How to Install 2 BBM on Android

Install 2 BBM on one Android smartphone, what can it do? The answer is yes, of course you can, friend, you can even install BBM for 10 more accounts as long as the smartphone is strong. Want to know how to install 2 BBM on Android?

As we all know, BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) is one of the most used messenger or chat applications on smartphones, especially Android today. It looks good, light and easy to use and free makes the BBM application very popular.

Many Android smartphone users want more than one BBM app on Androidhis. Whether it's for business purposes such as selling online or creating a special BBM account for his family. But unfortunately, Playstore does not provide access to install more than one application.

So, therefore, there is a separate way to outsmart it, namely by downloading the BBM apk from outside, aka not directly from the Playstore. In this way, you can have 2 or more BBM accounts on one Android smartphone that you have. Come on, let's just look at the following method.

How to Install 2 BBM on Android

  1. Install BBM from Playstore, if you already have it, you don't need it anymore, bro.
  2. Download BBM2 ( here ) and BBM3 ( here ), if possible, directly from the Android browser so you don't have to bother moving again from PC to Android, friend.
  3. After BBM2 and BBM3 have been downloaded, all you have to do is open the apk file and follow the installation instructions as usual.
  4. For friends who are installing an application from outside the Playstore for the first time, there is usually an unknown source warning, how to fix this, open Settings – Security – Check Unknown Sources. Then try again to install the BBM apk.
  5. Well, if successful, later on your Android, a new BBM application will appear, the name is BBM2 and BBM3.

Congratulations, friends, now you can create multiple accounts BBM on android. Oh yes, we recommend installing no more than 3 BBM at once on one Android because if it's too much later it will affect the performance of your Android smartphone, it can be slow and heat up quickly. Good luck, greetings, friends, now: v