Basic Techniques for Playing Baseball, Complete! – In this article, we will invite you to get to know the basic techniques of playing baseball which at first glance are similar to softball game and castle.

Baseball or baseball is a popular sport in many countries, including North America, Latin America, East Asia and the Caribbean. In some of these countries, baseball is the main sport.

Definition of Baseball
Baseball is usually played as a national pastime in America. The number of spectators wishing to attend these baseball games was, as expected, far greater than that of any other sport.

To get to know the basic techniques baseball game further, please refer to this article to the end.

Definition of Baseball

Baseball, commonly known as baseball, is a sport that involves the use of a small ball. Baseball features two competing teams and each team has nine members.

This baseball game resembles softball which emphasizes teamwork and teamwork to achieve victory.

This baseball game is very popular in the United States, where many people play baseball. The aim of the game of baseball is to defend the team as the batsman and score to win.

History of Baseball

There are many theories about the origin of the game of baseball, and some claim that the sport started in America, while others claim that baseball originated in England.

In 1971, baseball became popular in America. The British News reported in 1903 that baseball originated in England.

Henry Chadwick was the first person to play baseball, originating from the sport of rounders.

Former baseball player Albert Spalding disputes this and underlines that baseball is a sport that originated in the United States. According to him, Abner Doubleday was the inventor of baseball.

To determine who and where baseball was invented for the first sport, a commission was set up to determine who and where baseball was invented for the first sport.

And in the end, the world recognized America as the inventor of baseball. So it can be shown that America was the first country to play baseball and the formation of the New York Kninkerbockers on September 23, 1845 was the first baseball team in America.

Baseball has expanded worldwide over time. In 1938, the IBAF was founded with the goal of regulating all things baseball worldwide.

The origins of baseball in Indonesia date back to 1960. However, it is not known exactly who invented this game in Indonesia. Initially, baseball was introduced during the colonial period.

However, the expression of playing baseball is better known by Indonesians. Jakarta and Bandung are cities in Indonesia where this sport is growing.

Basic Baseball Techniques

Basic Baseball Techniques
The basic techniques of playing baseball are separated into four categories, as follows:

Ball Throwing Technique

Throwing the ball in baseball should not be careless, nor should it be careless in throwing.

The pitcher must also use a method that prevents the batter from connecting with the pitched ball.

The correct way to throw the ball is to swing your hand from above and then throw the ball directly at the bat.

The Stick Holding Technique

The correct technique for holding a baseball bat is with both hands, tightly, so that the hitting stick does not fall when used to hit the baseball.

Ball Hitting Technique

The batter or so-called batter must be able to hit the ball with sufficient force. In addition, the batter must be able to quickly discern the direction from which the ball is approaching.

Bats play an important role in baseball, so if one batter misses the ball, it can be disastrous for the team.

Ball Catching Technique

The catcher's role in baseball is catcher. Catching baseball is not arbitrary and requires certain methods.

The secret is the better the chances of catching the ball, the closer the body is to the baseball.

Rules in the Game of Baseball

Each team in a baseball game has nine players who occupy the following positions:

  1. Ball thrower or pitcher
  2. Catcher or catcher
  3. Guard markers or first base
  4. Guard marker or second base
  5. Guard marker or third base
  6. Field guard between 1st and 3rd bases
  7. Guard on the left
  8. Guard in the center wing
  9. Guard on the right wing.

The duration of baseball is nine innings.

Field and Property in Baseball Games

Field and Property in Baseball Games
The following is a complete description of the baseball field and its characteristics:

Baseball Field

The baseball field has the shape of a square, in the middle of which there is a pitcher's mound that serves as a place to throw the ball.

The distance between the bases or markers is 27 meters and the distance from the pitcher's mound to the homplate is 60 feet, with longitude running from homeplate to first and third bases.


White is the distinctive color of the ball used in baseball and has a circular shape with red stitching. Baseball balls are made of leather or synthetic materials.


The stick or bat in this baseball game is round with a length of 86cm and a diameter of 7cm. The handle on the ladder may also be wrapped, although it may not be more than 40 cm.


Every baseball player will certainly wear leather gloves. For catchers and first base guards, even thicker gloves will be required.

Use thumbless or fully rounded gloves for catchers. Similar to catchers, pitchers and base guards also use circular gloves, but their thumbs are different.

Catcher Protector

This catcher uses the Catcher Protector when playing baseball. Catcher gloves are also separated into three parts, including:

  1. Masks are used to protect the face
  2. Body protector to protect the chest
  3. Leg guard which is useful for protecting or covering the legs at the bottom.


Baseball players were permitted to wear shoes made of canvas and fine leather. Shoe soles can be flat or carved.

Metal soles and heel plates are permitted as long as the protruding tang does not exceed three-quarters of an inch.


Base, commonly referred to as a perch for baseball players. There are four bases or markers, which are designated as base I, base II, base III, and base IV.

This base is made of rubber or other materials and the shape of this base is a pentagon which has various sizes such as 30-22-43-22-30 cm.

How to Play Baseball

How to Play Baseball
Each team consists of nine people and each team will function as a batting and defense team during play.

The batting team will attempt to run between the bases until they return to home plate. As for the guard unit, they consistently try to stop the opponent's advance.

the bat should be positioned at home plate and used to try to hit the ball given out by the bouncer. The bouncer must use a strong arm swing when bouncing the ball.

When a batter hits a baseball three times, he must return to first base before being replaced by another batter.

The Benefits of Playing Baseball

Here are the benefits of playing baseball:

Lose weight

Many people are fascinated by weight loss. If you're one of them, then you should give this game a try as it combines swing, sprint, catch, and walk, all of which can burn more calories than a single exercise.

In fact, according to most health experts, a 160 pound person can burn 365 calories every hour practicing this sport.

This game requires the use and movement of the whole body and can keep the whole body alive.

Mind Sharpening

Baseball can enhance our thinking because players must make split-second decisions about when and where to use the optimal approach.

It can make the player's mind sharp, energetic and alert. In addition, a player must have the mental capacity to learn skills faster.

Relieve stress

Games are also a natural outlet for stress, as anger, mood swings, and sometimes impatience are replaced with fun, resulting in a calm mind.

If we are very stressed, spending the whole day in our room may help a little, but it will pay off little.

Playing baseball can not only improve concentration and mental focus, but can also refresh the mind.

Strengthens Arms and Legs

In baseball, arms and legs are the two most used parts of the body. Throwing the ball, hitting the bat, and catching the ball can all help increase arm and muscle strength.

In addition, it can help improve joint flexibility.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

What's the Difference Between Softball and Baseball?

What distinguishes softball from baseball lies in the technique of throwing it. Where in softball, the pitcher will throw the ball towards the batter by throwing it under the hand.

Whereas in the game of baseball, the ball thrower will catapult the ball towards the hitter by throwing it towards the top of the hand.

How Many Innings Are In A Baseball Game?

The total in this baseball game is 9 innings which are commonly referred to as innings and in every one inning the teams will have the opportunity to hit to score or run.

Why is there no baseball in Indonesia?

Even though baseball is very popular in Japan and America, this game is less popular in Indonesia.

This is due to the limited baseball fields provided by the government.


That's a little information about the basic techniques of playing baseball complete with health benefits.

And this baseball game is a game played by two teams with each team consisting of nine people.