Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Computer Properly

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This time we will provide some tips on how to care for a computer so that it lasts, similar to how to care for a laptop that we previously gave to you.

Electronic gadgets like computerComputers, including laptops, also need maintenance to keep them sturdy and resistant to damage. We can reduce unwanted aspects of computers by taking care of them.

How to Take Care of a Computer to Last More

In addition, routine computer maintenance can ensure that the hardware is always working optimally.

How to Take Care of a Computer to Last More

Here we summarize some simple steps that you can practice later if you are interested in learning how to take care of your computer so that it lasts:

1. Clean Regularly

Dust is the main enemy of all electronic devices, including computers. If the computer is not cleaned regularly, the first thing you will definitely feel is a decrease in performance and heats up faster.

This dust buildup on the hardware is what we have to overcome so that the computer's performance remains optimal. To clean it is quite easy because you only need to open the computer case and clean it with a brush or even an air compressor.

But, you have to make sure you unplug the power supply before cleaning the computer, because it will be very dangerous if you don't unplug it.

The safest way to clean hardware is to use a brush, because it will be cleaner than an air compressor.

Using tools such as an air compressor might speed up the cleaning process, but it should be noted that this method is a little risky if you don't use it carefully.

Generally, cleaning the computer is done every month, or even every 6 months, depending on how quickly the dust accumulates in the place where you live.

If the place where you live is liked by dust, then of course you have to work extra to clean your computer so that it lasts.

The fan on the casing, including the heatsink and radiator on the computer also contributes to dust, so it must be cleaned regularly.

Especially if your computer uses an all-in-one or water-cooler, which means you have to pay more attention to whether or not the radiator used is clean.

2. Pay attention to computer ventilation

Paying attention to ventilation on a computer also has a role in making your computer durable, you know, contemporary friend.

Poor ventilation causes excess heat so that it can make computer hardware heat up faster which affects the age of the hardware.

The addition of a fan in a computer case can help ventilation to keep flowing optimally, so that the heat generated can be dissipated efficiently.

Generally, the number of fans used usually ranges from 2 as intake, and 1 as exhaust so that the computer temperature is maintained.

3. Using Stabilizer Or UPS Help

The name of an electronic device certainly requires electricity, and a stable voltage voltage also affects the durability of an electronic device.

Using Stabilizer Or UPS Help

Make sure the power source you use doesn't fluctuate to ensure that the electricity flow remains stable while using the computer.

If indeed the power source in your place is unstable, using the help of a stabilizer or UPS which has a function like a stabilizer can help.

Make sure the stabilizer you use matches the amount of power your computer will generate so that it lasts.

This is a little different for UPS, because in general this device is not equipped with an electric stabilizer feature like a stabilizer. Only certain brands include features to stabilize the flow of electricity.

In addition, it should be noted that the UPS capacity must have twice the capacity of the PSU installed on your computer.

4. Remove Rarely Used Applications

To make the computer last longer, you can also practice this method. Removing applications that you rarely, or don't use at all, can help keep your computer durable.

Many applications that are not used at all will only slow down the startup and performance of a computer.

Full hard disk capacity can slow down a computer because the read-and-write process will experience problems.

Not least for SSD, M.2, or NVMe which to our knowledge, the ideal capacity to get maximum speed is 70% of capacity.

Especially nowadays, where using SSD, M.2, or NVMe is a must, of course you shouldn't underestimate this.

Using up to maximum capacity actually doesn't matter at all, as long as you don't need the maximum speed of the device.

5. Always Turn Off the Computer According to the Rules

Turning off the computer according to the rules is not difficult. Turning off the computer carelessly and not according to the procedure is very likely to damage the hardware, sooner or later.

By implementing something as simple as this, the computer will thank you because the supplied power supply doesn't just disappear.

In addition, turning off the computer according to this rule can extend the life of the hardware in a computer.

The author has experienced something unpleasant because the computer at home is often unplugged by a cousin.

Initially there were no problems, but in less than 1 year, the GPU that the Author was using experienced an artifact.

6. Use a Quality Power Supply

Even using expensive hardware won't last long if using components that don't have quality, such as using a cheap PSU.

The word cheap here means using a fake PSU which has very questionable quality.

Therefore, do not be stingy or neglect the power supply which acts like the heart of a computer. Moreover, using a quality PSU can keep the computer durable.

7. Replace the Thermal Paste

An equally important step in caring for a computer is to replace the thermal paste regularly, which is generally every 1 year.

This is because thermal paste or paste becomes dry over time and of course it is also affected by the intensity of use.

To avoid heat or even overheating, you must replace the thermal paste, which costs from 10 thousand to hundreds of thousands.

Deleting Temporary Files

You can replace the paste on the processor and GPU used, of course by cleaning the components from dust first.

For those of you who are looking for quality thermal paste, maybe you can consider Thermal Grizzly, Noctua, or Arctic.

8. Deleting Temporary Files

Apart from the methods above, the easiest way you can take care of your computer so that it lasts longer is to delete temporary files.

Files with this small size will settle, even mount as you use your computer. Therefore, deleting these temporary files also needs to be done so that computer performance is maintained.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

Here are the tools needed to maintain the computer:
  1. Kanebo
  2. Microfiber Cloth
  3. Air Blowers
  4. Rubber Blowers
  5. Monitor Cleaning Liquid
  6. Magic Gel
  7. Mini Vacuum Cleaner.


That's a little information about how to properly care for your computer so that your computer lasts longer and doesn't get damaged quickly because of trivial things.

There's no need to be afraid, because cleaning your computer regularly can keep your computer's performance optimal.

For those who are afraid of getting electrocuted, consider using anti-electric gloves which of course you can buy cheaply.

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