Benefits of Lemon for Health that are Rarely Known

Lemon is a type of orange, but unfortunately it is not very popular, especially in Indonesia, because the price is quite expensive. but just like limes, lemons also have extraordinary benefits for body health and even for facial skin care. various diseases such as digestive diseases, stroke and for those of you who want to lose weight can be cured by consuming lemons.


Before discussing the Benefits and Efficacy of Lemons, what exactly are the Differences between Lime and Lemons? because at first glance they are very similar between these two oranges, here are some of the differences.

  1. Orange Color ,In lemons the color is yellow, while limes are green, although there are also types of similar citrus species that have different colors, but the majority are yellow and green.
  2. Orange flavor , Lime definitely has a very sour and bitter taste, it's different from lemon, even though it's sour, it also has a sweet taste even though it's not too sweet. This is the reason why lemons are often used as drinks or as a complement to other fruit drinks, in contrast to limes, which are mostly used for seasoning purposes.
  3. Orange Shape, It's very easy to tell which is a lime and which is a lemon. if the lime has a solid round shape, then the lemon has an oval shape.

After knowing the differences between lemons and limes, let's discuss what are the benefits of lemons for health? how to process lemon and how to drink it right? see the explanation below:

Benefits of Lemon for Body Health

  • Increase Immunity

Lemon fruit is basically the same as lime, which contains high vitamin C, vitamin C in this fruit is very useful for maintaining the health of our bodies because it can boost the immune system, so you will avoid various diseases.

  • Good for digestion

Consuming lemons is usually in the form of fresh juice drinks, with lemon you will be able to expedite the body's digestive system. various digestive problems that usually occur such as nausea, diarrhea and others can be overcome with lemons.

  • Lose weight

Lemons are also very good for losing weight for those of you who are on a diet, lemons can suppress appetite so that they will indirectly reduce your daily consumption, besides that lemons are also good for the body's metabolism, so they are very effective for lose weight.

This has also been proven from the research of Asnaashari S and the team which was published in the Phtotherapy Research Journal in 2010 where lemon contains essential oils that can lose weight.

  • Prevent Asthma

Asthma is one of the most dangerous diseases that attacks the respiratory area of the human body, people who have asthma will have difficulty breathing and it is very easy to relapse if exposed to excess wind and so on, asthma or shortness of breath can be prevented by consuming lemons because they contain vitamin C. but don't too much in consuming this lemon because it is also not good.

  • Lowering Blood Pressure

If you experience high blood pressure, then it is not very good for your body's health. The solution is to eat fruits like lemons which contain potassium and can function to control high blood pressure as well as dizziness or nausea and vomiting.

  • Freshens Breath

Lemons have their own aroma that can make our breath smell fresher and more fragrant, but even so, you are strictly prohibited from using lemons too often for breath freshening purposes such as gargling because it is also not good for dental health.

  • As a Free Radical Exterminator

The human body cannot be free from free radicals, to overcome and prevent free radicals you can use lemons because they contain antioxidants that can counteract free radicals, so you will avoid various dangerous diseases, especially cancer.

  • Treating Chapped Lips

Just like limes, the benefits of lemons that don't need to be doubted are their extraordinary properties for treating chapped or dry lips, the high vitamin C in lemons is what makes chapped lips overcome because they can remove dead skin cells on the lips, how to apply it is also not too difficult, you only need to slice a lemon and then wash it thoroughly with water then apply the lemon to your lips evenly and thoroughly.

  • Eliminate Acne

Almost all teenagers must have a face with acne, apart from using acne removal products or certain medications, you can also use natural methods, namely by using lemons, lemons contain antibacterial properties that can eradicate acne on facial skin, not only that, the benefits Lemon is also used to clean clogged facial pores, so the skin will be brighter and cleaner.

How to Make a Warm Lemon Water Drink

If you want to drink lemon juice, you can follow the steps to make it as follows, we will use warm water and you can also use cold water, depending on taste.

But in making it, you shouldn't be careless so that the benefits of lemons can also be felt, lemon water has anti-bacterial, antiviral properties and can fight infection, so it is very good for consumption.

  1. Prepare a lemon that has been cleaned with a brush.
  2. Place the lemon in the refrigerator and freeze for about 2 hours.
  3. Cut the lemons into 20 wedges for every 1 lemon and place in a covered container.
  4. Put it back in the refrigerator and the next day you can brew 2 slices of lemon with warm water.

Side Effects of Lemons

Even though lemons are rich in health benefits, they also have side effects if consumed too much, with this you will experience erosion of the enamel on your teeth. but side effects like this won't happen if you do the following tips:

The Right Way to Drink Lemon Water

  1. Drink it with food, so don't just consume the lemon juice.
  2. Do not drink lemons with water that is too hot, consume lemons using warm water but try not to make it too hot.
  3. Drink lemon water before brushing your teeth so that the acid in the lemon doesn't damage tooth enamel.

Those are some of the benefits of lemon for body health and facial care and how to drink and make it and its side effects for the body. Especially for those of you who want to use lemons for your diet, you should balance it with the consumption of other foods because if you have excess vitamin C your body is not good either.