Download the 02 Meter Application, Saturation Measurement Tool – The following is an explanation and how to download the 02 meter application, an application that can measure oxygen saturation. Let's see the explanation

The O2 Meter application has been sought after by netizens lately. If you want to download the 02 Meter APK application, you can listen to this article until it runs out to download the application.

A number of Covid-19 patients experienced a decrease or even a decrease in oxygen saturation. As a result, Covid-19 patients experience decreased oxygen saturation.

According to, our body's oxygen saturation can be measured as a measure of health. Various viruses can affect oxygen saturation in humans.

Still according to, oxygen saturation for normal people is around 95 percent and above, while for people with chronic diseases normal oxygen saturation is in the range of 90 percent.

Interestingly, lately there have been many applications that claim to be able to regulate oxygen saturation in the body. One of them is today's topic of discussion: the application in question.

Download the 02 Meter Application, Saturation Measurement Tool (2)

O2 Meter Application

Oxygen saturation can be measured with the O2 or 02 Meter app, which claims to do so using the phone's camera in the app's hands.

In addition to oxygen saturation, in this application we are also claimed to be able to measure heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, or other vital organs with one application.

The accuracy of these applications is often a topic of discussion. So, for those of you who are curious about the level of accuracy of this application, you can check at the end!

By the way, this app is available for free download from Google Play Store. If you are interested in getting it, you can find the link to the apk below.

Download the O2 Meter Application

For those of you who are quite curious about this application to measure your own oxygen saturation. You can click here or go directly to the Google Play Store to get this application.

The size of this app is also modest. In fact, if your internet connection is fast and stable, you may find that this app is already on your phone when you simply hit the download button.

More than 100,000 Android users have downloaded the 02 Meter application directly from the Google Play Store. This app has a 4.1 star rating at the time this article was published.

This application, which was released by Animesh Jana on May 26, 2021, has indeed made people curious. So, what does this have to do with the app? Here's the complete guide.

How to use the 02 meter application

After downloading this application via Google Play Store or other services. Maybe you will be confused by how to use this application.

Here's how to do it:

First download this application on the Google Play Store
Then open the app, then give the app permission for camera access
Next, select Oxygen Saturation
Click the Start button
Place your index finger on the camera screen so that it is completely covered.
Wait a few minutes until the checking process is complete. Then see the results.
You need to remember, normal oxygen saturation itself is in the range of 95 and above. However, not a few are wondering whether this application is accurate enough to measure oxygen saturation?

Is This App Accurate?

We ourselves tried several times to test oxygen saturation by placing a finger on the camera for a few moments, then tried not putting the finger at all.

The results are quite surprising, even if you put your finger or not on the camera, the results both have 99 percent oxygen saturation. One has to ask, is this app accurate in all the details?

The disclaimer for the O2 Meter application states that if the application is not recommended for use as a medical device, the application recommends consulting a doctor directly.

In addition, this app is also not intended to diagnose any particular disease or condition and this app also claims to have not been tested or verified, so each phone's accuracy may vary.

As a result, for those of you who are looking for the right results. You are not advised to use the 02 or O2 meter application, but consult your doctor directly.


That's a review and how to download the O2 Meter application. For those of you who are students or students who are taking health studies.

You can use this app as a comparison or just as an example for your field of study and then you discuss it with your teacher or doctoral professor to get accurate results!