Dates and History of National Girlfriend Day – On this occasion, we will share the date and history of National Girlfriend Day which is celebrated every year, so watch this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

Special days can happen at any time, depending on the situation and circumstances at that time. You may receive a great gift without realizing it, and you may not even realize that day.

For those who feel special in it, one day may often mean more than 24 hours.

One day, on the other hand, could be the worst thing you've ever experienced in your life. Some even believe that every day is special.

Dates and History of National Girlfriend Day

Many people in today's life are too busy with their work and activities to remember the most important aspects of their life.

People are so busy with their lives that they neglect their social life, family and loved ones.

With the advancement of technology and awareness of the importance of caring, Many internet users want to remind people of the importance of a particular event.

From there, many suggestions emerged, all urging people to set aside at least one day as a special occasion.

This is done to increase awareness of other important issues that should not be ignored.

For example, on Mother's Day, we honor her by spending the whole day with her making sure that she is happy.

Likewise with those who are in the spotlight, especially Girlfriend Day. Since even women are often forgotten by their partners due to their busy schedules, Girlfriend Day allows them to spend time with their loved ones.

When is National Girlfriend Day

National Girlfriend Day is a commemoration aimed at establishing harmonious relationships with women. When is girlfriends day? The answer is that it is commemorated every August 1.

In general, Girlfriend Day is not only celebrated for girlfriends, but also for female friends, sisters, work colleagues, and others. Because that way you men can respect women more on that day.

Girfriend itself does not necessarily mean girlfriend, but is a term used to describe a female friend of a woman from her youth. The term was first used in 1863 in the United States.

National Girlfriend Day itself was first coined by Mistress Susan in 2004. At that time, the day was used as a means of thanking female friends. But there is also a mention in 2002.

How to Celebrate Girlfriend Day?

The term 'Girlfriend Day' may rarely be heard by most Indonesians, because it is more popular in the United States as the origin of the day. But with the sophistication of information technology, that day can reach Indonesia.

Well, because it is new, many are confused about commemorating this day. This time, Sabilia will share tips for commemorating Girl Friend's Day in a simple and simple way.

There is only one way to celebrate Girlfriend Day, namely spending more time with your girlfriends.

It can be filled with watching movies together, traveling or visiting a place together.

What do you do for the purpose of spending time with a girl friend and as a way of thanking her. Maybe you are busy in your daily life and forget about that time together.

Maybe spending time together will increase the bond of emotional connection that can last forever. That way mutual respect will be established whatever and whatever the circumstances.

National Girlfriends Day greeting

Then what greetings can be given to women you know on National Girlfriends Day?

Sweet greetings and special treatment of course! This celebration aims to give the highest appreciation and enthusiasm to the women who are significant in your life, so these two things feel obligatory.

For speech, for example, it could be like this:

  1. Thank you for everything you have ever given and have given so far, I hope our relationship will last forever.
  2. I can't express how grateful I am to have a friend like you.
  3. After everything we've been through, thank you for sticking around and supporting me until I'm at this point.
  4. Hopefully our relationship will continue, so that this story can continue to be told by our children and grandchildren.

National Boyfriend Day

It's incomplete to discuss Girlfriend without Boyfriend in it. Conversely, if Boyfriend is more of a thank you to a male friend or boyfriend who has always made the woman he loves happy.

If Girlfriend Day is celebrated every August 1, then Boyfried Day is celebrated two months later, to be precise, every October 3.

Boyfriend Day itself was only inaugurated in 2020, while Girlfriend Daya was from 2002 or 18 years before Boyfriend Day.

The meaning of Boyfriend Day can be likened to respecting other male friends, not just boyfriends, but also classmates, co-workers, siblings, and others who feel you should thank them.


That's a little information about the date to celebrate National Girlfriend Day and how to celebrate it.

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