Getcontact Application – Check Contact Names on Other People's Cellphones – On this occasion we will discuss the Getcontact application – check contact names on other people's cellphones. Check out this article to the end to find out and add information.

The name of the Getcontact application has recently become viral and is in great demand among internet users. Curious to know more about this viral application? You can try the Getcontact application by downloading it from the link below.

What is the Getcontact Viral Application

There are many mobile apps available today that can help humans in their daily routine. Gaming, cashless transaction activities and recreation are just a few examples.

However, there are applications that can be used to spy or track the owner of a phone number over the internet. The Getcontact or Get Name application is one that has recently become increasingly popular.

According to reports, you can use this app to find unknown individual names or phone numbers. Is this the truth? App description and download link can be found here.

What is the Getcontact Viral App?

So, as Infokekinian said before, we can track who a user is from a mobile number using the Getcontact application by simply entering the number.

You may have received a message or a phone call from someone you don't know and want to know who is calling from that number.

We can now find out the name of the owner of an unknown phone number by simply entering the mobile number into the tracking feature of the Getcontact app.

The Getcontact app, which is comparable to the Get Contact app, is missing. After the main character in the Kites Break series tries to use the app, it goes viral.

This feature now works in the same way as the Get Contact app, which can be used to find out who owns an unknown phone number. Other features include the ability to ban phone calls and more.

Getcontact App Features

The Get Contact application has been widely used since it was officially released on the Indonesian Play Store. This feature can be used to find out who owns a phone number that has been stored on someone else's phone.

The Get Contact application has the following features:

  1. Hidden and encrypted chat features.
  2. Find the contact name for a phone number that has been saved on someone else's device.
  3. When you receive a call from an unknown number, look for the caller ID or the owner's name.
  4. Spam Protection is a feature that protects your phone from unwanted calls.

What are some unappealing features of the app? We can immediately see the contact names on other people's phones by using this application.

Download link for the Getcontact Viral Application

So the Getcontact application itself can be found on the Google Play Store or the App Store. The following link will allow you to download it for free.

Detailed Description:

  1. Name: Get Contact
  2. Version: 5.4.0
  3. Developer: Getverify LDA
  4. Supported OS: 5.0 and above
  5. File Size: 43 MB

 (Google Play Store) 

(App Stores)

After successfully installing the application, this feature can be used to track our phone number names on other people's phones or unknown contact names. Curious how?

How to Install Get Contact Apk

As for how to install the get contact application, please see the steps as follows:

  1. First download the get contact premium apk application
  2. If so, open the settings menu on your cellphone
  3. Select security and enable unknown sources
  4. Open the download file storage folder
  5. Select the get contact premium apk file then install
  6. Wait a few moments until the installation process is complete

How to Register for the Get Contact Application

After you have successfully installed the getcontact application, then you can register or register an account on the getcontact application with the following steps:

  1. Open the getcontact application
  2. After that there will be a privacy and security policy page. Please click the Agree & Continue button
  3. Then click the Start Now button >> Continue
  4. Then a notification will appear Change Default Call Application. Please click Set Default > Continue
  5. Enable permission for the Getcontact application by sliding the allow permission button to the right and then clicking the Back button
  6. Then verify the account using a Facebook account, Google or fill in the last name and email
  7. Choose to send the verification code via WhatsApp, Telegram, or telephone number
  8. After that, please open WhatsApp, Telegram, or SMS to get a verification code
  9. Finally, please verify

How to Login to the Get Contact Application

Now for how to log in to the getcontact application account, you can do it using your Facebook account, WhatsApp, Telegram, or the username and password that you created when registering on the Getcontact application.

How to use the Get Contact application

To start using this application itself is very easy. Before that, make sure you have installed the application on your cellphone. If you can, follow this short guide:

  1. Open the Get Contact application on your cellphone.
  2. Then agree to the terms and conditions of the application.
  3. After that, you can log into the application using your email or Facebook account.
  4. You can verify your account via Whatsapp or Telegram to create an account.
  5. After entering the application, just use the search feature and search for the number you want to know the name of.
  6. Then click tags, a list of names from unknown numbers or your numbers that are stored by other people will appear.

How easy enough right? This Get Contact application might be quite useful for those of you who are really curious about the names of your contacts on friends' or other people's phones


The Getcontact application has recently gone viral and has been sought after by netizens. It is reported that by using this application you can find out the name of an unknown person or number. The Get Contact application itself is available on the Google Play Store or App Store.

By using this application you can immediately monitor contact names on other people's cellphones. This feature can be directly used to track our number names on other people's cellphones