How to Edit Photos Change the Background Scene – Edit changing background photos now easier. You no longer need to use additional applications to change the background or photo background.

Usually the photo background is changed for several purposes and generally the photo background is replaced with a plain background for official photos. Yup, in today's advanced society, the need for photo editing is growing.

Moreover, most of the administrative requirements for various reasons such as making report cards, scholarship requirements, SKCK, to CVs, of course, require candidates to tamper with their official photo background to fulfill administrative requirements.

Currently there are various online services that you can choose to change the background of a photo without being complicated, fast, and the results are still good. What interests you is how? Check out the following explanation.

recommendations on how to change the background scenery

How to Edit Photos Change the Background Scene

Here are some ways that can be used to change the background photo edit

1. Edit Change Photo Background- Photos For Free

Free image editing is an online photo background editing site that offers services to change the background or background and remove the background online in a simple way.

Photo backgrounds can be removed or changed using the options provided by this website. Additional background is an option to change the background color of a photo, which can be done using the remove background menu.

Free picture editor also provides a menu to turn photos into photo collages or gifts. Free photo editor can be used online without registering and checking in.

Here's how to use it:

  1. To get started, open a browser and go to the desired site.
  2. Second, the edit page will be displayed, then click the scissor symbol on the menu bar and select the folder icon to locate the file to edit.
  3. After selecting a photo, the next step is to remove the background using the available tools, in the form of a round brush or a soft brush using a small to large brush.
  4. The next step is to save the file after detecting and removing the background object.
  5. After that change the background by clicking the photo button. Background colors or gradients can be used to change the appearance of the background.
  6. To display a range of colors, a gradient background can be used instead of a color background.
  7. After following the above procedure, the files should be saved in the selected folder.
  8. It will then be saved to your device.

2.Background Burner

Background burner is an online photo background editing site. In order to take full advantage of the ability to change the background, it is not necessary to initially set a time limit. This site has technology that can determine the border of the color line so that it can separate items from the background automatically.

Backgrounds can be removed online, of course, and it's very easy to do. To use the background burner site, you must first log in using Facebook or Google email.

Using free online photo background editing sites is as easy as following these instructions:

  1. First, you have to join the site using a browser then log in using your Facebook account or email and enter your password.
  2. After that, enter the photo you want to edit using the Select photo icon or by dragging the photo to the site.
  3. Without trying to set a limit and remove the background, the site will automatically reduce the photo background.
  4. Perform save to save the image after receiving the required results.
  5. If the result doesn't meet your expectations, simply click the Touch button, select Refresh from the menu, then select the desired background image again.
  6. After that complete the last step by saving the image.

3. BeFunky

BeFunky site is the next free online photo background site to visit. This site contains a menu that you can use to stitch together photos and add text to images.

Apart from that, it also provides a menu for changing the image resolution so that when printed you get good printouts with unbroken results, as well as other options.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, browse to the befunky site then click "Start Have Fun" and the loading procedure is complete.
  2. Second, choose where to edit using BeFunky. If you use a webcam, you can use My Uploads, for example.
  3. If the photos are stored on your computer, just select “My Computer”. Then select the photo to edit
  4. Crop photos as soon as they appear to give a professional look. To crop an image, go to “Edit” and then “Crop”.
  5. Next, adjust the crop limit as desired using the mouse and click Apply.
  6. Select “Art effects” and “Cartoon”.
  7. To enhance the appearance of the photo, click the cylinder in the "Mode" box.
  8. Click "Apply" to save your changes.
  9. After you have finished modifying, click Save. How to click "Save & Share" in the menu in the upper left corner.
  10. After you enter the name and location of the file, click "Save".
  11. To save at BeFunky, you must first register an account there.

4. Remove. bg is a site that allows you to remove and replace photo backgrounds online. This site makes it easy and fast for anyone to change their photo background online for free.

Here's how to change the photo background with

  1. First, launch a web browser program and visit the site
  2. The second step is to click on Choose photo and then choose the photo you want to use.
  3. Wait a few seconds before the selected photos finish uploading
  4. Then the photo will automatically remove the background
  5. Then click edit to change the color/image on the photo background
  6. When users click on Download option, they will be able to take pictures.

5. Photoscissors

The following photoscissors are photoscissors, free online photo background changer sites. With just a few clicks, visitors to this website can delete or change photos from online photos.

How to edit it is also quite easy. Here's the explanation:

  1. First, you have to browse the website from your smartphone or laptop
  2. You can now post photos to your website. Wait a few seconds for the photo to finish processing
  3. After that, the uploaded photo will appear with the background removed
  4. Then select the menu option "Background"
  5. The next step is to decide between a “solid color” and an “image” background.
  6. After it ends. When you see the “floppy disk logo”, you can click on it to download the newly modified photo.

6. Edit Change Photo Background-Pizap

Pizap is the ultimate online photo background modification site that provides basic capabilities for more advanced features.

You can more easily edit the photos you want with this feature. The site also includes frames and frames that will make photo changes more interesting.

You can also remove photo backgrounds online very easily with just one program.

Here's how to take advantage of it:

  1. Take advantage of your smartphone or laptop to access the site
  2. Then click on the computer, then enter the background.
  3. Choose a background image according to your wishes.
  4. To edit a photo, just click the scissors icon and then open the image you want to change. Click and drag the mouse left, right, up, down according to the image to be cropped
  5. Finally, click the Done button.
  6. Drag and change the direction where the photo will be placed.
  7. If you have immediately press Save
  8. Use Adobe Photoshop online for free background replacement and removal if you don't want to install any software on your laptop.


Now that's a free online background photo editing site and without the need to install an application. You might think that the way to edit using each site is very easy to do.