How to Download Applications on a Computer - Current friend, do you know how to download an application on your computer? Whatsapp, Sticky Notes, and other gaming applications must be installed under certain circumstances or conditions before they can be used on a computer.

If you are one of those people who need to download and install an application or Apk on a laptop, but don't know how. InfoKekinian will explain in full how to download a computer application (either Windows or Mac) (either Windows or Mac).

There are several ways to download applications on a computer

How to Download Applications on a Computer

You must know this information! There are a number of options to get the Apk file. You may only use the method that you think is appropriate for the condition of the laptop and your comfort level.

If you are using a Windows PC, but don't have a strong antivirus. So, do not use Downloader or Chrome Extension to download programs.

Use the download method using the Microsoft Store or Windows Store. Because you download through the Microsoft Store, 100 percent of the programs you download and install are safe from viruses or malware. Or if you have a Mac laptop, of course it's safer to download software from the Apple Store.

1. How to Download Applications Via Windows

As I mentioned before, this method is especially good for those of you who are using Windows but don't have a good anti-virus (usually free anti-virus) (usually free anti-virus).

To complete the process, just follow the steps outlined in the examples provided. In the example below, for example, I will download the Telegram Apk on my laptop.

Remember ! Check how all that is required of you. For what application do you want to download, yes of course according to your wishes.

Step by step how to download applications on a laptop, for example the Telegram application.

Enter the Microsoft Store by clicking here (Windows Store). To do this, open the Windows Start menu by clicking on it > When you reach the Microsoft Store, click on it. Select Microsoft Store from the drop-down menu.

Search for the Apk in the Microsoft Store (in this case I am looking for the Telegram for Desktop application). To do this, place Telegram in the Microsoft Store search window and press Enter. The Telegram app will then appear.

For more information, please refer to the following link (Install App). When the Telegram app is displayed, click on the Get button and then the Install button. Click the Install button > Wait for the download procedure to complete > After the download is complete, the application will be installed immediately.

For those of you who haven't logged in to a Microsoft account, after clicking the Install button, a Microsoft account email and password request will appear. Just click Forgot Password, then the download and install process will run automatically (without having to log in to a Microsoft Account) (without having to log in to a Microsoft Account)

2. How to Download Computer Applications Via Apk Downloader

To use the Google Playstore application, you must have a smartphone to download and install it. If you want to download it on your laptop, you can use third-party Apk Downloader sites.

ApkPure is a well-known third party downloader. Step by step download the Apk. Through the use of unmodified apk downloader

  1. Visit Apk Pure web page HERE
  2. Find the App to download. Type in the search area the name of the app (eg twitter lite) (eg twitter lite)
  3. Download Apk. View of the application you are looking for (twitter lite) > To learn more, click the "Read More" link, to get the apk file.

3. How to Download Computer Applications Via Google Chrome

Apart from going through the Microsoft Store or the Downloader site, you can also download the Apk using the Google Chrome extension.

The technique is to apply the Application Downloader Extension to Google Chrome. Once installed in chrome, you can download any application using the extension.

Refer to the steps listed below:

  1. First and foremost, install the Downloader Chrome Extension on your computer.
  2. Click the Add to Chrome button (Add to Chrome) (Add to Chrome)
  3. Click Add Extension
  4. Once the Downloader has been set up, a sign icon similar to the one shown above will appear (boxed in red)
  5. Second, Once the Downloader Extension is installed into Chrome, you can use it to search and download programs…
  6. Click the button to start the app download (which is highlighted in red in the image above)
  7. Enter the name of the application you want to download in the search area.
  8. Click the download icon on the right side of the search box
  9. Next are the applications from various developers that you are looking for
  10. Choose one (suggestion: which has the highest rating and most downloaded) (suggestion: which has the highest rating and most downloaded)
  11. You will then be prompted to download the application you selected by clicking Download

4. How to download computer applications via Playstore

Using numbers 3 and 4, you can download apps the same way you would from the Playstore.

If you don't want to use methods 3 and 4, aka using the download method without the Playstore, then you can simply search for the apk by searching directly through the browser.

So if you want to download Whatsapp on your PC, just type “Whatsapp for PC” into Google and hit enter.

Later several sites will appear that provide free downloads of the application you are looking for. It's just that, to be honest, this method is a little dangerous.

The reason is, not a few on the surface are fake download sites. Sites like these generally contain viruses.

In many cases, the download links don't lead to the app you're looking for, but rather to jumbled download links for other apps. you are looking for (ex Instagram Video Downloader), but when you press the download button, what is downloaded is another application that is not visible.

Tips for Using a Mac Laptop to Download Software. Mac laptops make it easy and safe to search for app downloads. When you download an application on a Windows laptop.

The Microsoft Store is where Windows users can get their apps, while the App Store is where Mac users can get their apps.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Visit the App Store at the link
  2. In the search area, find the app you want to download
  3. After the application you are looking for is displayed, select it by clicking on it
  4. Then click the Get button > Wait and click the Install button


Those are some ways to download applications on your computer that you can choose which one is the best. Hope it helps!