Collection of Funny Words

What is the need to collect funny words? It's true that life is never easy, but you don't have to take it so seriously that you forget to joke around. Joking is one surefire way to entertain yourself. At the same time, joking around can form fun bonds with other people.

It's not difficult to find funny words out there, especially on the internet. Of course you need to choose wisely because sometimes the funny words that are there tend to be sarcastic and may not be pleasant for those who hear them. You can also find funny words that are not polite.

If you want to find words for your humorous material, you might be better off choosing short funny words of wisdom. You can start looking for funny words for 2017 using your search engine and collecting words that you can use to make you smile or laugh.

The following is a collection of funny words that you can use both orally and in writing. You are free to use it even to update your social media status. No need to be too tense in life. You can invite other people to relax and relax for a moment by sharing the following really funny words.


A play on proverbs

There are lots of ideas you can develop if you want to share funny short sayings. However, you have probably heard all kinds of sayings. Well, you can play some sayings to get short funny words. You can get wise words of humor just by adding words or even replacing existing words with other words that are funnier and more intriguing. Here are examples of funny sentences that you can make with inspiration from proverbs.

  • Elephant dies leaving ivory. The tiger died leaving stripes. Humans die leaving debts.
  • Assemble first, swim to the shore. Sick first, hot later.

Ridiculous Words about Love and Soulmate

The matter of love and marriage may be a complicated matter in human life. However, this doesn't mean that you have to always lull when talking about matters related to love or marriage. You can come up with silly words related to love and soul mate. You can even show you're serious about your hopes for love and marriage using silly words. Who knows you might actually get your soul mate because your target thinks you're funny or ridiculous. There are some of the funniest words you can use related to love and soul mate.

  • As long as the janur kuning is not curved, I will continue to pursue your love. If it's already curved, I'll iron it so it stays straight.
  • The hanging penalty has been replaced by a shooting sentence. But why are you still hanging me? Shoot!
  • Oh Lord. If he is my soul mate, then bring it closer. If he is not my soul mate, please marry me.
  • Why are there no stars tonight? Because all the stars move to your eyes.

Words of Wisdom Humor

You can find a variety of funny words related to love and even a play on proverbs. Many policies are so rigid that they may be quite boring to listen to. Every now and then there's nothing wrong if you come up with a funny saying that actually stems from wisdom.

Words of wisdom can be humor, while words of humor can actually be wise too if you pay close attention. Here are some ideas for funny quotes related to wisdom that are made more fluid and funny.

  • Don't be arrogant if you are called Mr. Camat. Don't be arrogant if you are called Pak Lurah. Don't be arrogant to be called Mr. Boss. Mr. Camat, Mr. Lurah, and Mr. Boss will also be called by God.
  • Beauty is relative, but ugly is absolute.
  • If someone throws an insult at you, don't rush to deny it because they could be right.
  • Success starts with a dream. Therefore, let's sleep.
  • No matter how heavy the work is, it will feel light if it is not done.

You can further explore really funny words according to your own version. Have fun creating.