Check Vehicle Tax in West Sumatra - On this occasion I will provide information on vehicle tax checks in West Sumatra, see this article until it's finished.

Vehicle tax checks can now be accessed online, thanks to the government's efforts to make it easier for the public.

Especially for those of you who are individuals in West Sumatra, you can do this through the website.

In this way, Motor Vehicle Tax (PKB) can be calculated without a trip to the Samsat. Use your smartphone or laptop to open the website.

Advantages of Using the Website 

Needless to say that it saves a lot of time. Especially for those of you who are workers or traders, this website will be very helpful.

Because you don't need to take time off from work. Besides saving time, the availability of this website also provides many additional benefits.

If you don't know the advantages of the website or even how to use it, we suggest you to finish reading this post.

Advantages of Using the Website

How to check vehicle tax online through a website is made so that people can more easily access information related to vehicle tax.

In addition, there are several other benefits that will be obtained as follows.

Can Prepare Tax Funds in advance

Of course you already understand that there are sanctions if you are late paying taxes. Therefore, money to pay taxes must be prepared in advance so that there are no hassles when it is due.

By checking using the website, you can find out the tax amount long ago.

That way you can prepare money to make PKB payments in a timely manner so you don't get fined.

Can Check Anywhere

Not infrequently you go out of town to take care of various matters. The existence of a website will allow you to still check your vehicle tax even though you are out of town.

Because it doesn't matter where you are, as long as you can access the internet you can still check taxes. This is certainly very convenient for those of you who often travel far.

Check Vehicle Tax Via the West Sumatra Website

As we mentioned earlier, you can check your vehicle tax even if you are not in West Sumatra.

Following are the steps you need to take:

  1. Prepare an electronic device connected to the internet
  2. Go into the browser and click on the search bar
  3. Then click websites
  4. Then you will be delivered to the vehicle tax info page, a display will appear as below.
  5. Enter your vehicle's license plate number in the column provided
  6. After that, click on the Check Vehicle Tax button
  7. Wait while searching for your vehicle tax information
  8. The screen will display information about your vehicle tax
  9. Finished


Having a website makes it very easy to check vehicle taxes. That way it is likely that you have made vehicle tax payments and will have to pay fines even smaller.

No need to worry if you are not in the province of West Sumatra.

Because by checking vehicle tax online, you can do this check anywhere.

Thus the article about Checking Vehicle Tax in West Sumatra and don't forget to keep visiting the Infokekinian website.

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