16 Ways to Repair Dead Cellphones Affected by Water. The Most Effective

InfoKekinian.com – There are several simple ways that can help you if your cellphone is exposed to water, such as several ways to fix a dead cellphone which we will explain below.

Usually, almost all smartphones or cellphones that have been exposed to water will immediately die completely.

Of course the majority of people who experience something like this will panic and don't know how to fix it and go straight to the service center, even though you can actually handle it yourself.

How to Fix a Dead Cellphone Affected by Water

The case of an Android cell phone or smartphone that dies because of water often happens to smartphone users, for those of you who have experienced it before, of course you don't panic like those who have just experienced a cell phone that died because of being splashed in water.

On this occasion, we will share some tips that you can do to easily fix a dead cell phone exposed to water without having to go to a service center. What are the steps to overcome it? see the review below until it's finished.

How to Fix a Dead Cellphone Affected by Water

Here are some tips that you can do if your smartphone is hit or splashed into the water:

1. Don't turn on the cellphone

Don't turn on the cellphone when repairing a dead cellphone exposed to water
This is the most fatal mistake and almost everyone makes this mistake when their cell phone is off.

When your cellphone dies in contact with water, try not to turn on your cellphone first.

This aims to prevent conflicts from occurring because the cellphone engine is running with water, so let the smartphone turn off for a while.

2. Place the HP in a Horizontal Position

Put the HP ON in a Horizontal Position
Put that smartphone dead by water on a flat surface so that water that enters your cellphone does not spread to all existing components.

This of course makes a lot of sense, don't forget to immediately open the lid of your smartphone, this will make the water come out faster.

3. Remove the Battery, SD Card and Sim Card

Remove Battery, SD Card and Sim Card
After opening the lid of the cellphone, please just remove the battery and the components in it such as the memory card and SIM card from your cellphone.

This is to minimize later on Android cellphones, the damage will be even worse, especially to the battery, and is intended so that wet cellphones dry out more easily and quickly.

4. Use Tissue or Cloth

Drying Water Using Tissue and Soft Cloth
Don't panic if you experience it android phone die from water, you just need to remove and dry the water using tissue and soft cloth that can absorb water.

And try to clean it thoroughly to the sidelines of the components inside the smartphone such as the sim card, battery, memory card and others.

5. Place it in the Rice bag

Rice Repairs Totally Dead Cellphones Due to Exposed to Water
Apart from wiping it using tissue and cloth, you can also use rice to fix and fix a cellphone that has totally died due to exposure to water.

Rice has properties that easily absorb water, with this it will certainly make it easier for you to turn on an Android cellphone that has fallen to death in water.

If you are worried that the screen will get dirty, you can cover it on the screen with a tissue and the other parts try to stick to the rice.

6. Dry the Outside

Dry the Exterior

After cleaning and drying the outside of the phone with a dry cloth, you should take action if your phone gets in contact with water. For example drying parts that are easy to dry.

Try to be careful when cleaning the outside because if you move too fast, water can seep into other components and of course hit parts where water shouldn't come into contact with.

So there is a higher probability of danger. But keep in mind not to do this if the LCD is affected.

7. Don't Blow

Avoid blowing on the edges of the smartphone while submerged in water as this can push water further into the device and increase the potential for damage.

You can remove water from your phone with a vacuum cleaner.

8. Don't dry it

Because sunlight is considered to damage the internal components of your cellphone, keep your cellphone away from sunlight.

9. Save the LCD

Save the LCDs

The safety of the LCD must be ensured first if your phone is submerged in water as it contains fragile filaments which do not hold moisture.

Therefore it will result in black spots on your LCD screen and is very susceptible to damage.

We recommend that you dry it thoroughly and take care to prevent water from getting on your phone's LCD.

10. Check the Battery Sticker

Check the battery on your smartphone if it has been exposed to water. Especially if the color of the sticker on your cellphone changes, because the sticker functions as a vendor marker whether the warranty is still valid or not.

11. Use Silica Gel

Use Silica Gel

Apart from rice, you can use silica gel to dry your cellphone if it has been exposed to water. Your phone can be dried with silica gel that absorbs moisture.

Silica gel also has the ability to stop condensation from forming on electronic gadgets.

Simply place your phone in a mound of silica gel and leave it there for two to three days. You know, dealing with a cellphone that has been hit by water on this one is quite simple and successful.

12. Avoid Using a Hair Dryer

The second step, avoid drying a wet smartphone with a hair dryer. Instead, place it in a dry place and let it dry.

As a result, your HP's internal components will be at higher risk of being damaged. Because using a hair dryer can quickly cause the energy on the cellphone to overheat.

13. Use a Fan

Use Fan

As an alternative to drying HP exposed to water, you can use this method by using a fan.

Using a fan is a good option to try although it can be time consuming.

14. Avoid Electrical Contact

The next step in dealing with a cellphone exposed to water is to pay attention and make sure there is no more water in your cellphone before charging it.

It is feared that it will cause a short circuit because water is always the opposite of electronics.

15. Pay attention to your smartphones

You have to be aware of all the irregularities that could appear in the next few days if your cellphone can be turned on.

You can test various apps on your phone, including the music player, speakers, and other programs, to see if they still work normally.

14. Total Service

Mobile Service Center

Try turning on the smartphone if you have done all the options or other ways to deal with HP getting hit by water.

Take your phone to a professional who can fix it if it has been in contact with water and is still completely dead.

Because the possibility of damage that occurs is actually quite severe and can only be repaired by professionals, especially if the LCD screen was submerged in water before the damage occurred.

Therefore, you must be prepared to pay a hefty service fee.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Repair a Dead Cellphone Affected by Water

Here we have summarized some frequently asked questions:

1. Will the cellphone be damaged if exposed to water?

If your cellphone is plunged into water, your cellphone will usually die, but if that happens, don't turn it on immediately.

This is because it is quite dangerous which can make your cellphone even more damaged.

The reason is, water will seep into the cellphone when it is splashed which can later cause a hardware component that contains electricity to experience a short circuit.

2. How long do you put your cell phone in rice?

As explained in point number 5 above, you can place your smartphone in rice for 24-48 hours.

And make sure that your smartphone is immersed in the rice, and remember not to try turning it on if it's not at the minimum time.

3. What is the price for HP services that are affected by water?

According to the data we have surveyed, the estimated cost required to service a smartphone exposed to water is 300-500 thousand rupiah.


That's a little information about how to fix a cellphone that has died in contact with water, you can follow some of the tips that we have described above.

And keep in mind, to immediately bring it to the counter if your cellphone doesn't turn on even though you have done the above methods.