Application to Track Someone's Location on Android and iOs – Do you currently need a location tracking application? Maybe you don't need it now, but later. Contemporary friends need it to track the whereabouts or location of someone you currently need.

Finding someone's location is a common use for GPS tracking devices. For example parents, friends, co-workers, girlfriends, or others.

Everyone has faced a situation like this. There is little comfort in knowing that someone is thinking of a current friend. But how can a contemporary friend find out?

some apps to track someone

Application to Track Someone's Location

Here are some applications to track someone's location.

1. Life360

One of the best programs that can be used to monitor someone's whereabouts or location is the Life360 – Family Locator application, GPS Tracker.

This app will remind someone's location in real time. Which locations he has visited, where he has gone, and how far is his current friend and that person, will be notified by this app.

If you are worried about the person you love when you are away, you can use this app to watch over them from afar.

2. Facebook massager

Recently, Facebook launched its newest function to share location among friends. Apart from that, this tool can also follow the journey and movements of your current friends for 1 hour

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3. Google Maps

By using Google Maps, today you can no longer mislead about your real location.

Since Google Maps knows exactly where you are even when you are at home, it is impossible to ask where your current friend is without asking for the name of the street.

This function also notifies current friends when current friends will arrive at the location that has been agreed upon with current friends. Keep a running tally of where you have been and where you are going next.

4. Find My Kids: Child Cell Phone Location Tracker

Find My Kids: Child Cell Phone Location Tracker is another tool to track someone's whereabouts.

GPS will be used to send app location data. For this, you need to install this application on your current and individual smartphone.

5. Zenly

Current friends can also track someone's phone number or location with the help of the Zenly application.

What's extraordinary about this Zenly application is that current friends can follow someone's location with just a phone number. Zenly must be installed on your smartphone, of course.