Get to Know Various Kinds of Musical Instruments, Most Complete! - Once you know traditional musical instruments, at this time we will also invite you to get to know various kinds of musical instruments based on their functions, sound sources, and also how to play them.

Musical instruments are instruments made or modified for the purpose of producing sound and music.

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However, a musical instrument is basically any object that can make sound and is manipulated and controlled by the performer.

This instrument is intended for instruments that make sound intentionally to create music.

Now in Indonesia, various kinds of musical instruments can be found all over the country. In Indonesia, traditional musical instruments coexist with modern musical instruments.

These types of musical instruments are usually categorized into various groupings. Sound sources, how to play them, and their functions are among them.

There are so many musical instruments whose names vary widely because they are adapted to each geography and culture, so this is what happened.

There are many ways to play a musical instrument to produce a beautiful sound or sound and this consists of musical instruments being played by pressing, swiping, picking, etc.

To get to know various musical instruments further, please refer to this article to the end.

Various Kinds of Musical Instruments

Indonesia has a diverse and quite distinctive culture, so it would be a shame if you didn't know it.

Existing civilization produces art that can be appreciated by society. One of them is music as an art form.

Music that is so beautiful and pleasant to hear is produced by instruments designed to produce music. In general, musical instruments can be categorized into three groups, namely:

1. Types of Musical Instruments Based on How to Play It

Based on how to play it, this instrument is divided into five types, as follows:

Musical Instruments Touch or Press

Touch or press instruments are musical instruments that are played by pressing or touching. Touching or pressing this instrument produces a rhythmic sound.

In general, this form of musical instruments can be divided into two categories such as human touch or press instruments, and electronic instruments.

One of the differences between the two is the instrument that is touched or pressed and the number of sound effects that are played.

Usually, this instrument is performed during big events or shows. Such touch or press instruments include organs, keyboards, and pianos.


Percussion instruments are a kind of musical instrument that is played by being hit. Usually, this form of musical instrument is played with the hands or other substitute objects, such as sticks or sticks.

This type of musical instrument usually does not have individual scales and keys, because the tones used are only complementary.

This instrument is usually played at the beginning of the show, after the accompaniment of other musical instruments reaches the right note. So that the whole accompaniment can sound in harmony, this is done.

This category of percussion instruments consists of two sub-categories, namely percussion instruments with and without notes.

Instrument gamelan, arumba, kulintang, calung, bellira, vibraphone, xylophone, and glockenspiel are examples of percussion instruments that make use of tones.

While percussion instruments that do not use tones include tambourines, drums, tambourines, ketipung, triangles, cymbals, castanets, timpani, gongs, drums, and pauken.

Wind instrument

A wind instrument is a kind of musical instrument that is played through the use of air pressure. This kind of musical instrument has sound-producing holes in each note. For the instrument to make a different sound.

How to blow this musical instrument should not be done haphazardly, because there are special laws and strategies to produce a sound that is pleasing to the ear.

The technique is to blow thin, medium, and as hard as possible. There are many types of wind instruments, including tuba, harmonica, basson, flute, recorder, flute, horn, pianika, clarinet, trumpet, and saxophone.

Stringed instrument

A stringed instrument is a form of musical instrument in which the strings are rubbed to produce an instrument.

This style of stringed instrument is usually used in theater, opera, Broadway, etc. Similar to the type of percussion instrument, this form of string instrument functions as accompaniment.

Playing this instrument should not be taken lightly, as there are a variety of specific skills involved, as well as the need to incorporate one's emotions.

Examples of stringed instruments include cello, violin, viola, violin, viola, and contrabass.

Stringed Musical Instruments

A stringed instrument is a musical instrument that is played by plucking the strings. This type of musical instrument is usually the main instrument in a piece of music or song. Fans of stringed instruments quite a lot.

Although this instrument is quite difficult to play and understand, many people appreciate the style of this instrument.

The difficulty of stringed instruments is determined by the key. Bass, clarinet, banjo, guitar, lute, ukulele, sasando, sitar, mandolin, harp, among others, are examples of stringed instruments.

2. Types of Musical Instruments Based on Sound Sources

Types of Musical Instruments Based on the Sound Source
Based on the sound source, this musical instrument is categorized into five types as follows:

Electrophone Musical Instruments

An electrophone musical instrument is a form of musical instrument whose sound source comes from an electric circuit that is already in the instrument.

Electric guitars, keyboards, electric basses, and electric organs are examples of electrophones.

Aerophone Musical Instrument

Aerophone is a kind of musical instrument whose sound source is air which is vibrated as a result of being blown or pumped.

These types of musical instruments include flute, melodeon, flute, recorder, clarinet, tuba, saxophone, and horn.

Horn is a musical instrument that is played by blowing. In contrast, the accordion is a musical instrument that is played by pumping.

Membranophone Musical Instruments

Membranophones are a form of musical instrument in which the sound is produced by vibrating a thin membrane made of plastic or leather.

This category of musical instruments includes drums, tambourines, bongons, tambourines, drums, konga, ketipung, and timpani.

Idiophone Musical Instruments

Idiophone is a kind of musical instrument whose sound comes from metal bars or wood.

This musical instrument when hit will produce a sound that is comparable to the sound of calung, kulintang, bellyra, angklung, and gamelan ensembles.

Chordophone Musical Instruments

The chordophone is a stringed instrument whose sound is produced by plucking, pressing and swiping a sequence of strings.

This type of instrument is comparable to the mandolin, guitar, sitar, ukulele, harp, banjo, violin, lute, viola, bass, cello, viola, double bass, and acoustic piano.

3. Types of Musical Instruments Based on Their Functions

Types of Musical Instruments Based on Their Functions
This musical instrument is categorized into three types according to the sound source, including:

Rhythmic Instruments

Rhythmic musical instrument is a kind of musical instrument which when played will produce rhythm or rhythm. These musical instruments include bongo, ketipung, drums, konga, drums, etc.

Harmonious Musical Instruments

Harmonic instruments are a type of musical instrument which, when played, produces chord tones. Piano, organ, guitar and keyboard are examples of this kind of instrument.

Melodic Musical Instruments

Harmonic musical instruments are one type of musical instrument that has the function of producing melodies or song tones. Examples of melodic musical instruments include pianika, flute, trumpet, saxophone, flute, and recorder.

Getting to Know Various Kinds of Musical Instruments

Here are examples of musical instruments and techniques for playing each:

1. Angklung musical instrument

Angklung is a musical instrument from Indonesia made of bamboo. The community recognizes the angklung as a musical instrument originating from the Sunda region, or more precisely, in West Java.

This musical instrument consists of two, three, or four bamboos arranged in two, three, and four tones. Angklung is played by shaking or vibrating the instrument.

2. Kolintang Musical Instruments

Kolintang is a musical instrument originating from North Sulawesi. The Minahasa people were the first to use the Kolintang musical instrument.

This musical instrument is usually used to accompany traditional ceremonies, singing, dance performances, and musical performances. Kolintang is made of rare wood which is then arranged. The Kolintang musical instrument is played by being hit.

3. Gamelan Musical Instruments

Gamelan is a musical instrument that can be found in various places in Indonesia. Starting in Bali, Lombok, Java, Madura, and other locations.

Gamelan is a collection of musical instruments that can imitate the sound of other musical instruments. Contains musical instruments such as drums, xylophone, gongs, etc.

If played harmoniously, the combination of these instruments has a non-diatonic tone system or can produce a melodious, melodious sound.

How to play the gamelan must be adapted to each part. And examples of these musical instruments are gongs, bonang, saron and kenong which are played by hitting them.

While the sitar is played by picking, the drum is played by clapping the hands.

4. Sasando musical instrument

Sasando is a musical instrument originating from the East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) region, especially on Rote Island. Compared to other musical instruments, Sasando has a very distinctive shape. This musical instrument is cylindrical in shape.

Sasando was built using wood, bamboo, rope, nails and palm leaves. How to play this instrument by strumming the strings with both hands.

5. Violin Musical Instrument

The violin is one of the first contemporary musical instruments to originate from Central Asia. This stringed instrument looks like a guitar, but is played by swiping a piece of wood with strings attached.

6. Electric Guitar Musical Instruments

The electric guitar, like the violin, is a contemporary musical instrument. This instrument is similar to a guitar but the sound produced by this tool can be heard more clearly because of the electric current. How to play the electric guitar using the same picking technique as the guitar in general.

7. Drum Musical Instruments

Drum is a famous musical instrument associated with the rock genre. This drum instrument comes from China.

The drum instrument consists of several combinations of percussion instruments that are beaten to produce a varied or loud sound. How to play this instrument by being hit with a stick.

8. Harp Musical Instrument

Harp is a string instrument with a very beautiful tone. The harp instrument originates from Egypt.

Due to its large size and height, the lute is played by plucking the strings carefully. Therefore, the players of these instruments get tired quickly.

9. Harmonica Musical Instruments

The harmonica is a contemporary musical instrument with a long shape and several holes. The holes are used to create melodious and melodious tones.

China is the origin of the aerophone musical instrument known as the harmonica. How to blow into an existing hole to play this instrument.

10. Keyboard Instruments

The keyboard is a form of contemporary musical instrument with a very distinctive sound and tone.

As well as calming and relaxing organs, especially the brain. Instruments on the keyboard are played by pressing them.

11. Piano Musical Instruments

The piano is a musical instrument that is almost identical to the keyboard, it's just that it can't produce a different sound, such as guitar, drums, trumpet, and others.

While the keyboard is able to produce the sound. Similar to a keyboard, this piano instrument is played by pressing the keys to produce peaceful music.

12. Trumpet Musical Instrument

The trumpet is an aerophone type musical instrument that is played by blowing. In addition, the trumpet instrument contains a number of keys, each of which emits a different note.

13. Saxophone musical instrument

The saxophone is an instrument that is almost identical to the trumpet, except that it has grooves that direct the sound upwards.

Musical instruments are made of metal, so it is not surprising that this instrument is very heavy. This saxophone instrument is played by blowing.

Those are some instruments in the category of musical instruments, examples of musical instruments, and how to play musical instruments. Hopefully the explanation above can help readers to better understand musical instruments.


Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

What Are Simple Musical Instruments?

Here are some simple musical instruments:

  1. Angklung
  2. Bamboo Flute
  3. Sasando
  4. Calung
  5. Kolintang.

What are Like Musical Instruments?

Similar musical addresses are musical instruments that have similarities in function and how to play them.


That's a little information on getting to know the various musical instruments that you need to know because this instrument has many kinds, such as rhythmic, harmonic, and so on.

And we can conclude that a musical instrument is a tool that is created and modified with the aim of producing sound and music.