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Flies are animals that are familiar to the human ear. Flies are one type of animal that belongs to the arthropod group.

These animals are usually dangerous to humans. Because flies are potential vectors for the spread of disease. Flies are mechanical vectors of harmful bacteria, protozoa. And worm eggs and larvae.

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Flies themselves have various varieties. Among them are house flies, sand flies, tzetze flies, black flies.

House flies or houseflies live around human settlements around the world. Detecting the extent to which flies transmit disease is a difficult task.

The house fly is considered a vector of gastric typhus, salmonellosis, cholera, bacillary and muba dysentery, tuberculosis, plague, tularemia, anthrax, yaws, conjunctivitis, undulans fever, trypanosomiasis, and spirochetes.

Sand flies or sandflies are vectors for leishmaniasis, papataci fever, and batonellosis.

The tzetze fly or tzetze fly is the main carrier of trypanosomiasis in humans and pets. In South Africa, oncoceriasis is spread by black flies.

In this article, we will discuss some tips to keep flies away from your home. Because most individuals will feel uncomfortable with the presence of flies.

A fly that is eating is very dangerous. Flies landing on food are not only unsightly, but also dangerous.

Flies, as we know, like to land in dirty places such as trash cans, stale food, animal waste, and even human waste.

Health experts have warned that flies are a serious threat to human health because they can carry disease.

In size, for a fly alone it can carry more than 200 types of bacteria which may come from dirty areas that have previously been contaminated by flies.

Flies carry bacteria that stick to the fine hairs on their legs. Foods that flies have landed on should be avoided at all cost if you want to stay healthy.

Because if the food is continuously consumed, it is feared that it will have a bad impact on our digestion which can cause disease.

How to get rid of flies in the house

Of course, the house we live in must be clean and a comfortable place to rest, of course.

So what happens if the house we live in has the potential to be damaged by a disease caused by the countless flies that land on our house?

Certainly we feel uncomfortable and perhaps disgusted. The key aspect that produces these animals in our homes is the hygiene factor.

How to get rid of flies in the house

Places that seem less clean will quickly be invaded by flies. Because basically these animals really appreciate an unclean environment.

Therefore, it is important for us to maintain cleanliness, especially the cleanliness of our own residence. Flies and other animals will not be attracted to a clean environment.

You don't need to be confused about how to get rid of flies. Here we provide various ways that you can apply to get rid of annoying flies in your home.

Here are some ways to repel flies that you can use:

Cleaning the Home Environment

Try to live a healthy lifestyle, especially in the environment around you. Because this clean lifestyle will greatly affect the health of all family members.

Don't forget to cover the trash can if you have one so you can't litter whenever you want.

The existence of trash cans in the house can attract flies, so as much as possible avoid throwing trash in them.

However, if a trash can is needed at home, only dry waste such as paper or plastic should be stored there.

Garbage should not be piled high. Try to take out the trash in the morning and evening to avoid accumulation.

Also, don't be lazy to clean the areas of the house and clean the kitchen where food is processed, which allows flies to find roosts in the kitchen.

Using Bug Spray

Bug spray is one practical approach to achieve this. We can buy this insect spray easily by buying it at the nearest shop or minimarket.

Not only can we keep flies away from our homes, but we can also keep mosquitoes away, which can be dangerous if they bite us, by spraying our homes with this mosquito repellent.

However, you must be aware of the environment around you or your other family members before using bug spray.

Because this spray contains pollutants that may be harmful to the human body. Avoid contaminating food or drinks by storing them safely away from where you spray.

Use Basil Leaves

Basil leaves have their own aroma. The penyetan business sells basil leaves for those who are not sure about their appearance.

Because this leaf is mostly used for fresh vegetables, it is added with cabbage and long beans. You can make a natural fly repellent by placing basil leaves in a plastic bag filled with water.

You can put it in a place where lots of flies will come or you can hang it where you want.

Arrange it nicely, because this can be a tone-decorated home decoration too, you know. In addition, because basil leaves have a distinctive aroma, these leaves can be used as a natural room freshener.

Turn on the Fan

If you have a fan at home, then try using your fan to drive away the flies that enter your house.

Turn on the Fan

The approach is pretty basic, mainly by turning on a fan and pointing at any incoming insects, especially flies.

Because the fly's body will be pushed by the blowing fan. If you're worried you'll get too hot because you don't have a fan, don't; fans can be purchased at a local electronics store.

But if you want to use a fan as a fly repellent, that means you have to turn on the fan periodically because flies come, which you never know when.

Using Clove Leaves

Flies can be driven away by sprinkling clove leaves on exposed skin. Because of the distinctive aroma of clove leaves too. Clove leaf, on the other hand, was not readily available.

However, clove leaves are usually available in traditional markets around where you live. It's been said that flies hate the scent that comes from hot spices.

Using Candles

Candles are one of the objects that can be used as traditional lighting when the power goes out.

Candles, on the other hand, are a surprising tool for keeping pesky flies away. Due to the wax's ability to annoy flies with its flame and heat.

Even worse, the smell of a burning candle repels flies. It's a simple process that only requires you to light a candle and place it in an area where flies tend to congregate. Put it on the dining room table, for example, to keep flies away from food.

Using a Broomstick

Use a stick broom to repel flies by flicking them at targets, especially flies. This strategy is usually used when the incoming flies are very large.

However, getting rid of flies in this way seems tiring because sometimes we also have to run a little to catch the flies.

As a hint, don't be alone if you want to repel flies this way. Invite existing family members so that not a lot of energy is drained from the body.

Use of Eucalyptus Oil

As previously discussed, flies are animals that don't like certain smells. A notable example of this is the intoxicating aroma of eucalyptus oil.

Use of Eucalyptus Oil

Flies will be deterred by the scent of eucalyptus oil. Pour eucalyptus oil in at least one capful and place it on a side of a room frequented by flies.

Using Water-Filled Plastic

Using this strategy may seem a little strange. You only need to fill the water into the plastic by bubbling.

Use pure water to fill the plastic. Then, place the water in an area where flies tend to congregate.

Due to the refraction of light, the flies will be attracted to this plastic container filled with water and leave on their own.

Using Pandan Leaves

Apparently, flies don't like the smell emitted by leaves. Pandan leaves do emit a very distinctive aroma which is usually also used as a natural rice fragrance.

Pandan leaves, cut into small pieces, can be used for this. Place a basin filled with water with chopped pandan leaves in areas where flies are likely to infest.

Planting pandan leaves at home is an alternative to cutting them. This method is quite effective, because with the presence of pandan plants, almost the entire room will smell of pandan fragrance. Apart from flies, mosquitoes can also run away when they smell the fragrant aroma of pandan leaves.

Using Lavender Flowers

The very fragrant aroma of lavender flowers is also effective in repelling the presence of flies. It's a simple process.

All you need to do is plant some lavender plants around your house. It is possible to cut them and then soak them in water as you would with pandan flowers.

While lavender is known to repel flies, it also acts as a decoration and air freshener.

Using Mosquito Electric Racket

The racket that you normally use to drive away mosquitoes, you can also use as a tool to drive away mosquitoes. The approach is also the same as when you chase away insects with a racket.

Using a mosquito racket is similar to using a broomstick to swat away flies, but you don't have to put a lot of energy into the process.

Swinging gently towards the target is all it takes. However, be careful when using this item, as it is electrically conductive and could cause injury if you touch it.

Using Flying Glue

By applying fly glue around the spots that are usually touched by flies, the flies will be stuck with the glue so that the flies cannot move backwards.

Usually this fly glue is also smeared over the serving lid, to keep the food clean inside.

This fly glue is sold freely in the market or in stores so it's easy for you to find. In addition, the price of this mosquito glue is quite cheap.

Using Lemons

When you are thirsty, use lemon to quench your thirst, but it also acts as a fly repellant.

The procedure is the same as in the past. You simply slice a lemon and place it in a basin of water.

Then put it where the flies like it. Flies will immediately run away as soon as they smell this fresh lemon scent. In addition, lemon can also be used to mix dishwashing liquid.

Using Kitchen Salt

The fly repellent effect of table salt is also found when it is used as a food additive in recipes.

You do this by sprinkling salt in places that might be visited by flies. For example, you sprinkle on a food storage shelf.

It turns out that table salt, in addition to repelling flies, can also prevent ants from appearing out of nowhere.

Dispose of Garbage Routinely

Disposing of trash carelessly is something that must be done by everyone. Even though it looks trivial, the garbage that accumulates in the environment where we live has a significant impact.

Because the accumulation of garbage can be a source of disease that can attack humans suddenly.

As we know, flies really like dirty environments, especially damp ones, such as trash cans.

As a result, bad things can be avoided by consistently taking out the trash. Take out the trash at least twice a day, in the morning and evening.

With no piles of trash, it keeps the area around the house clean and keeps family members away from dangerous infections caused by flies.


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