Examples of verbs in English and their meanings

In Indonesia, English become one of the subjects that must be studied by students. However, the problem with education in Indonesia is that there are still many children who do not master English even though they have studied for years at school.

One reason is not mastering English verbs. This is because the verbs in English are not like in Indonesian where the time is the same. Whereas in English for the past, what has happened, or for the future the use of verbs in English is different.


Actually what is meant by the word?

Verbs in English have a very important meaning to show an activity. In fact, not only in English, the use of Indonesian also requires a verb which can be called a verb.

The use of verbs in English is quite complicated, so many people sometimes misunderstand the use of verbs. So, in order to speak and compose sentences more correctly, it's a good idea to learn about English verbs.

In English, verbs are known as verbs. It turns out that this verb is divided into several kinds. For more details, here are some kinds of English verbs that you should know.

1. Auxiliaries

Auxiliary is a verb that has a function to modify the meanings in sentences that use verbs. Usually this verb is used before the main verb. These auxiliary verbs are also divided into two types, namely primari auxiliary and modal auxiliary.

The examples of verbs in English are he is my brother (he is my brother), did you drink a cup of coffee last night? (Did you drink a cup of coffee last night?

2. Finitives

Apart from the auxiliary, there is also another form of the verb, namely the finitive. This type of verb can stand alone and also have a subject as the subject of independent clause.This verb is also included in the main verb category, as for its function itself, which is useful for explaining a subject form of a sentence.

This verb is used to indicate whether this sentence includes past, present or future sentences.

An example of a finitive verb is: I saw my father in his building yesterday. (I saw my father in this building yesterday).

3. Link

What is meant by a linking verb is a verb that is useful for linking one subject to information related to that subject.
This verb also does not give an action to its object. This is also what causes this verb to be included in the type intransitive verbs. As for the types linking verb is sensation and also verb of being.

The examples of sentences that use the verb lingking are She is looker so beautiful (she looks so pretty).

4. Transitive

This is an English verb where every verb will always be followed by the direct object of the subject. If the sentence doesn't have a direct object, the sentence will sound very awkward. This is also what makes this verb really need an object to form a sentence.

Apart from the four verbs in English above, there are still two other types of English such as intransitive verbs and also regular and irregular verbs. We hope that having these English verbs makes it easier for you to compose sentences that contain verbs.