An easy way to burn a Windows 7/8 CD/DVD to reinstall

Windows 7/8 CD burning – Hello, friends, when you want to reinstall Windows on a laptop or PC, of course it will be easier and more practical if you have an original Windows 7/8 CD. But of course, not all of us can afford an original Windows CD. So, don't worry, friend, you can make your own Windows 7/8 CD for reinstalling.

Actually, it's not a CD, friend, but a DVD because the file size for the Windows 7/8 installer ranges from 3-4GB. This time we will only discuss how to burn the Windows 7/8 installer files to the correct DVD, because there are often many failures during this burning process.

Come on, friend, listen to the following steps. Oh yes, we have tried this tutorial ourselves and of course 100% was successful both when burning DVD Windows 7 and Widows 8. Here we need the PowerIso software, you can download it via the official website. PowerIso.

How to burn a Windows 7/8 CD/DVD to reinstall

  1. We assume that you already have the Windows 7/8 installation files ISO format. (It has to be ISO, bro, if it's not ISO yet, please make it ISO first with the Power ISO software earlier)
  2. Prepare 1 DVD (Must be a DVD because the CD is not big enough to hold windows files)
  3. Insert the DVD into the DVD Writer laptop or PC or it can also be an external DVD, friend.
  4. Open software PowerIso that you have.
  5. Click BURN (CD image is red). Then it will appear like the image below.
    How to Burn Windows CDs
    Display in the PowerIso Software during the Burning Process image source: SoftPedia
  6. On column image files, browse to your Windows installation file in the ISO format earlier.
  7. Make sure the DVD is read in the column burning drive.
  8. On choice burning Speed choose which the very bottom, or the lowest. (These are tips so that the burning process doesn't fail, it will take a while. But the percentage of success is of course also higher)
  9. Click burn on the bottom left. Wait until the burning process is complete. When finished, the DVD will automatically come out.
  10. Congratulations, my friend, you already have a Windows DVD to reinstall yourself. Don't worry anymore if you have to reinstall, or Windows has an error.

Okay, I hope the few tips on burning Windows 7/8 tapes above can be useful and useful for all of you. Oh yeah, if you have the money, We recommend buying an original Windows cassette yeah. Greetings Contemporary Friends: v