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Starting as a side game to the popular esports game Dota 2, many developers have joined forces to capitalize on that popularity.

Call it whatever you want, but popular titles like Chess Rush, Auto Chess, Dota Underlords, Teamfight Tactics and others are hugely popular!

GameplayMagic Chess

Moonton didn't want to miss the market for the MLBB version of the auto battler after seeing this trend. As a result, on January 24, 2020, Magic Chess will be available in MLBB Arcade mode.

GameplayMagic Chess

This game is an auto battler genre, and uses the universe and assets from MLBB games. Magic Chess, like other auto battler games, emphasizes combinations and methods to maximize your hero pieces.

Magic Chess uses a 6×7 square battlefield, similar to a chessboard.

At the beginning of the game, you will be pitted against seven other players, with the winner being determined by the player who can last the longest until the end of the game while arranging hero formations based on existing synergy effects.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given 3 starter heroes randomly through the numbered ball choices at the start of the game.

This phase is called the Choice of Fate. Next, we will also discuss what is Fate Box in Magic Chess.

Then you will start facing waves filled with creeps or what is known in Magic Chess as the Sanctuary Guardian.

Apart from fighting other players, in the middle of the game you can also face rounds against creeps.

In each match, the amount of damage done to the commander (reducing the opponent's HP) is calculated from the level (star) as well as the combination effect and synergy between heroes in the game deck.

What Is Magic Chess?

Magic Chess is the Auto Battler mode in the game Mobile Legends : Bangbang. In this mode players can play many heroes that will be placed on the chessboard and will fight with other players.

There are 8 players in 1 match and these players will be pitted against each other until 1 winner remains.

The battle will be carried out automatically so that players do not need to move the existing hero pieces.

Even though it looks easy, this mode actually has a fairly high level of understanding because this mode is a strategy game mode so brilliant strategies are needed to win the match.

Tips for Winning Magic Chess Matches

Here are the right tips for winning Magic Chess matches:

1. Manage Your Finances.

In Magic Chess mode, players will get gold every round which will later be used to buy each existing unit.

Apart from getting gold every round, players can also save this gold to get interest so that players will get even more gold every round.

Players will be given an interest of 2 gold for every 10 gold that players save, and interest is limited to 4 gold.

So, try to keep your gold at 20 gold per round so that you get an additional 4 gold per round.

When deemed necessary, you can use the gold savings and save again if you are in a safe position. Players can also get other additional gold from Winstreaks or Losestreaks.

Getting Losestreak is certainly easier because you only need to empty or enter weak units.

However, playing excessive losing streaks can put you in the lowest position and can even end up game over. So, be careful when you play a losestreak.

2. Use a Mutually Beneficial Combination of Factions and Roles.

Each unit has a Faction and Role. This Faction and Role when fulfilled the conditions will give buff effects to your units or give debuffs to opposing units.

Pay attention to the right combination of units so you can maximize the buff effect given.

For example, avoid using Faction and Role effects which give additional Magic damage when you play with units with physical damage, and vice versa.

So, use mutually beneficial Faction and Role combinations so that your units become stronger.

3. Use Items that Match the Units You Have

Equipment is also an important factor in determining your victory. Equipment is divided into several categories, namely: Physical, Magic, Defense, Function.

Physical items provide additional physical damage effects for units that use these items. Magic items provide additional magic damage effects.

Defense items provide additional defense effects. And finally Function, which can give spell effects or give additional Factions and Roles for units that use them.

Avoid using Physical Equipment for mage units, and vice versa. Use the Equipment function that provides synergy factions and additional roles if you want to use more combinations.

For example, use the Cadia Riverlands emblem for Freya who has the Northen Vale Faction and the Weapon Master Role.

When you use the Cadia Riverlands + Northern Vale Combo, Freya will get a buff effect from Cadia Riverlands which will give her additional Shield and ASPD.

What Is Magic Chess

4. Pay attention to the blessings you get.

This cool feature also needs attention. You can get Blessing when you level up the units you have.

The effects of Blessing also vary, and one of the most useful effects is reducing the activation requirements for Factions or Roles.

For example 3 Weapon masters can activate the effect of 6 Weapon Masters when the 3 Weapon Master units get a blessing which gives the effect of reducing the activation requirements of the Role so that 6 Weapon Masters can be activated directly.

Each unit can use 3 equipment and the same equipment will not double the unique effects that the equipment has.

Some units that will be used in activating Role and Faction effects are sometimes not very useful other than being a condition for activation.

However, with Blessing, you can exchange these units for other units that are more useful.

So, pay attention to the [lower case] Blessing you get so you can activate more Role and Faction combinations.

5. Position Determines Achievement

As many people say, position determines achievement. Of course, this game is like that too. With effective unit positioning, you can defeat your opponent very easily.

Avoid placing detrimental units such as positioning the Mage in the front row because it is very risky to be attacked first by opposing units.

For certain conditions, such as fighting assassins, of course, positioning the Mages slightly in front and placing a tank behind can counter players who use the assassin build.

The most basic unit placement is by placing tanks and melee units in the front row, mages and long range units in the middle and back rows.

So, arrange your units as effectively as possible so that it becomes difficult for the enemy to defeat the units you have.

6. Use a Commander that matches your combo.

Commander is the character that you use in the game. Each player has one Commander, and there are various Commanders. Each Commander has different skills.

Some Commanders give buff effects, increase gold, reduce the opponent's Commander's health, and can even increase their own blood. Use a Commander that suits your playing style.

For example, using Commander Remy's third skill can give you 2-5 gold at the expense of 7 Health Points.

This skill is very good, but the risk is very high when you have less than 30 HP. Avoid using Commanders which give effects that are not useful for the combos you will play.

Commander can only be selected before you start the match. So, determine in advance the Commander that can benefit you later when playing.


That's a little information about tips for winning magic chess matches. You can try the tips we have provided above.

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