The ApkMirror application, here's how to install it – Apart from the hard toughness found by all the Google Play app stores, some are now using the apkmirror app. Is one of the largest repository available for Android.

The problem with these stores is that most of them are unclear about the origin of the APK files, because they may have been modified to enter our device data and violate our privacy.

Since Google Play doesn't always have the app or game we're looking for, APKMirror has become a popular fallback option when the official Google Play version isn't available.

ApkMirror application, here's how to install it (2)

What is APKMirror?

First of all, APKMirror is a repository of apps and games that has several advantages that have allowed it to become one of the largest platforms on the Internet when it comes to downloading apps.

Also, over the years, developers have successfully implemented it on Android, which makes it easier to use on smartphones.

Unlike other repositories, it also has eminent components dedicated to ensuring the safety of app downloads.

In this case, no application is modified or plagiarized because all the programs on the platform are signed by the developer.

The Play Store, on the other hand, is receiving updates more and more often because Google is not a hindrance to new versions.

It will not be published on the store if it is not possible to verify or verify the developer's signature or if the application does not have the correct description and does not have credibility.

We were able to find what we were looking for thanks to the wide selection of store apps. In addition, you can use the Google Play Store to install apps that are not yet available in your area and do beta tests before anyone else. On the other hand, APKMirror strongly supports independent developers, with open source applications, because the utility provided goes beyond the developer's name.

How to install the ApkMirror application

APKMirror has its own mobile website, which functions as if it were an app – despite the fact that below we will tell you that there is a “semi” official app, APKMirror Installer on Google Play, where we can search for the app.

Or the game we want to download, even if it's in APK format which prevents it from being installed automatically. As a result, we have to install the application manually. It also has an unofficial port. With its own settings section, it functions identically to a web application.

Download and install unofficial applications such as APK Mirror, which do not harm our terminal, to gain access to APKMirror.

  1. Find the app you want to download, using a search engine on the web or in an app.
  2. Select an application, and then all available versions will appear.
  3. Select the version you want to download (usually arranged from newest to oldest) (usually arranged from newest to oldest).
  4. Click download in this version.
  5. Wait for the app's APK file.
  6. Open/Run said APK.
  7. The program will ask for permission from third-party sources before running. To continue with the installation, select “Files from Unknown Sources” from the Installer context menu.
  8. Wait until I finish installing the hardware.
  9. Open the application after the process is complete.
  10. APKMirror Installer, the official app available on Play Store


That's the review we gave about the apkmirror application, an alternative way from Google Playstore. Hope it is useful!