Examples of Public Service Advertisements and Tips for Making them

Example of a public service announcement is an advertisement that has a social message. Messages in advertisements aim to raise public awareness of certain issues.

The issues raised generally still intersect with everyday life. That is, problems in advertising have the potential to damage people's survival.

Even so, the issues raised must have high importance and have an impact on life.

Example of a Public Service Announcement

The following is a public service advertisement that contains the interests of many people.

  • Drug adverts

Nowadays drug use is increasingly prevalent in society. In fact, drugs have been used as a business by various elements. Now, through public service announcements with this theme, people are expected to be more vigilant.

  • Invitation to save energy

One of the efforts to prevent global warming is to save energy. Actions to save energy are also useful for maintaining energy needs in the future.

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of this. To increase this awareness, a public service announcement was made containing a call to save energy.

One form of energy saving is to turn off lights and equipment that are not used.

  • Public service advertisement with health theme

Health is an important thing in human life. Therefore, it is important for people to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle is also useful for increasing body immunity. So that people are not susceptible to disease. Furthermore, the risk of disease transmission can be reduced by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Examples of public service advertisements with the theme of health are invitations to eat four healthy and five perfect foods, wash your hands diligently, and carry out routine checks at the health center.

  • Education about the dangers of a virus

Education about the dangers of viruses is a public service advertisement that is no less important. Especially in the midst of the unfinished Covid-19 pandemic.

Through this public service advertisement, the public is educated about the dangers of this virus. In addition, the ad also includes several preventive steps that people can take. One of them is an appeal to wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands regularly.

  • Advertisement about global warming

Global warming become a serious problem faced by the inhabitants of the earth today. Several countries have even committed to reduce factory gas emissions which are one of the causes of global warming.

One small action that people can do is to save energy. So, through this ad, people are invited to care even more.

  • Traffic order ads

One of the causes of the high death rate due to accidents is the attitude of traffic disorder. Through this public service advertisement, the public is invited to always be orderly.

There are various forms of traffic rules. Starting from wearing a helmet, not violating road markings, obeying traffic signs, and so on.

Tips for Making Public Service Advertisements

As with commercial advertisements, public service advertisements must be made as attractive as possible. In addition, there are several aspects that must be considered when creating a public service advertisement. Among others are

  • Selection of themes and concepts

As mentioned above, public service advertisements must contain the interests of many people. For this reason, the advertising theme must be chosen correctly.

After choosing a theme, the concept of a public service advertisement must be arranged as attractive as possible. The selection of ad concepts can be adjusted according to the age of the ad target.

  • Ad type

After the theme and concept, it is very important to choose the ad type. Whether to use video as a medium for conveying messages, or using posters.

If the ad is in the form of a video, then the main consideration is the duration of the ad. Good ads have a duration that is not too long, so audience not bored.

  • Message 

Public service announcement messages must be short, concise, and clear. Even more so if the advertising concept uses a poster.

In addition, the use of slogans can be added to make the ad easier to remember. Mind-blowing adverts audience have greater opportunities to influence society.

These are examples of public service advertisements and tips for making them. In addition to the examples above, there are still many themes that can be used. Such as an appeal to dispose of trash in its place, hand washing movements, and so on.