How to Add Followers on TikTok – Infokekini will provide information on how to add tiktok followers on, let's see how to increase your tiktok followers!

The Tiktok Followers Com site or tiktok has recently been sought after by netizens, especially for users who want to add or increase followers on Tiktok.

Who hasn't heard of the social media application Tiktok. This short video application that is loaded with various kinds of entertainment content that often causes controversy is indeed embedded in society.

We can view a variety of content from various creators within this app, allowing us to pick and choose what we want to see. Not only that, we can also upload our own creations on this platform.

Not infrequently, a number of people who pour their creations into this application actually become known to many people. Some people's ultimate goal in life is to become famous.

To become famous in this application is not easy. To keep the public interested, we need to post interesting content frequently.

A Tiktok user account with a high number of likes, comments or shares most likely belongs to someone famous. Another indicator is the number of followers of the account.

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What is Tiktok Followers Com

Actually it's not an easy thing to get lots of followers in this application. The number of followers is influenced by many factors, not just the quality of our followers.

However, some users in this app choose shortcuts instead of being creative to get lots of followers on the Tiktok app.

The Tiktok Followers Com site or other websites that can be accessed via the tiktok address is one of the methods some of these people use to quickly increase their number of followers.

The site is predicted to be able to increase the number of followers on the Tiktok account that we use. Then how do you get free followers from the Tik Tok site?

How to Add Followers on Tiktok Followers Com

This site offers users the opportunity to gain followers free of charge. you can do it easily and quickly. Getting new followers is as easy as the instructions in the following paragraphs.

Open the site in your browser
Select the Free Tiktok Followers menu
Next, scroll down the screen, then enter your username
After that, click Find Account Then click Send Followers
After that, followers will start flocking to your page of their own accord.
Every time you use the method above, you can expect to get between 5 and 10 new followers. You can do the method above in just 12 minutes.

If you want to get more additional followers up to 100, this site says that you have to sign in with your Tiktok account or download the app on your phone.

Is Tiktok Safe?

When used in the method described above, this site has been proven to generate new followers. In addition, we don't need to use a Tiktok account to access this site.

It's just that there are some risks that you can get when using this site. The risk that you can get is a shadow ban on Tiktok which will affect your Tiktok engagement.

Therefore, the Tiktok Followers Com site itself provides a timeframe every time you want to add followers so you don't overuse sites like this.

In addition, you are given the option to get more followers by logging in with your Tiktok account or by using the Tiktok application, which comes at your own risk.

When logging in with a Tiktok account, we have no way of knowing whether the information we provide is secure or not, or whether the app is infected with malware.

As a result, excessive use of sites of this type is fraught with danger. Therefore, Sabilia recommends that you look for followers naturally and not with bots like this.

Other Features of Tiktok Followers Com

In addition to the ability of the Tiktok application to add followers. It is impossible to separate the Tiktok application from the other features that this site offers. In other words, what else do you have to offer?

1. Auto Like Posts

This site seems to have auto followers as well as auto likes. This is different from getting followers. To use this feature, users must log in using a Tiktok account.

It's the same with auto followers. Instant transmission and reception like this automatic Tiktok is guaranteed. However, this feature may also be inseparable from the potential that can harm your account.

2. Auto Comment

Lonely post no comments? This site also provides automatic commenting. you can quickly generate dozens, if not hundreds, of comments with a single click.

To use this feature, you must first log in with your Tiktok account. Because both are bots, this feature is also quite risky if used too often.

How to use Tiktok Followers Com

The tiktok followers com site is no longer accessible, but there is a similar site with the same features, namely

Here are the steps you need to take to put it to good use.

Click on this site:
Then select the free tiktok followers menu
Next you will be asked to log in using a TikTok account
After logging in, you can use the auto follower feature provided

Benefits of TikTok

The tiktok site allows you to increase the number of tiktok followers quickly and for free. Bots are the only free followers you will get from this site, not real tiktok users. As a result, you shouldn't rely on your existing followers to see your new content.

Even so, TikTok followers who come from bots also have advantages. Like getting more followers and being able to brag about your growing fan base to your followers.


That's a review of Tiktok Followers.Com in this article, for those of you who open an online shop on TikTok, you really need lots of TikTok followers.

If you have to wait for followers manually, it will definitely be very long, so you can follow the example above to add followers on