How to Check JNE Postage Via Website or Application – On this occasion I will provide information about how to check JNE shipping costs via the website or application.

Currently, the package delivery service industry (expedition) is growing rapidly. One of them is PT Tiki Lintas Nugraha Ekakurir or better known as JNE. Checking JNE shipping costs can be done online and real-time.

Checking the latest JNE shipping costs or checking JNE 2022 shipping costs can be done in two ways, namely through the JNE website and the My JNE application. Here are two ways provided by Infokekinian to check shipping costs, see this article until it's finished.

How to Check JNE Postage Via Website

How to Check JNE Postage Via Website

Here's how you can follow:.

  2. Enter the city of origin in the "Origin Shipment" column
  3. Enter the name of the destination city in the "Destination Shipment" field
  4. Enter the weight of the package sent in the "Weight (kg)" column
  5. Don't forget to enter the verification code that appears in the "Type the text" column
  6. Click the "Check" button
  7. The system will display information regarding fares and estimated time of arrival at the destination.

Check JNE Postage Through the Application

To check JNE shipping costs through the application, you must first download the My JNE application on your smartphone by clicking the link below.

MyJNE Application Download link

After installing and logging in, click the "Check Rates" menu on the application dashboard display. Follow the instructions to check the postage of the package you want to send!


You definitely understand the importance of shipping costs when making a purchase. Especially for consumers who live in remote areas.

Shipping costs paid may be more expensive than the price of the goods purchased. Not surprisingly, online stores that offer free shipping are always flocked by buyers.

There are several aspects that affect JNE shipping costs. Starting from the weight, volume and distance of delivery of goods.

Therefore, many consumers must check the shipping costs before deciding to buy a product.

Even though you will immediately list how much you have to pay when shopping online, it's best to do the checking yourself first, by following the method above.

Why is that? Because there may be errors in calculating shipping costs from vendors.

Therefore, before making an online purchase through a marketplace or other platform, be sure to double-check the shipping costs.

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