Application for Mind Mapping on Android – Applications for mind mapping can shorten the time in making mind mapping ideas for presentations. So, this time, InfoKekinian will provide application recommendations for mind mapping

For students and employees to be successful, they must have the capacity to synthesize information and turn it into knowledge. You can use an application, especially an Android mind mapping application, for example, to simplify your thoughts.

recommendations for mind mapping on android

Map Making Application on Android

Sometimes when many thoughts or concepts come to your brain, you forget to write them down so that when you need them you don't remember them anymore.

But sometimes just remembering them is not enough because you need to communicate and visualize your ideas. it to various individuals.

But this time, you don't need to worry anymore because now there are various mind mapping tools that can quickly map all your thoughts into visual form.

The mind mapping application itself is a creative activity that begins when you write down a main concept or topic, then you draw lines that branch out into nodes or networks each with a new word or thought related to the first.

Here are some choices of mind mapping applications for Android that might be your choice to map your creativity or thoughts.

LucidChart application

The LucidChart application is quite capable of providing all kinds of mind mapping needs, from basic flowcharts to complex diagrams.

The program also includes lots of templates to get you started on mind mapping, making it easy to produce professional diagrams and communicate with your team.

Real-time collaboration, change and history management, team administration and access are just some of the amazing features that come with this app. Teamwork becomes simpler with the help of this Android application, which is already integrated.

Not only that, the LucidChart application also has another great function, namely its ability to connect data and unify user data where it can connect the shapes and diagrams that you generate to the data and then directly save them in a spreadsheet.

So any modifications made to the data directly in the spreadsheet will appear immediately in the user's charts and diagrams. This of course saves a lot of time and manual labor that you don't want.

Canva application

Using Canva as a mind mapping app for Android is a logical next step. This is an Android-based graphic design application that you can also use to generate mind maps. Equipped with templates and toolkits that are ready for you to use.

As well as mind maps, you can upload your own photos and collaborate with up to ten friends on Canva, where a free membership gives you 1 GB of storage space and access to 8000 designs.

There are several mind map layouts to choose from in the Canva app. So you can use the built-in tools provided by Canva to make image editing and text and background adjustments in making your mind map simpler. The mind map downloads provided by Canva are PNG, JPEG and PDF.

Coggle app

Coggle is a mind mapping application that allows you to exchange flowcharts. It also helps you and your friends collaborate in taking notes, discussing ideas and plans to finish work or projects very quickly.

For those of you who want to use Coggle, you only need to create a free account and you can immediately enjoy private diagramming services and in direct collaboration, you can add unlimited photos, application for mind mapping You can also access this one on a laptop

You can save your mind map as a TXT, PDF, or JPEG file for later use, and you can also use it to style text, add links, and include images and icons to highlight key areas.

You can keep adding branches as long as you want. whenever you feel the need to do it.

Sketchboard application

Sketchboard is an application comparable to a digital whiteboard that lets you memorize mind maps with pictures. Sketchboard also comes with a selection of pre-designed icons for use in roadmap mind map software diagrams.

Creating a free account lets you create three separate private message boards, each with up to five users.

Creating a branch is as easy as dragging and dropping an icon from the shape gallery, giving it a name, and then using the toolbar to make changes to the branch's size, color, or text content.


Those are some map mapping applications that you can currently use if you want to make map mapping for presentations