How to Apply for a Complete Mortgage – Today's friend wants to own a house, but want to use a mortgage? Come on, see this article to see how to apply for a mortgage in full.

House prices continue to rise from year to year, making it difficult for most people to buy them in cash.

Steps to apply for a mortgage

Home Ownership Credit (KPR) is also an option used by some people to buy a house more quickly because they feel they don't need to prepare a lot of money.

Steps to apply for a mortgage

Here's how to get a mortgage to buy a house?

1. Looking for the desired mortgage house

There are several ways to find a mortgage that fits your budget. First, determine which areas or neighborhoods you like that match your interests.

If you already know the area of the house that you are interested in, the next step is to conduct a direct survey.

2. Go to the Marketing Office

After determining the location, the next home mortgage method is to do a direct survey of the house you are interested in and visit the housing marketing office.

At the marketing office, models of housing units and plans for housing clusters are usually displayed, ranging from those under construction to models that have already been sold.

By visiting the sales directly as well, you will find out the type of house, specifications and prices, including a simulation of installment payments.

3. Check the Housing Environment

You can ask the developer to show the model of the house from the cluster you are interested in.

When looking at home models, ask about building specifications and pay attention to the surroundings.

If it's still under construction, it may take longer for it to be occupied.

4. Handing over Money Sovereign

If you like and are sure after seeing the model of the house in person, the next step is to provide a bidder or sign.

There is a small difference between a receipt and a down payment. The sign is a binder of your seriousness towards the house, so that the house will not be transferred to other buyers.

5. Paying mortgage money

In general, developers use a payment percentage of around 10 percent of the house price, which is divided into two payment terms.

At this stage, cash should at least be ready to pay the first term down payment.

6. Submitting a mortgage to the bank

The process of applying for a mortgage to a bank can be done through a bank that works with the developer or the bank of your choice. The difference lies in the submission process.

The developer will help you in the process of applying to the bank that works with him.

If you use a bank of your own choice, that means you have to take care of the application process independently.

Complete all the documents required for the mortgage application process. A few weeks after submission, the bank will conduct a survey regarding your financial and employment records to Bank Indonesia.


Those are the steps you can follow when you want to apply for a mortgage. And if your office provides housing mortgage facilities, it's a good idea to use a company partner bank.

During the survey process, the bank will also ask about your financial condition. Although it does not guarantee, the use of a company partner bank can increase the likelihood that the mortgage application will be approved.

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