Fund Balance Generator Viewing Application – Is it possible to make money just by watching? Of course you can, you can now use the watching application that generates a balance of funds to increase your income

This Money-Making App can keep you busy while filling up your bank account. How unpleasant?

The reason is that since the pandemic, the economy has been declining and getting worse. Many workers have been laid off and job applicants have been hampered due to insufficient company funds. With this application, now it can be a benefit to increase revenue.

recommendations on the watching application to generate a balance

Fund Balance Generator Viewing Application

In the following, we will provide several applications that you can use to increase your income just by watching videos.

1. Vidmate – Fund Balance Generating Viewing Application

With our Fund Balance Generator app, anyone can find the information they need just like with a normal web browser.

And as the title suggests, this Apk also provides multiple tabs for video streaming sites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Tiktok, Dailymotion and many more.

But Vidmate is not only a Browser, but also a Money Making app that can increase your income by completing Missions.

2. VidNow

How to get IDR 250,000 through the VidNow application

The first step you have to download the VidNow application via the apk that has been provided by friends,

Then install apps and earn money

Once the VidNow app is successfully installed, the user will be able to sign up for an account right away.

To create a user account, you only need a Google account like other applications

Users who already have an account can go directly to the wallet menu by clicking on it.

Users should remember that incentives are only available if they check-in every three days or so.

3. Funny GO

New users who register using the inviter's referral code are entitled to a prize of $ 100,000 in this Moneymaker application.

This Fund-Generating Apk is called FunnyGO, every time you reach a certain goal, players will get a prize which can later be exchanged for rupiah.


So, those are some of the applications that we recommend, current friends, you can download them directly via the Google Play Store or App Store. Hope it is useful!