Dyrroth Becomes the Best Hero Fighter in Mobile Legend, It turns out that this is the reason

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Dyrroth is a relatively rare Fighter Hero Mobile Legends. But along with the development of META, Dyrroth emerged as the top Hero Fighter in Season 24 of Mobile Legends.

Why Dyrroth Becomes the Best Hero Fighter

To become Junglers, META Mobile Legends now relying on thick Hero Tanks / Fighters.

So that it is impossible for the enemy to topple the Jungler easily and can easily secure his destination (Jungle Monster, Turtle, Lord) because the Retribution Spell deals great damage in proportion to our Hero's HP.

you might be confused about how to beat the Tank Jungler META using this META. Dyrroth is a Hero Fighter who can act as a Counter META.

What is the reason? We have compiled a list of 5 reasons why Dyrroth is the strongest Hero Fighter and Counter META Tank Jungler in Mobile Legends Season 24.

Why Dyrroth Becomes the Best Hero Fighter

Here are 5 reasons that make Dyrroth the best Hero Fighter:

1. Counter META Tanks

As we explained above, one of the reasons why Dyrroth is the best Hero Fighter in Mobile Legends Season 24 is because he is a Counter META Tank.

He has Skill 2 which can tear enemy armor. In fact, Armor is one of the pride of this META Tank.

With this skill, Dyrroth will easily dominate early in the game, and isn't afraid to advance during war.

Counter META Tanks

2. Situational Heroes

Dyrroth is also a very situational Hero. That is, he can become a Jungler, or a Fighter on the Exp Lane. So, when Draft Pick, you can use Dyrroth to confuse the enemy.

The enemy will think "Is Dyrroth going to be an Exp Laner, or a Jungler?". By outwitting the opponent's thinking, they will not be able to counter our draft.

3. High Area Damage

Dyrroth also has very high Area damage in Mobile Legends with his Ultimate and Skill 1.

With this high Damage, Dyrroth is also able to subvert the enemy in just 1 Full Combo.

You only need to break the enemy's Armor using Skill 2, then use Ultimate towards the enemy.

It's not uncommon for an enemy with low armor or HP like a Mage/Marksman to fall in just one combo.

4. Have Escape Skill

One important element that makes a Hero in Mobile Legends very good to use is that he has the skill to escape.

We certainly don't want to fall into the hands of the enemy in ridiculous circumstances, do we? The skill to escape can overcome that.

Dyrroth can use his Skill 2 to jump away or chase enemies huh. Of course, this will really help you win.

5. Very Easy Hero to Use

Even if you are beginners, you will still be able to use Dyrroth easily in Mobile Legends. So, he doesn't need finger speed to play.

You only need to aim Ultimate Dyrroth exactly. After your Skill is used up, you only need to give Basic Attacks.

Dyrroth's Basic Attack is also very high. You don't need to be afraid to lose a hit from the enemy.

The 7 Best ML Sidelane Heroes to Fill the Gold Lane

Sidelaner is a very important role in Mobile Legends (ML). It is very important for sidelane heroes to win lanes and farm quickly because they will be relied on to be the second core.

That is a hero who can carry his team besides Jungler. Sidelane heroes, different from offlane, are heroes that are usually placed in the Gold lane.

Usually the main role of the sidelane is to dominate in the mid-late game because sidelaner heroes usually can't farm as fast as Junglers and need items to be able to do significant damage.

But not all Jungler heroes can be placed in the sidelane because sidelane heroes must be heroes who don't need buffs.

1. Benedetta

Benedetta is an ML hero who doesn't have a natural counter as AE.Ahmmad said.

This hero is so OP because it has burst damage, escape skills, CC skills, and is also an Assassin hero that doesn't depend on buffs.

Sidelane also has lots of bushes so it's easy for Benedetta's players to scoop up opponents with skill combos and execute suddenly.

Situational Heroes

2. Harith

Harith sidelane is the meta used by many teams during the MPL Invitational last November.

Even AE.Ahmad quite often uses Harith in the sidelane and continues to dominate matches like when he was placed as a jungler.

Harith in general is a hero who needs a blue buff so he can use skill 2 non-stop when he's in the ultimate area of his sword.

But as long as Harith can make items that have CD reduction up to at least 35%, then he can still dash non-stop even without the blue buff.

3. Lapu-Lapu

According to AE.PAI, Lapu-Lapu is an ML sidelaner or tier 1 offlaner hero who will definitely be a bone of contention for every team if he isn't banned.

Lapu-Lapu is a complete fighter with burst damage, thick shield, escape skills and also CC. Lapu-Lapu actually requires level 4 before being able to play bars on the sidelane.

But at levels 1-3 they are also not weak because they have long range 1 skills and a fairly large passive shield. This hero the author predicts will be the top pick in M2 later.

4.Wan Wan

Wan Wan is one of the most difficult marksman (MM) to be caught by melee heroes.

He has skill 2 which has an effect like Purify, then every time Wan Wan attacks an enemy he will jump in another direction to avoid the opponent.

And also he usually uses the Marksman – Weakness Finder emblem which makes the opponent slow when hit by Wan Wan.

All of these things plus skill 1 which can open the bush area to make it visible. All of the above allows Wan Wan to survive safely against other sidelaner heroes.

Then when Wan Wan's passive skills hit the opponent, the opponent's hero who swore in the bush was also visible.

So this hero is one of the best heroes in doing an open vision map. Wan Wan is a very effective hero against Tanks or slow Fighters.

He can use them as a sacrifice to get Weakness Points and use the ultimate Crossbow of Tang on the soft hero behind him.

5. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is still one of the most feared melee Mage heroes in the Land of Down. This hero is very strong in lane against melee heroes because he can absorb shields every time he comes in contact with an opponent.

So 1 vs 1 with Esmeralda is not a wise thing. Esmeralda is also a hero with high defense and offense at the same time when she already has key items.

So Esmeralda is also suitable to be placed in the Gold lane so that she can get Gold fast to buy important items.

6. Alice

Alice is one of the best heroes to penetrate towards the opponent's backline. With the return of the MM meta, Alice's pick will be even more suitable because she can use skill 1 against the opposing Jungler or Mage and then use skill 2 and ultimate combo to destroy their movements.

Even on the lane, Alice is strong enough to defend against other meta heroes because she can use skill 1 to escape easily.

7. Kaja

Kaja is one of the overpowered (OP) heroes in Season 19 that not many people know about. This is because Kaja was nerfed so that his ultimate has a short distance unlike before.

But slowly but surely Moonton continues to buff Kaja so that now the burst damage is really dangerous.

Kaja is a fairly strong hero in the sidelane because he has a skill 1 combo and a passive which will be able to kill minions quickly while chipping away at the opponent's heroes.

In the mid-late game the flicker combo, ultimate, skill 2, basic attack, and skill 1 can burst almost all MM heroes, Assassins, or opposing Mage who don't buy magic defense items.


That's a little information about the reasons that make Dyrroth a fighter hero in Mobile Legend.

And with all these advantages, it's no wonder that Dyrroth is the best Hero in Mobile Legends Season 24 right now.

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