Yalla Application Features and Links for Football Streaming

Infokekinian.com – On this occasion, we will share the features and links of the Yalla application for streaming football, so watch this article until it's finished to find out more complete and clear information.

Various live streaming television applications from around the world are now available in the palm of your hand. IPTV technology, or Internet Protocol Television, allows you to get various TV broadcasts from any location.

The Android platform is capable of live streaming and has sufficient hardware.

Yalla Application Features and Links for Football Streaming

Yalla Live APK, a free software that was just released in May 2021, is quickly becoming the most popular because it is free and easy to use.

It will be easier for you to watch foreign channels live with this application. Especially for watching football matches from your favorite team.

The author has included the download link below for those of you who are still unsure about this application and how to get it. So make sure you finish this article.

About and How the Yalla App works

Yalla Live TV APK is a lightweight digital internet-based application that allows its users to access international live broadcasts on Android.

The working principle is almost the same as other applications, namely install and run. This application will only run on the Android platform. If you want to install it on other devices such as laptops, you must first install the emulator.

Equipped with digital technology, this application is easily accessible by anyone at any time. Because it is IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), you can access it for free with good picture quality.

Is This Application Safe?

Of course, because previously this application has been verified by malware so it will not carry a virus. Including Active Virus Shield, Avast, AVG, Clam Antivirus, and other platforms.

Therefore don't worry about installing this application. In addition, if it is available on the Google Play Store, it means that it has been verified by Google Play Protect and is safe to use. Feel free to try and install it.

Features Offered

The following are the features of the Yalla application:

  1. Information about matches, championships, teams and more;
  2. Provide information about a match (goal scorers, statistics, etc.);
  3. Set the app's timezone as your preferred timezone.
  4. When you add a team to your favorites, you can receive notifications about that favorite team.
  5. You can change the order of games displayed on the home page (time, championship, first important matches, added to favorite teams).
  6. night mode.
  7. Not in distraction mode.
  8. Language Support (English, Arabic)
  9. You can hide any championship you don't want to participate in.

How to Download Yalla Live TV APK

Because it is an official application, you can download Kaya Apk via the Play Store on an Android smartphone or browser. The download link is below after the description.

Detailed Description:

  1. Name: Yalla Live TV
  2. Version:1.0.1
  3. Developer: official App
  4. Update:19-05-2021
  5. File Size: 8MB


Advantages Offered by Yalla

Following are the advantages possessed by the Yalla Live application:

1. Can Request Channels or Events

The application provides a special column that allows users to ask the developer to add channels or events according to your choice. Later the Yalla Live TV APK developer team will add it to the channel list.

2. Best Quality Videos

With a stable and fast connection, the quality of the streaming video displayed will increase and TV shows will be of high quality.

Moreover, supported by a device that allows you to playback with high definition.

3. No Registration and Registration Required

If most streaming apps require name, e-mail, verification code and more. So, Yalla Live TV APK doesn't have to go through these stages and users can run it right away.

4. Easy to Understand and Use

This application developed by Majd Elwan was developed with the general public in mind.

So that the user interface system is made as simple as possible so that it can be used by anyone.

5. Can Report Broken Links

This Yalla Live TV APK has many linked links for streaming, if it doesn't work then you can report it.

So that the developer's technical team will fix the problem. You do this by pressing and then selecting the option to report the channel.

List of Applications for Streaming Football

There are quite a number of applications of this kind that you can easily find and install on your gadget.

However, don't make the wrong choice so you won't be disappointed in the future. There are paid applications there are also free ones. Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of each.

Before choosing it, you must know the information from each of these applications. Here is a list of football live streaming applications that are recommended for all of you. So, please read the following description.

1. Free TV

An Android-based free TV service application that can also be used to watch live football matches.

The broadcast is in HD quality, so you don't need to doubt the picture quality. Various domestic and foreign football matches are ready to be watched.

You can download this application for Android type at least 4.1. The file size is only 20 MB, so you don't need to be afraid to take up your gadget's storage space.

You can find the application on the PlayStore, then download and install it for free.


One more soccer live streaming application that is recommended for you to install on your gadget. This online TV application comes from Surabaya, East Java.

It's true, local applications are made by the nation's own children, but the quality cannot be doubted.

It is known that SBO TV has quite complete IPTV channels for us to choose the channel. Starting from movies, TV shows, to sports events.

No exception, live broadcasts of football matches that you can also watch. The file size is only 20 MB and you can download and install it for free.

3. Vision+

This application belongs to the MNC Group which broadcasts broadcasts from the RCTI, MNC TV, Global YV and iNews TV channels.

In its development, Vision+ also broadcasts foreign channels, such as Al Jazeera, France 24, and DW. You can watch everything live.

You can also watch football broadcasts, especially the Indonesian League 1 live streaming. To be able to watch it, you must first install the application on PlayStore for free. There are many interesting choices of TV channels, especially those showing football matches.

Yalla App Features and Links for

4. RCTI+

Like Vision+, this application also belongs to the MNC Group which broadcasts all TV broadcasts that are still in the same group as the company.

The private television channel owned by the MNC Group often broadcasts domestic and foreign football matches.

You can actually watch it directly on the television screen. However, sometimes the image quality is not good.

It's different when watching it on the RCTI + application, guaranteed good picture quality and doesn't disappoint.

That way, you can watch football matches from television stations that broadcast them.

For example, the 2020 AFF Cup match which just ended. All matches are broadcast by RCTI and iNews TV stations.

5. SuperSport

There are still football live streaming applications that you can choose and install on your gadget. For this one, it's called SuperSport which is carried by the developer SuperSport Online.

The application shows live football matches from various world leagues. Besides football, this application also broadcasts various other sporting events live.

For example, MotoGP, tennis, golf, basketball, American football, and so on. To be able to apply it, you must install it on your gadget with minimum Android 6.0 OS specifications.

6. Video TV

You can also watch live football matches through this application. There is a Premier League channel that can be watched for free.

In addition, there are Champions League matches which are attended by great teams from various countries in Europe. Therefore, don't miss it.

But unfortunately, you have to subscribe to Vidio TV if you want to watch all of its premium features.

You are only told to pay from IDR 29,000 per month. In it, there are lots of sports and entertainment shows which are definitely cool and suitable for the whole family.


That's a little information about the features of the Yalla application, and apart from that we also recommend several applications that you can use to stream football.

Thus the article regarding Yalla Application Features and Links for Streaming Football and don't forget to continue to visit the Infokekinian website.

Because we also have a lot of other information and recommendations which of course will be useful and help current friends.