How to Make Handicrafts from Cardboard - In the following, we will explain about Making Handicrafts from Cardboard, let's look at the articles that we have summarized in detail for today's friends!

Crafts from cardboard will definitely look or look ordinary. But did you know that handicrafts from used cardboard are unique and beautiful works of art that you can use as additional furniture in your home.

You can turn used cardboard into something useful again. Students often engage in these recycling projects as part of their coursework in art classes.

Now you don't have to worry anymore when used cardboard piles up at home. The author of this article will provide advice on reusing recycled cardboard to create useful and unique items for your own home.

The House of Cardboard

Cardboard Crafts

Cardboard is a mound of cardboard, consisting of six to eight layers stacked on top of one another. Of course, cardboard has a fairly stiff feel but it's not tough. So that the cardboard itself is easy to make and relatively easy to fold. This makes it easy to turn cardboard into many other types of items we commonly refer to as craft items.

Here, the author offers various handicrafts from cardboard that you think are useful. Here's a summary:

The House of Cardboard – Crafts from Cardboard

A house made of recycled cardboard is a simple and cost-effective cardboard house. Making cardboard house crafts is very demanding because the manufacture is very sophisticated and difficult.

But don't worry, you only need one method to learn and apply it right away, that is, you just need to be patient and patient.

This cardboard house is not just a toy for children, this one art activity can be a unique little work of art that is perfect for showing off and gives a beautiful impression to your home.

To make the walls of your house, you only need some cardboard and some construction blocks. Then the other cardboard is formed into a prism which will later become the roof of the house. In reality, the only thing that adds complexity is the contrasting furniture.

Miniature Motorcycles

Miniature Motorcycles

Who has never heard of motorcycles? Almost everyone, even young children, have heard of it. Of course making a small motorbike from cardboard is the most exciting thing and has the potential to be in great demand.

Even though you could say building it will take a long time because of its complexity, it doesn't reduce the attractiveness of this one skill to master.

Examples of these crafts are also very helpful in people's daily activities, apart from being used only for crafts or artistic display items, these objects can be used as play materials or educational learning resources for early childhood.

By trying to build it at home, besides being entertaining to fill your spare time, this project might become a passion for you motorbike enthusiasts.

Bicycle from Cardboard

The next DIY craft is a Bicycle. Here is an example of a cardboard project you and your kids can do together at home. For children, bicycle crafts from cardboard can be a source of education. This project is very helpful, even for adults.

The basic but attractive and unique impression also adds to the aesthetic value of bicycle crafts, so besides being very good for displaying in corners of rooms in this house, you can also use this item as a memorable gift for those closest to you.

This cardboard bicycle gift is actually very cheap, but don't get me wrong, it makes an impression and is important because the production process is long and quite complicated. For colors, it's usually lighter to use brown or the same hue as the base color of the cardboard.

Cardboard Photo Frames

Cardboard Photo Frames

Cardboard photo frames are quick and easy to make at home and can be used right away. Beautiful handmade frames built with others who share our memories to frame our precious keepsakes. Adding value to the memory of images framed and exhibited.

Simple with some simple decorations on the frame, adding beauty to display. Incorporating picture frames as wall art will give a unique feel and aesthetic aspect to the space.

Tissue box

The next cardboard craft is tissue. Tissues are now considered a secondary need of the community, and as such, they should be carried with you at all times.

At home, in the car, at school, especially wherever the existence of tissues will greatly facilitate the process of carrying out daily operations.

Putting tissues in a box is a particular way of making them more visible and therefore easier to find.

Some tissue boxes are made of plastic which is certainly not environmentally friendly and expensive. Therefore, cardboard tissue boxes are the right suggestion for you to use, although they are practical, they are also very environmentally friendly.


The amount of time kids spend learning is another thing to prioritize. Let the kids play, but also include educational items in their playtime. Making crafts or playing games, for example, is both entertaining and informative.

You might, for example, have the kids help you make a bed out of paper. As well as finished products that children can use at home to play with, the manufacturing process itself can be utilized as a basic teaching tool



If this one example is most liked by girls but also adults. A uni bag that is different from what other people generally have.

Making it yourself at home is quite acceptable. Also, you don't have to spend a lot of money because of the unique cost and accessibility of the components.

Night Lamp – Crafts from Cardboard

Cardboard can be used to give your bedside lamp a beautiful new look. Humans have always had a habit of getting bored quickly with anything, especially things that they often deal with. Therefore, adding cardboard boxes that are shaped in such a way can create a fresh atmosphere for lighting your space.

Study lamp

In a similar way to the night lights described above, adding quirky cardboard decorations can increase your desire to learn. Simple decoration to wear. There's no way this is going to be cheap even if it's made out of cardboard only.


Bookshelf – Crafts from Cardboard

Do you like reading? Likes to read and collect series books, novels and others. For those of you who like books, there's nothing wrong with making a basic shelf out of cardboard. You can store your book collection in a cardboard box.

The way to make it is very easy and not complicated. But in reality, cardboard will be stacked in several layers to make the cardboard material stiffer and harder.


The next example of a cardboard craft is a cardboard airplane toy. Apart from buildings, cardboard can be used to make motorcycles and bicycles.

Airplanes can also be made from cardboard. If you like airplanes, especially small planes, maybe you can try making them yourself at home.

It's very reasonable, but you also have to be patient and thorough in the manufacturing process because it's quite complicated to make.


Beautiful and beautiful, especially if used as a wall decoration at home. Maybe if what we often encounter produces flowers from paper, straws are also very common, in contrast to cardboard flowers. You can use cardboard to make interesting flower decorations.

For hues, it is enough to use food coloring which is easy to get at the stall or shop next door. Cardboards that have been cut and shaped into flowers are soaked all day in water combined with food coloring. Next, let it dry. Easy and cheap, of course. Flower decoration is ready to beautify the walls of your home.



Not many people realize that cardboard can be a fun little skateboard toy. Instead of wasting money that ends up being worthless, there's nothing wrong with starting to get used to recycling used items around you, used cardboard for example.


Cardboard can be used to make a variety of crafts, and you can ask family and friends to join you. One example is a small toy skateboard. Play mini skateboard matches with the many skateboards you build.

Wouldn't it be great to spend time doing something worthwhile with someone you care about, especially if you do it together?

Tamiya Circuit (Model Kit) – Crafts from Cardboard

Since the 1990s, many young Indonesians have been fascinated by Tamiya, a manufacturer of miniature racing vehicles. Legendary games for young people from the 90s to early 2000s tend to make you nostalgic and lonely.

Remembering such an incident is sure to make us laugh and grin ourselves. When it was first released, this small Japanese-made race car was very sophisticated for its time.

Kids used to gather in bunches to watch tamiyas walk the circuits provided in malls and other public places even if they didn't have one.

However, its unique feature is that some people who can only afford a tamiya don't feel the need to build a racing circuit. Tamiya's race track is finished using cardboard.


Not only men, robots are also in demand among women. The creation of robots is no longer just the domain of men's work. Everyone is now interested in robotics. Robotics specialists are in high demand, and the field is growing rapidly.

Robots are also one of the clear evidence of today's technological advances. However, we will only build a small or duplicate of the actual robot for the sake of this evaluation. Cardboard, of course, is the main raw material.

The most important thing to remember is to make sure that the cardboard is painted a uniform color. Because ordinary cardboard has a picture. You can then color it with paint to fool yourself. The manufacturing process is very complicated, therefore you have to be very diligent, thorough and careful.

First, cut the cardboard according to the robot design template that you will make an imitation of. Then, following the procedure, glue or tape the components one by one. The final step of coloring, the robot model is ready.



This particular DIY item is quite popular with kids. In most cases, they will enjoy using this equipment while participating in cooperative games such as war or role-playing as a police officer.

Besides being great fun, educational games teach kids how to improve their cognitive abilities and devise winning tactics. It's free because it only uses used cardboard.

Frames – Crafts from Cardboard

Choose yourself confused when trying to find photo frames for your own pictures at home. A frame can easily be made from old cardboard found around the house.

You can also change the shape, size, style and appearance of the frame to your liking. The act of recycling used goods is of course a lot we have encountered in learning activities while at school, so what's wrong if you do it now in your daily life.

This practice makes us more skilled and also more ecologically beneficial. One of them is to make a frame from used cardboard.

Add additional reused decorations, such as peanut shells or discarded peanut shells, to the frame to enhance its beautiful appeal.


The next handicrafts are bicycles, motorbikes and airplanes, now is the time for boats, which might be your choice to make handicrafts from cardboard with excellent creative value.

It's easy to make at home, and will be ready in no time. The boat is one type of ship that has the smallest form of other types of ships.

Boats are a mode of transportation that is often used by both locals and tourists. By making boats out of cardboard, especially for parents, there is at least one approach to teaching various activities to children.

Phone Place

In today's world, when cell phones have become indispensable, no one will be caught without a cell phone wherever they travel for an activity. Smartphone cardboard box is a practical cardboard project for you mobile phone users.

You can use stiff cardboard to make a case or area for your phone. By preventing the bag from drying out, you automatically save money.

If you want to make it look more beautiful, you can dress it up with beautiful decorations and paint it in different colors.

Cars – Crafts from Cardboard

Transportation is the most regular and common thing we experience in our daily lives. Cars are second only to motorcycles in terms of popularity as a mode of ground mobility.

People transport vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, and it's no wonder they are being used as a substitute mode of transportation for spending time with loved ones.

Making a cardboard car is a challenging task, but with persistence and practice, even the most difficult task will become second nature.

Cat House

The cat house model, in contrast to the first, is also quite simple and, of course, easy to manufacture. You have complete creative freedom when it comes to cat cages.

You may find several designs and procedures for making them online. You can prepare cat cages for use in the simplest way by just stacking a few boxes.

Microscope – Crafts from Cardboard

Who would have thought cardboard would be so useful in our daily lives. Used cardboard can be recycled into various valuable items again. Its use even in education. Cardboard microscopes, for example, are a good example of anything this material is made of.

Although the resemblance is not as detailed as the original microscope in general, which is often used in laboratories. This cardboard microscope has the potential to be a learning material for children at an early age.

Making one is as easy as forming a long cardboard block and punching a hole on the opposite side. The top and bottom holes should have mirrors in them, so line them up so they face each other. Any microscope, regardless of its base, is ready to use.


So, that's all the articles we can convey to our current friends about Handicrafts from Cardboard. If there are wrong words please forgive, hopefully useful and educational.

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