How to Get Business Capital during a Pandemic - Contemporary friends are confused about how to get business capital during a pandemic? Read this article to the end, because we will provide tips.

The pandemic has put financial resources under pressure. If you want to set up your own business but are struggling to raise capital, consider one of these alternatives.

As a result of the prolonged pandemic, the economy has been hit quite significantly. Not only that, the financial crisis is also being felt by the common people.

Tips for Getting Business Capital

In the midst of this pandemic, you have to rethink your financial situation. If your current concept is to create a business, there's nothing wrong with trying.

So, how do you get business capital in the midst of the current unstable economic conditions?

Tips for Getting Business Capital

Here are tips you can try:

1. Business Capital From the Government

The first way to get business capital is to take advantage of various government programs in the form of Direct Cash Assistance (BLT).

There has been an increase in assistance from the government since the pandemic, including basic food assistance and capital sustainability support for (MSMEs).

Government assistance that can be used for business capital includes Productive Micro Business Assistance (BPUM) and Pre-Employment Card assistance.

2. Business Capital From Joint Ventures

Obtaining business capital through a joint venture is a definite choice during this pandemic. Joint ventures can be made in the form of term loans or profit sharing.

3. Business Capital From Banks

Business capital from banks is also an option that is actually very widespread among Indonesian people.

Because, obtaining business capital through bank credit is a fairly fast way.

However, when you want to get business capital through a bank loan, you need to pay attention to the interest rate and the amount of installments that must be paid each month.

In order for the business to run effectively, get credit that doesn't burden your finances.

4. Business Capital From Sales of Personal Assets

In the midst of a pandemic, selling personal assets is a fairly safe way to increase initial capital.

Remember, you are not forced to pay some money to other parties, such as applying for a loan at a bank.

Choosing to sell personal assets means you must be prepared to lose the assets you already have. However, if the business is successful, your assets will be returned to you.

On the other hand, if you experience a loss, it will not harm the other party except for losing assets.


Those are 4 ways you can do to get business capital, you can choose one of the 4 ways above that suits your needs.

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