Collection of Examples of Essays on Various Topics (Education, Lifestyle, English ETC)

Essay is a form of writing that describes the author's opinion on a particular topic that can be assessed. Essays can be in the form of narrative, argumentation, description to persuasion. So, here are some examples of essays on various topics that can be your reference.

Example of an educational essay

Example of an educational essay

"The importance of education"

Education is the most important intermediary in life to acquire knowledge and skills. However, education is not just learning from feathers. Education is the experience and knowledge imparted by the older generation to the younger generation. Every day, the world changes and develops, therefore it is very important to teach and provide opportunities for the younger generation who understand more about the problems in the modern world and how best to solve them. Many say education is not a provision for life, but education is life itself. So why is getting an excellent education important?

Education has an important role to bring one's success. Education does provide an opportunity for someone to be more productive in society with a variety of skills that have been obtained. We learn about a problem and how to solve the problem. We learn how to be who we are and apply that to our culture. Education teaches people about the norms, rules, regulations and values in society. In addition, quality education will lead us to a more successful life, increase intelligence, knowledge, skills and provide a more positive life change.

Education is the foundation for our future. Someone who does not take education will experience various problems to overcome aspects of life. With education, our views will be wider. Education teaches us to be a more disciplined person. In addition, education provides a great opportunity for us to get something more positive. What's more, with education we will know the world more widely. After all, education is an absolute requirement for a more advanced nation.

Currently education is more open and liberal. This is evidence of changes in society today. Education is the basic reason for someone to teach something. This is because education is based on humanity, freedom, human rights, equality and democracy. However, education must be in line with the needs of society and be a reflection of the future. Today's industrial society opens up many job opportunities for those with special abilities and knowledge. So, education is very important to overcome social problems. That way, poverty can also be reduced. However, we must remember that skills education must also be improved so that everyone has the same opportunity to get the career and welfare they desire.

Education is very important for our life. The knowledge we gain can lead us to our dreams and dreams. Education will show the best way and give us the opportunity to get a better life. With education, someone can do something new that can improve the standard of living. As long as we live is the time we learn and gain new knowledge. Also keep in mind that getting a good education is very important because it is the foundation for us to achieve success. The best investment in life is getting an education. But with trust and hard work, everything will be obtained easily.

Example of essay text about life

essay about life

“Wealth does not bring happiness”

Talking about wealth and happiness is never ending. Some people believe that the more money you make, the happier you will be. In fact, a person becomes more busy than looking for happiness. You can buy food, clothes, houses and other things you need, but these are only superficial things. Money is needed to meet physical needs, but keep in mind that happiness is invisible. Happiness is a feeling that everyone has. Someone who depends on money, they will never be satisfied and always want to get more.

Indeed, with money, someone can get whatever they want as a form of their happiness. However, happiness on this basis will not last long. Basically, humans are creatures that get bored easily and want to try something new. Not infrequently, people who have a lot of money do various unreasonable ways to get happiness. In contrast to us, even though we have little money, we know how to get that happiness without depending on money.

Most wealthy people will focus more on what they want than what they need. Keep in mind that material is something that gets old and people are looking for the newest and fresher. So, the more money you have, the more often you will spend it on something that is not important.

There's always competition that doesn't matter just for money rather than having to look around them. They will try various ways to get money and not pay attention to the things that actually make them happy. Someone who is too dependent on money will work all the time regardless of free time to get happiness. Happiness comes from a healthy body. Although, money can pay for all the care and health, but it does not guarantee to make your body healthy. Yet to enjoy life must have a healthy body.

Money will not be able to cure your disease and everyone believes that. Maybe you'll get the best treatment as prevention, but can't get rid of it. Money is not more important than health. It is better to have a healthy body, even if you have little money, than to have everything but have a disease. You have to be aware of this that health is very important.

Besides that, money will not be able to change someone's feelings for you. You can be said to be rich, but if your personality is not good, will anyone want you. Conversely, a good and friendly personality will make it easier for you to make friends and they will not hesitate to spend time with you. But a bad personality, not only makes you not get friends, people who approach you only want the money you have.

This also applies to finding a life partner. Money can't buy someone's love. Not infrequently it is a marriage that is not based on love. But the marriage will not be happy because it is not based on love but money. In life time with family, friends and partners can never be replaced by money. Winning money can get you to buy them gifts, but they'll love it more if you spend time together and do things together. This not only adds to the experience, but also strengthens the bonds of brotherhood.

Money is important because it is used to meet the physical needs of every human being. However, we should not depend too much on money and seek other happiness. Money can indeed give happiness but only temporarily and this is only on the surface. In fact, happiness must also come from within. Those who are too busy working don't have much time to do other things that make them happy or just hang out with their family. As a result, stress, depression and stress often come and affect health. It's important to do something they enjoy and spend time with the people you care about. This will relieve your stress and make you calmer. Relaxing time will be very beneficial for the body, mind and spirit which ultimately makes the body healthier.

Maybe money is important but not the regulator of your happiness. In this world there are all kinds of things and not just money. In fact, there are things you can't buy with money.

Example of Indonesian essay about lifestyle

Plastic Surgery

“Plastic surgery should be tolerated”

The beauty standards of each country are always different. In fact, every day the standard of beauty is always changing. Beauty standards cannot be said to be trends because the perspective of beauty is different and there are always changes. This is what causes the height of women to always change their shape and beauty. With the development of technology, the internet and celebrities. We know various ways to get beauty, from using cosmetics, skin care, doing fitness to performing surgical procedures.

Of all that, the surgical procedure or what is known as plastic surgery is still a taboo in society. They say that natural beauty will disappear with plastic surgery. But it's time for such views to be abolished.

One of the reasons why women undergo plastic surgery is to increase their self-confidence. In fact, the desire to change yourself or improve something in the facial area is not a symptom of dysmorphia. Dysmorphia itself is a disorder, in which a person feels anxious about their physical appearance. Their decision to undergo plastic surgery may be quite reasonable, where they want to change their appearance while also changing their self-confidence. For example, people are born with certain physical characteristics that may impact their lives, such as large birthmarks, odd skin colors, irregular jawlines and many more. Surely people's views on them will also be different and strange. Therefore, they undergo plastic surgery to be able to get a better life and join society without any strange glances from the surrounding community.

Apart from repairing something that is not normal in the body, plastic surgery can also be used as a health treatment, for example migrants. In addition, it is also used to remove marks from accidents, such as burns, internal injuries and various other types of accidents. That said, plastic surgery is done to restore the previous appearance that was damaged due to an unexpected thing. That way, they can return to life and get rid of the trauma they get.

Talking about the effects of plastic surgery, don't forget that with plastic surgery a person can become healthier again. For example, women with large breasts often complain of various things, from shortness of breath to a sore waist. Plastic surgery procedures that reduce breast volume will help overcome problems from shortness of breath to a sore waist.

Of course, there are always risks that can be caused by plastic surgery. Where, plastic surgery makes people addicted. In addition, people's view of plastic surgery is unhealthy, unnecessary and only rich people can get plastic surgery. However, they actually underestimate the importance of people living their own lives. Every human being has the right to be better, improve appearance and make life happier. And this is your own decision. With this, we can respect differences, maybe we don't like plastic surgery procedures and will never do it, but we must respect the decisions of other people who will do plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery has long passed in our lives. But other people's stigma about plastic surgery is always bad. Even though we live in the 21st century, there are still people who don't like change for whatever reason. Society should also evolve along with the development of beauty standards. If this can bring happiness to other people, why should we prevent it?

Example of essay text about internet

internet for the younger generation

"What effect does the internet have on the younger generation?"

The progress of today's times makes internet access easier, either through smartphones, laptops or even computers. No wonder there are many young people who spend more time playing the internet. Actually, is the internet good or bad for young people?

One of the advantages of the internet is that it is now easier and faster for us to find resources for school and homework. This also makes young people gain more knowledge that cannot be obtained at school. Another benefit of having the internet is being able to learn other foreign languages easily. The reason is, we can chat and chat with various people in this part of the world. The internet is also the best way to connect with family or friends who are far away.

Unfortunately, the internet also has its downsides. One of them is that young people are now becoming more addicted to playing the internet. This makes them lose a lot of their youth. Of course, this will greatly impact their schoolwork and social life. In fact, most young people who are addicted to the internet rarely spend time with their families because they are busy at the computer.

It can be concluded that the internet for the current generation may have benefits, but you can also see the negative impact it has. Personally, the internet is the best creation and accessing the internet is able to avoid danger. However, as a young person, you also have to limit the use of the internet so that you don't overdo it.

Sample essay for scholarship application

essay for scholarship application

It's a cliché that I always know what I want, but it's true. When I first went to Sea World as a child, I was immediately intrigued by underwater life. More precisely, I am interested in dugongs. I was attracted by their calm and friendly nature. Since then, I have devoted my life to protecting these beautiful creatures.

Since then, half of my time has been spent learning everything about dugongs. Even in middle school to high school, I always read all the articles related to dugongs. Even without realizing it, I found various uniqueness, starting from that dugongs are still one relative with elephants. Not only that, I also watched a documentary about dugongs. They even described their migration pattern on the wall folder my brother gave me.

Finally, out of hundreds of applicants, I was selected for the opportunity to intern at Seaworld for the summer, from which I fell even more in love with these large, friendly creatures. From this internship experience, I learned many valuable things. From there, I envisioned becoming a biologist in marine life. Where, I interact directly with animals, both in captivity and even in the wild.

However, during the internship, I realized my weakness. The reason is that in order to become a biologist in maritime affairs, graduates in science or mathematics are required. Even though this made me a little depressed, I realized another advantage of myself that might be useful for dugongs and other mammals, namely my skills as a public speaker and communicator. During my internship, I helped write down the latest lessons and presented them in front of the children who visited Sea World. In addition, I also help create interesting activities for children who want to find out more about dugongs along with learning about other marine life.

I also have experience working in animal captivity and as a group leader helping to develop a new program designed to teach people how to avoid getting dugongs hit by their boats. From there, my boss recommended trying out the Save the Manatee Foundation experience. From there, I got a lot of experience about dugong rescue and conservation. In fact, I work directly with maritime biologists on fundraising and raising public awareness.

It turned out that their use of social media was not optimal, from there I used my skills to help them. As a result, 70 million were collected through several links and links that are directly connected to the World Wildlife Federation.

I know that the scholarships offered are only for students majoring in conservation related subjects, such as zoology and environmental studies. However, I believe that public relations is just as important in conservation, whether in saving dugongs or reducing the impact of human pollution. All of that requires hard work and the attention of the wider community for this success. In fact, the measure of success is based on good delivery and campaigns to the public. However, this success certainly cannot be obtained easily. What's more, with many people who don't care about the environment at this time. Therefore, environmentalists and observers must also be more creative.

I want to be a part of this new work and use my skills as a speaker to voice opinions and provide direction to the community. I hope you will consider this unusual step. Actually, I have been accepted as a communication major in the city, but I am more interested in studying the environment. In addition, I can still work closely with my superiors at Sea World and Save the Manatee, who are the most important sources of learning until graduation. Thank you to the committee members who may consider my offer.

English essays

Skills vs Knowledge

“Skills vs. Knowledge”

Education systems all over the world are based on the idea that students get and remember information from teachers and books. These systems test this knowledge with standardized tests which compare students to each other. They only test the kind of information which is possible to measure in tests. The goal is gaining information, not developing skills by which to use and make information. Unlike the old style of education where people remember things in order to pass tests and get higher scores than other students, the modern world calls for a new kind of education in which the focus is deep understanding, creativity, and information management skills.

Most education systems in the world are designed to make students remember things. One reason is that schools feel the need to compare students. They do this by giving tests. They want to be able to give grades and decide which students are smart and which are not. They function as a sorting mechanism for society. From the earliest grades, students are putting on tracks that will decide their futures. Another reason schools like to make students remember things is that by doing so they will be able to test their knowledge and determine if they remember or not. They believe that if students remember things it is the same as understanding those things. Schools also like to impart knowledge because in this way, although students can have different individual skills, they can all have the same knowledge.

Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” (Needle, 2007). All knowledge in the world is useless unless you are able to use information in creative ways. Knowledge is what other people have created. Understanding is all about what you think about something. Everybody sees, hears, feels, and thinks differently. No two people in the world have the same understanding of the same thing. It is impossible to give tests from a point of view. Because of this, tests are illogical. The only reason tests exist is to label students as "smart" or "stupid." There are many kinds of intelligence, however. One of the most famous researchers in the field of intelligence, Gardner, found at least seven different kinds of intelligence (Gardner, 1999). Intelligence and understanding are related. Unfortunately, the tests only measure one type of intelligence.

In the modern world skills are more important than knowledge. If a person knows a lot of facts, it is impressive, but not very useful. It is of much greater importance to be able to find information quickly, organize that information, analyze and understand the main ideas, put different pieces of information together (synthesize), and create new information. Together these skills make what we call information management and innovation, the skills which are the most desired in the business world.

Most people in the world believe that education is about remembering things to take tests which measure one's performance against other people who have studied the same information. However, this idea no longer matches the reality of the modern world in which knowledge is less important than creativity and deep understanding. To be successful in the age of technology, education must focus on helping students gain information management and innovation skills.