Examples of Good and True Scientific Writing

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Writing is a method of conveying information effectively to one person or a group of people. Since there is no need to convey information over and over again when it is written, it is more effective.

The most common type of writing is usually writing. Written works are classified into two categories: scientific writings and non-scientific works.

Collection of Examples of Scientific Writing

In this article, we will discuss scientific writing, which is written as a result of research. Scientific writing usually takes the form of research findings, ideas, and reviews.

For more information, the following sections will discuss examples of scientific papers that you can use as references when writing them.

Collection of Examples of Scientific Writing

The following is a collection of examples from scientific writing:

1. Examples of Simple Scientific Writing

Negative Impact of the Internet for Children




The Internet is currently the best invention in the history of technological development. With the internet, people from all over the world can more easily interact and exchange information.

The sophistication of the internet allows it to be used by people of all ages. Even though children are still young, the internet is widely used today.

However, the internet has a significant impact on the psychological condition of children who are still unstable.

Formulation of the problem

What are the negative impacts of the internet on children?

Research purposes

The purpose of this research is to find out and explain the negative impact of internet use for children.



Negative Impact of Internet on Children

Internet has now become a primary need for children. Children, on the other hand, cannot use the internet wisely at such a young age.

Thus, there are several negative consequences for children using the internet, including:

  1. Creating a desire in children to commit acts of violence
  2. Makes children so happy surfing the internet that they forget the time
  3. There was an incident of bullying
  4. Making children dependent on the internet.




The presence of the internet is indeed very useful in various aspects of human life, making it easier to communicate and find important information.

The internet also makes it easier for children to carry out various activities, such as researching additional subject matter.

However, there are some negative consequences to children's Internet access that should not be overlooked.

In this case, parents must step in to supervise their children while using the internet.

The internet can be of great use to your children when used under parental supervision.

2. Examples of Scientific Writing on the Environment

Example of Scientific Writing on the Environment

Pollution in the Environment




The environment is a combination of biotic and abiotic elements. Abiotic refers to non-living things, while biotic refers to living things. Water, air, soil, sunlight, temperature and other abiotic components are included.

While the biotic components include producers, consumers, and decomposers. The relationship between abiotic and biotic components is so close that they cannot be separated.

While the environment has many different meanings. The environment is referred to as the environment by the Ecology Dictionary.

The term environment refers to the relationships that exist on Earth between living or biotic things and non-living or abiotic things.

The environment according to Law Number 32 of 2009 means the unity of space for all things. Be it living beings, such as humans, or their circumstances, which lead to human behavior.

According to some of the descriptions above, the environment is a combination of all living things and the components that surround them.

One of the factors for the success of an environment is the existence of living things on earth. Because humans are perfect creatures that were created in their entirety by the Creator.

As a result, various environmental failures are actually the result of human activities. Human behavior has now gone beyond what is reasonable.

One of them is human behavior in littering which pollutes the environment and causes it to become waste. Areas that should be shady and clean become hot and arid.

Formulation of the problem

  1. What types of pollution are there in the environment?
  2. What is the explanation of environmental pollution?



A. Type of Pollution

1. Air Pollution

Because air pollution is not always caused by human activity. Natural disasters, such as volcanic eruptions, can contribute to air pollution. Volcanic eruptions release harmful metal particles.

However, the main source of air pollution in Indonesia is pollution from motorized vehicles, both two-wheeled, three-wheeled and four-wheeled.

Several factors cause air pollution, including the following:

Cigarette smoke

As is known, the majority of wealthy cigarette companies in Indonesia itself. With so many cigarette factories, cigarettes are the main source of pollution.

There are many harmful substances found in cigarettes, such as nicotine and tar. The smoke produced by cigarettes is also dangerous because of the presence of harmful substances.

Ozone (03)

Many people are aware that the ozone layer is starting to thin. The earth's barrier against the sun's harmful effects is actually a boomerang.

Ozone pollutant is one of the most dangerous types of pollutants. This is because ozone is a type of pollutant that can cause lung damage.

Carbon Monoxide (CO)

Carbon monoxide, or CO gas, is another very dangerous pollutant. Inhaling carbon monoxide for a long time will result in death.

When we sleep in air-conditioned cars, we emit CO gas pollutants. Various CO gases released by motorized vehicles will enter air-conditioned vehicles, causing the vehicle to die.

2. Water Pollution

Clean water has the characteristics of being odorless and colorless. Water that smells, is colored, and contains dead biota indicates that the water has been polluted. The following factors can contribute to water pollution:

Factory, Nuclear and Industrial Waste

Factory, nuclear and industrial waste all contain a variety of hazardous chemicals. Radioactive chemicals are one of the dangerous chemicals that must be watched out for.

Discharging this hazardous waste into rivers can be very dangerous. This is because it will endanger the existence of river biota and the surrounding environment.

Explosives for Catching Fish

Actually, the government has banned the use of explosives in fishing. However, irresponsible people continue to use these explosives to catch fish.

This is because fishing with explosives is considered more effective because it requires less time but produces more fish.

However, one of the causes of dangerous water pollution is the use of explosives.


Non-hazardous agricultural waste. What is dangerous is the excessive use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which cause water pollution.

Agricultural waste containing excess pesticides and chemical fertilizers will follow the flow of water, causing water pollution that is harmful to river biota.


The amount of garbage scattered and piled up everywhere is a problem in itself and difficult to solve.

Currently various objects and food are always wrapped in plastic or paper, resulting in increased waste pollution in the environment.

Many environmental people no longer care about the cleanliness of their environment. The amount of household waste that is thrown everywhere shows this.

3. Soil Pollution

Polluted land is land that is no longer used for human needs. Farming is one of the human needs in question. Polluted land cannot be used for agriculture.

Land that looks dry is also an indication of soil contamination. Soil pollution is usually caused by the following factors:

  1. Acidic compounds
  2. Fertilizers from chemicals
  3. Excessive use of pesticides
  4. Waste from industry, nuclear power plants, and factories
  5. Waste from the house, such as detergent.




Pollution can be classified into three types: water pollution, air pollution, and soil pollution. Each type of pollution has its own characteristics.

Each type of pollution has its own causes. However, the sources of pollution are not that different. Excessive use of pesticides is one example.

As a result, humans as intelligent beings who live on earth must start reducing the use of various types of materials that can pollute the environment, in order to maintain environmental conditions indefinitely.

3. Examples of Scientific Writing About Health

Examples of Scientific Writing About Health

The Impact of Napping on Physical Health




Because health is so valuable, every human being must try to maintain it. If a person's body is unhealthy, he can't do anything about it.

Humans can maintain their health in various ways, one of which is by maintaining their nutritional intake.

In addition to maintaining nutritional intake, humans can reap the benefits by exercising regularly and sleeping during the day.

Formulation of the problem

  1. What can be done to maintain a healthy body?
  2. What is the effect of taking a nap to maintain a healthy body?

Research purposes

This study aims to find out how to maintain a healthy body, as well as understand the effect of napping on body health.



1. How Health Works

Everyone who wants to stay healthy must do health maintenance. Here are some things you can do to keep your body in good shape:

  1. Meet the body's mineral and vitamin needs.
  2. Consuming four of the five types of food is ideal
  3. Exercise regularly
  4. Sleep regularly and enough
  5. Alcoholic beverages should be avoided.

2. The Effect of Napping

Naps are common in early childhood. This nap activity is also beneficial for adults. The following are some of the benefits of napping for maintaining a healthy body:

  1. To assist in lowering blood pressure
  2. To relieve fatigue
  3. To reduce anxiety and sadness.




Naps are one of the most important things you can do to keep your body healthy and strong.

If you make it a habit to take regular naps, you will reap many benefits. Naps, on the other hand, must be taken at the right time.

Excessive naps can be harmful to the body. To get the expected benefits, such as keeping your body healthy and fit, you have to do various activities according to each portion.

4. Examples of Character Education

Examples About Character Education

Traditional Games in Child Character Development




The game, which is also called traditional "dolanan", has characteristics that are beneficial to children's development.

Hearing the word "play" is a pleasant experience for children because it symbolizes the liberation of the soul from the attachment of parental rules.

Children will communicate with their peers to express their joy while playing.

In a roundabout environment, children will learn to socialize and interact with their surroundings.


  1. What is meant by traditional games?
  2. What is the role of traditional games in shaping a child's personality?

Research purposes

The purpose of this research is to know the meaning of traditional games and their influence on children's personality.



1. Traditional Games

When you hear the word dolanan, your mind immediately goes to one of the Javanese vocabulary which means game or toy.

While traditional is a way of thinking and acting that already exists in accordance with ancient conditions.

Traditional children's games are known as symbols of knowledge passed down from generation to generation and serve various purposes.

2. Character Education

Character education, in its most basic form, refers to all efforts made to influence the character that exists in students.

This effort will continue to be made so that a person understands the importance of having a positive character in himself.

Character education according to Thomas Lickona is education about attitudes which includes knowledge about the actions taken. Not only that, feelings are a component of character development.




Traditional games, or dolanan, are more than just a type of play that can bring joy to children. Traditional games, on the other hand, have a number of advantages that are beneficial for children.

Traditional games are beneficial for children by training their brain and motor intelligence. Traditional games can also help children develop character.

Traditional games will help children develop their social skills. The ability to communicate and cooperate with peers will also increase.


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