another great app for adding text to videos is Video Show. But like most apps, this one lets people use it even when they don't have internet.

By using these advantages, you can save money by not having to buy a data plan just because you want to change videos. Everything that happens when you make videos can run without a hitch.

In other videos, this is not a plain text app creation app. This has advantages that other applications may not have.

When being able to merge lots of different videos at once it's a huge plus.


So, those are some applications for making video quotes that we often see on several platforms, now you can choose which application is effective to use. Hope it is useful!