Examples of Short Editorial Texts, Their Functions and Characteristics for Easy Detection

Editorial text is one of the texts that contains the opinion or opinion of a writer in the editorial of a media. You can see examples of editorial text in newspapers, which are usually in small columns at the side of the page.

The opinion written by the author is one of the official views by the editorial team. However, this opinion is certainly not made haphazardly. Everything is made with facts and data that happened at that time.

Editorial text aims to invite readers to think about issues that are developing and also to provide editorial opinion which is one of the rights of every person to express an opinion.

Editorial Text Function

The first function of the first editorial text is to provide complete information about issues that are developing in the environment. The goal is to invite people to open their eyes.

In addition, the editorial text also functions to stimulate the thoughts of the readers who may not respond to these thoughts. It also stimulates other responses that may contrast with that opinion.

Editorial texts also function to move people to action. For readers who are pro towards the opinion of the writer who represents the editorial team, they will start to move. Moreover, it is accompanied by actual and reliable data.

Editorial Text Features

Even though it is only seen as a mere opinion, this editorial text has characteristics that make it different from other opinion texts. The topic of discussion is definitely a hot topic of discussion.

This editorial text also has a systematic and logical nature because it is accompanied by data. Not just a free opinion, but this opinion is argumentative. This text is much liked by the public.

The reason is, the text is made like news but written in a very interesting way and makes anyone who reads it more enthusiastic to read it to the end. Especially when accompanied by predictions.

Short Editorial Text Example Structure

To make or find out whether it is an editorial text, you need an example of the short editorial text itself. For example, you can look it up in some newspapers in the opinion section.

The structure is unique because it consists of three main parts, namely statements of opinion, arguments, and affirmations. If you read carefully, this structure will be very easy for readers to find.

  1. Statement of opinion or commonly referred to as a thesis is one part in which a writer expresses his point of view on what is happening in society.

At this stage, the author will usually also strengthen with several theories that will strengthen the author's argument at that time. This argument is accompanied by brief theories from several sources.

The author can also reveal what is happening at this time seen from what is actually happening. Sometimes people already know about this issue but they can't respond to it.

  1. The second is the Argumentation problem. After writing a statement of opinion on it, the writer can then express everything that supports his argument and strengthens his opinion.

The author at this stage will attach various types of data that can be used to convince the reader. For example, for this corona case, the author can use data from WHO or from BNPB.

Apart from that, the author can also attach several valid theories and statements from various experts in the health sector or others in this corona case. So the opinion becomes stronger.

This opinion can also include facts that occur in the field related to the references that the author uses, both reliable data and theory. Thus strengthening the end of the editorial text.

  1. And the last is an affirmation statement which is a summary of the opinions made. This assertion can also be supported by various facts to strengthen it again.

Those were some explanations about the editorial text. Now you can identify it directly or even write it too. Hopefully the information above can be useful for all of us who read it.