Requirements and Procedures for Registering for Batch 28 Pre-Employment – On this occasion, we will share the terms and conditions for registering for cohort 28 pre-employment, so see this article for more complete and clear information.

Batch 28 Pre-Employment Cards opened on Monday, May 9 2022. Registration for Batch 28 Pre-Employment Cards is carried out through the official Pre-Employment Card website, namely

"Let's open wave 28! Share it on your FB and IG Story, OK?” wrote the Pre-Employment Card management quoted from Instagram on Monday, May 9 2022.

Requirements and Procedures for Registering for Batch 28 Pre-Employment

To get Batch 28 Pre-Employment Cards, you must meet the following conditions. Participants who did not pass the previous batch are waiting for the 28th batch of pre-employment cards.

Requirements for Batch 28 Pre-Employment Card Registration

The following are the requirements for batch 28 Pre-Employment Card registrants based on information from the page:

  1. Indonesian Citizen (WNI) as evidenced by the attachment of an Identity Card (KTP)
  2. Minimum age of 18 years
  3. Not currently attending formal education
  4. Candidates/workers who are looking for work, affected by layoffs, need work competence, MSME actors.
  5. Not a recipient of social assistance
  6. Not a state official: DPRD, ASN, TNI, Polri, village chiefs and officials, BUMN or BUMN employees.
  7. Maximum of 2 Family Identification Numbers (NIK) in 1 Family Card (KK) that can become recipients of the Pre-Employment Card Program

How to Register for Batch 28 Pre-Employment Cards

Here's how to register for batch 28 Pre-Employment Cards that must be understood:

  1. Create a Pre-employment account on the page
  2. Then verify KTP, NIK, KK and date of birth according to the information on the KTP
  3. Complete your personal data and upload a KTP photo
  4. Then verify the mobile number and send
  5. Enter the OTP code sent via SMS to your number and verify it
  6. Fill in the registration statement
  7. Participants are required to take a basic motivation and ability test by clicking start test now
  8. After completing the test, the test results will be evaluated and the results will appear
  9. Choose the wave according to your domicile
  10. Then a wave selection confirmation appears and click Yes
  11. After that, a Pre-Employment Card Approval will appear containing several statements, then click "I agree to be able to proceed to the next stage"

After the registration stage is complete, you will receive a notification whether you have passed the Batch 28 Pre-Employment Card Program after closing.


That's a little information about the Batch 28 Pre-Employment Card, complete with information on quotas, schedules, requirements, and how to register, which is mandatory to understand.

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