4 Ways to Download VIU Videos on HP and PC

Infokekinian.com – Apart from the low cost and the easy way to subscribe to VIU premium, how to download VIU videos is also quite simple. You can download it directly on your cellphone or you can use a third party.

VIU is a download site for Asian drama films. Here you can legally download various Asian films and can download them for free.

What is VIU
VIU is also a freemium video download site. Which means you can watch and download movies for free without any ads.

What is VIU?

VIU is an application that provides a variety of legal film content. Movies shown on this application can usually be enjoyed by subscribing to the VIU application.

Not only presenting film content, VIU also provides various TV series content such as Korean, Japanese or other Asian dramas to documentaries that you can enjoy here.

If you have subscribed to the application but don't understand a foreign language, don't worry. Because you can enjoy or watch shows on VIU with Indonesian subtitles.

What's more, in VIU app In this case, you can enjoy movies or drama series offline by downloading videos on VIU. Then, do you know how to save offline videos on VIU?

Advantages of Using VIU

The following are the advantages of using the VIU application:

  1. HD video quality is available
  2. Broadcast on the same day as the country of origin
  3. Provides Indonesian and English subtitles
  4. Can download and watch videos offline.

Features on the VIU App

There are many advantages to being a premium VIU customer. With premium members, your watching Drakor activities are guaranteed to be fun and entertaining. There are many features available, including:

1. No Ads

The first feature of becoming a premium VIU member is being able to watch Drakor and other films without advertisements.

Even though you try to be patient when these ads appear, their presence is actually quite annoying.

The solution to your frustration is to become a premium subscriber without ads. As a source of income, VIU places advertisements in all films that are shown.

Therefore, to replace advertising revenue, you must pay a VIU subscription fee. So that VIU still gets money even though it doesn't advertise in its films.

2. High Video Quality

The second most superior characteristic of VIU is the excellent video quality. The excellent video quality is evident whether viewed on the HP or Mobile app.

When compared to other operators, VIU is far superior because of its affordable price. Video resolution can be adjusted from lowest to largest.

This functionality can also be experienced by non-premium subscribers. Display quality issues aside, the video playback feature is reportedly very useful for premium clients.

For example, you don't have to worry about losing videos when you reply to WhatsApp messages. Because when you open VIU again, the video will play based on the previous broadcast.

3. Unlimited Number of Videos

This is the most important aspect of becoming a premium VIU subscriber. With a fairly low subscription price range for VIU, now you can watch various interesting drama videos, especially Korean dramas.

This VIU application contains almost all the Korean dramas you want, which you can watch to your heart's content.

However, make sure you have an extra large data plan if you want to watch several dramas at the same time.

Unfortunately, many subscribers think that VIU cannot distribute a number of Korean dramas.

The main factor relates to the difficulty of obtaining distribution rights. However, the amount of enjoyment available is enormous.

There are only a few dramas that may not be available for premium subscribers. There are also a large number of foreign films available.

Therefore, the material includes not only dramas but also foreign films and television series.

4. Watch Offline

Those with low internet quota will find this premium function very useful.

VIU subscriptions allow users to watch movies offline by downloading them first.

Therefore, you can download it via WiFi and watch it at home without worrying about exceeding your data limit.

However, this feature cannot be accessed via the VIU website, therefore if you want to watch it offline, you must use the VIU application.

How to Download Videos on VIU

How to Download Videos on VIU
For those of you who want to watch your favorite drama broadcasts on VIU without worrying about running out of quota, you can try a way to download videos on VIU which we will share below:

1. Download VIU Videos on Android

For those of you Android users who want to download or save VIU movies or drama series offline. you can try using the following method:

  1. The first is that you need to make sure that you have downloaded the VIU application
  2. Open the VIU application on your cellphone
  3. Then, log in using your VIU account that has subscribed to premium
  4. Next, find the movie or drama series that you want to save offline
  5. Tap the Download button
  6. Wait until the download process is complete. After that, you can play videos on VIU offline.

2. Download VIU Videos on PC

Well, for those of you who use PC devices such as laptops or computers. You can use third-party applications to download videos on VIU easily and quickly.

Here are three platforms that you can use to download VIU videos on your PC:

1. Using Videoder

The first way to be able to download movies from VIU is to use an application called Videoder.

Videoder is an application created to make it easier to download videos.

With this application, you can easily download various movies or videos on any site you want.

How to download the Videoder application is as follows:

  1. First, please download the Videoder application. Many sites on the internet provide this application and make sure you visit a trusted site
  2. After you download it, then install the application
  3. Once installed, please open the Videoder application and select VIU
  4. You will be asked to log in using the VIU account that you previously created
  5. Fifth, please select the film or video from VIU that you want to download
  6. Sixth, if you have found the film you want to download, you must click download. It looks like an arrow in a circle. It is located under the application
  7. After that, you will be asked to determine the quality of the movie you are going to download
  8. Click Next and you will be taken to a pop-up window to confirm your download
  9. The last step, please click Start Download or Start Downloading and wait for your film to finish downloading.

2. Using IDM

Using IDM

Who doesn't know IDM? IDM or Internet Download Manager is a common downloader application. Maybe you are also one of the users of this application.

IDM is indeed able to make it easy to download various files on any site. One of them is that you can download movies on VIU with this application.

To download movies on the VIU site using IDM, you must follow the steps that we will share below:

  1. Download and install the IDM application
  2. If so, now you open a web browser on your PC or laptop. Then activate the IDM extension in your web browser
  3. For example, you are using Google Chrome, you have to start the extension by clicking on the 3 dots in the upper right corner. Then you enter the Settings menu
  4. After entering the Settings view, please click Extensions
  5. After that, please look for IDM Integration Module and just activate the extension
  6. You should now install the IDM extension on your browser. However, this step is not finished yet.
  7. All you have to do now is go to the VIU website and find out which movie you want to download
  8. Just play the movie and wait a few moments until you find the words Download This Video
  9. Please click the IDM extension on the movie screen. Then you just have to choose which video or movie quality you want to download
  10. Now the download process using IDM should be running. Just wait until the download process is complete. The speed of the download process depends on the internet speed where you are.

As an addition, if you download a serial, then downloading using IDM only applies to one video. So, if you want to download a season, please download the videos one by one.

3. Using EagleGet

How to download movies and videos on VIU can also use the EagleGet application. The EagleGet application is a downloader application other than IDM which is quite popular.

You can also use this application to download various videos on internet sites. One of the sites that supports the EagleGet application is VIU.

To download videos on VIU using this software, please follow the steps below:

  1. Not much different from the previous step, the first step you have to do is download the EagleGet application
  2. After that, please open your browser and activate the EagleGet extension like you did in the IDM application
  3. After you have finished installing the extension, you will see a logo or application icon located at the top right of your browser
  4. Next, please open the VIU website then please look for which video you want to download
  5. Play the video and wait until you find a small number in the EagleGet extension
  6. Click on the extension and specify the video size and quality you want
  7. The download process should now start, and you should wait for the download to finish
  8. Not much different from IDM, how quickly your download completes depends on the internet connection you are using.

Causes of VIU Cannot be Opened

Causes of VIU Cannot be Opened

Of course, there are many reasons why the VIU application cannot be accessed or signed in, so the solution must be adjusted to the cause of the problem or problem.

Before doing that, we have to determine why the VIU app is not launching. The following are the reasons why VIU cannot be opened:

1. Device Not Supported

If the VIU application that is already installed on the mobile device cannot be opened, it may be because the device does not support or does not support this version of the application.

Therefore, it is inevitable that we cannot launch the application and use all of its features and functions.

However, alerts for unsupported or incompatible devices may also appear due to data or system issues.

This does not mean that your device cannot be used to install programs with that version. So that VIU services are now more accessible on Android phones, desktops and televisions.

2. The VIU server is down

The second reason is that VIU's servers experienced an outage, which prevented all users from logging in.

To open the app on Android and iOS, a stable network is required to receive good service.

3. Unstable Internet

Unstable Internet

The VIU application cannot be opened because your internet connection is unreliable, of poor quality, or too slow.

Some programs require a stable and strong internet connection to open VIU, which cannot be accessed.

This will indirectly affect the productivity of gadget users.

4. The VIU application is having problems

The problem of not being able to open the VIU application may be caused by an error in the VIU application system or an error caused by a malfunction on your device.

This can also occur due to technical issues with the VIU application on the user's device.

5. The Browser is Having Problems

Have you ever received a warning message stating that the selected website failed to load?

This indicates that your Google Chrome browser is having problems loading the requested page.

Sometimes, the device may experience very slow page loading procedure or not open at all.

6. Browser Not Updated

Browser Not Updated

It is possible that the VIU application cannot be accessed if the default browser on your mobile device or the browser you are using has not been updated and is still using an outdated version.

You have guaranteed that the use of the browser is protected by the latest security system available to access VIU, which cannot be accessed without it.

Sometimes, browser updates can also change the appearance of the browser.

7. The data in the browser is piling up

How often do you use the browser? If true, then a large amount of data must be stored to fill the storage memory.

This can cause the VIU application to not open and make the VIU application more difficult to use.

8. Using Modified VIU (MOD Application)

Some users prefer to use VIU's mod program, which offers more functions than the official VIU app.

Nonetheless, there is a risk if you use the customized version of the app, as it may cause Google to ban your VIU account, which must be a pain these days.

Google has found an unapproved use of the app, as the modified app is made by a third-party developer.

9. The VIU Application Has Not Been Updated

If the VIU application on your mobile device has not been updated, it may not launch the application.

Applications that haven't been updated may still use the old version, but VIU continues to be updated to provide the best service to its users, so it can't be opened.

10. VIU Application Data is Full or Accumulated

The problem of not being able to open the VIU application can also occur if the VIU application data has never been cleaned.

This data is often obtained from Korean and Asian drama series that have been watched both online and offline.

If too much data is collected, it will automatically slow down the application.

11. Not Enough Internal Memory

Insufficient Internal Memory

Some smartphones have a very large internal memory capacity, allowing users to install and use multiple programs.

However, some have limited storage memory, making it difficult to launch applications when the memory is full.

12. Unofficial Installed VIU Application

Using unapproved VIU programs, often known as third-party developers, is a secondary cause.

The system will automatically track accounts found to be using unapproved programs, compromising genuine applications.

13. The government blocks the VIU application

At present, it is common knowledge that many students take advantage of the internet quota provided by the government to make their study program successful at home.

However, due to abuse of this quota, restrictions are placed on the websites and applications that can be visited using this quota.

And if you use the internet provided by the government, you may not be able to open the application, because VIU is an application that is blocked by the government.

14. WIFI Providers Block VIU Apps

In addition, the VIU application cannot be opened because this problem has been banned by your WiFi access provider.

If you use Wi-Fi internet network access both at home and at work, the problem with VIU not being able to open is that the WiFi provider has blocked access to the program.

15. Got a Virus Infection

Your mobile device is showing strange behavior, preventing the launch of VIU apps and possibly other programs.

There is a possibility that the cause is a dangerous virus or malware infection that is interfering with your cellphone system.

Usually, this virus or malware is capable of getting into contacts, text messages, and even installing software without the owner's knowledge.

16. VIU's active period has expired

VIU's active period has expired

And the last reason for not being able to launch the VIU application is because VIU's active period has expired.

This platform for watching Korean and Asian dramas online and offline offers paid or premium services.

If the free subscription or trial period has expired, the VIU application will no longer be launched as usual.

Generally the active period lasts for one month or thirty days, and if you register as a premium user, you will get many benefits.

How to Overcome VIU Cannot be Opened

After knowing the cause of not being able to open the VIU application, the next step is to determine the right solution or way to solve the problem. Among others:

1. Make sure you are still in the active period of your VIU subscription

To use VIU's services, you must first download and install the VIU application, then use the 30-day trial package.

If the VIU trial period has passed, you must subscribe to the VIU service to access all the drama collections in this application.

Make sure you are active so you can immediately open the VIU application and see all of the drama collections online and offline.

In the cellphone settings, you will find the Force Stop option, which you can use if the application has an error or cannot be accessed.

You can choose this option risk-free, but the performance of some systems may temporarily decrease. Can also be used if the VIU application cannot be opened even though there is a quota.

2. Restart the Gadget Device

Do a Reboot Device Gadget

If the VIU application cannot be launched, you can try restarting the device where the application was installed.

Usually, this strategy is enough to overcome the challenges facing mobile phones.

3. Reboot Modem

If you use the modem as an intermediary to access the internet, you will need to restart the network directly from the modem.

Rebooting the modem is sometimes necessary to update its system.

4. Use the Antivirus Scan Service

In addition, the VIU application cannot be accessed due to a virus on your mobile device.

To work around this, you can use an antivirus scanning service to detect incoming viruses and eliminate them so they don't interfere with the functioning of the cellphone's operating system and applications, causing the device to report that the VIU video cannot be viewed.

5. Perform VIU App Update

We recommend updating the app frequently. Because every application update will try to improve its function and performance.

If you don't update, the program will remain in the previous version, making it difficult to log in and preventing you from viewing VIU videos.

6. Force Quit Browser Then Reopen

Do Force Stop Browser Then Reopen

Those who access VIU videos using their browser can do so by selecting Force Stop Browser if they experience difficulties with VIU pages that cannot be opened, such as VIU videos that cannot be viewed.

Some browsers have complicated settings and systems, so when they are closed unexpectedly, their data is refreshed.

7. Update the Browser Used

By updating the browser used to access VIU services, you can also solve the problem of not being able to open the VIU website due to today's VIU Application interruption.

Since each browser has unique settings, it is conceivable that as browser data accumulates, the intended page becomes inaccessible.

8. Change Browser Usage

Do you believe that the inability to launch apps due to lack of internet connection is a result of using the wrong web browser?

The quickest option is to change the user's browser. Choose the default browser or Chrome which is famous for its complete user features.

9. Allow Features in the VIU Application

Each application provides configuration options to enable application functionality for the intended use of the application.

After completing the inaccessible VIU application, this feature can be disabled according to your needs.

10. Change Internet Network

The biggest solution to the problem of unable to launch VIU programs may also appear when the Internet connection is poor, unstable and generally weak.

If so, you should upgrade your Internet connection to a more robust, stable, and scalable one to prevent VIU programs from failing to load.

11. Delete All VIU Application Data

In addition, solving the problem by deleting all VIU application data is a very effective method to reopen the application.

12. Delete files that are rarely used

Delete Rarely Used Files

The VIU program saves downloaded movie file data for offline viewing. Delete data files as soon as you finish viewing them so that storage memory space can be reclaimed.

13. VIU App Update

Applications that have been installed on the smartphone for a long time must be reloaded to improve performance.

The settings on your mobile device allow automatic reinstallation.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Download VIU Videos

Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

1. How long is VIU Premium Free?

VIU offers free premium access for 15 days for new users. After that period ends, you must subscribe to VIU premium to enjoy other content.

2. Can VIU Pay Using Credit?

If you want to subscribe to VIU premium, you can use credit as your payment method.

If you are a Telkomsel provider user, then you can buy it via My Telkomsel or you can also buy it at *465*5*5#.

3. How to unsubscribe from VIU?

If you are an Android user, you can open the PlayStore then click on the profile in the top right corner. Then select the subscription icon, then select VIU and select stop subscription.

4. What is VIU 1 month?

The following is a list of VIU Premium prices:

  1. 1 month: IDR 30,000
  2. 3 months: IDR 75,000
  3. 6 months: IDR 100,000
  4. 1 year: IDR 200,000


That's a little information about how to download VIU videos which you can download through third parties, as we have written above.

After you have successfully downloaded the VIU video, you can watch it offline. But make sure if you use all format video player application.

And what you need to remember is that you still need to subscribe to VIU Premium to download it.

Do not watch movies or dramas illegally. Because illegal is a crime.

Thus the article on how to download VIU videos and don't forget to keep visiting the Infokekinian website.

Because we also have a lot of other information and recommendations which of course will be useful and help current friends.