How to Make Delicious Crispy Chicken Sempol – In the following, we will discuss how to make delicious crispy chicken sempol? Come on, see the full explanation in the article below!

Nowadays, there are lots of new types of snacks which are the result of the development of gourmet connoisseurs. In order to gain a competitive advantage in the snack food industry, manufacturers strive to make their snacks as attractive as possible.

Sempol is one of the new snacks that comes out of current developments. Yes, this time we will provide a recipe for chicken stock with many versions.

But first, let's define sempol as a kind of food. This chicken-based snack is known as Sempol. Sempol is currently popular among teenagers.

Sempol is a food originating from Malang, East Java. Sempol, on the other hand, is now widely available at wet hawker vendors in several places.

Crispy Chicken Sempol Recipe

Crispy Chicken Sempol Recipe

You can modify the shape of this chicken sempol yourself, but what makes it special is the crispy outside and the tasty inside. If you want to make it at home, you need to pay attention to the following recipe.

Materials used:

250 grams chicken meat which has been cut or mashed and then given lime juice so it doesn't smell fishy

wheat flour 100 grams

one egg

2 tablespoons of fried shallots

3 cloves of garlic finely chopped

1 cup sugar


Material for lining:

wheat flour 100 grams

Panir flour 50 grams

Water 150 milliliters

Cooking oil.

How to cook

Chicken meat that has been cut into pieces and then mixed with flour. Then add 1 egg, fried shallots and 3 chopped garlic cloves. When finished, add salt and blend until completely smooth.

Once everything is mixed, prepare the skewers and push the dough on the skewers. In general, it is shaped like an oval, the length of which is adjusted with a skewer.

After all the dough is pressed on the skewer, put the sempol into boiling water and then cook for 10 minutes. Next, drain the sempol.

How to Cook Crispy Coatings

Mix flour and water. Make the dough medium thickness, meaning not too thick and not too runny. Reapply the mixture of flour, flour, water into the boiling sempol. Make sure all parts of the sempol are coated with the dough.

After smearing the wet dough, then roll the sempol in the breadcrumbs or so-called breadcrumbs. Make sure the sempol is completely covered with the breadcrumbs.

Prepare a frying pan filled with oil, when the oil is hot, add the sempol that has been produced and fry it until it is brown in color. Drain if it is cooked.

It's time to serve crispy chicken sempol. It can also be eaten with hot sauce or tomato sauce according to taste.

Chicken Sempol Recipe for Toddlers

Chicken Sempol Recipe for Toddlers

Sempol chicken is indeed quite popular among young people and teenagers and even adults. However, you need to know, especially for women who have toddlers. As it turns out, this chicken stock is also safe for your little one to consume even though they are still toddlers. Here's a chicken stock recipe that you can make for your little one's food.

Materials that need to be prepared:

250 grams of chicken meat, chopped


Garlic 1 clove then crushed

wheat flour 100 grams

one egg


How to cook

Add chopped chicken, 1 garlic clove, 1 egg and 100 grams of flour. The only exceptions are flavorings and spices that contain msg, which you should leave out. Because this sempol is intended for consumption by babies, it is not recommended to add this spice.

Shape on the skewers that you have given after blending until smooth and dense. The shape can be changed, not only round and oval.

Boil chicken stock by bringing water to a boil. you only need to cook it for about 10 minutes.

If in the previous recipe after boiling and then frying. For this recipe, just boil it. Boiling them removes the fat, making it a healthier choice for young children.

Chicken Sempol Plus Shrimp Recipe

Come on, seafood lovers, because we will present a delicious recipe for chicken sempol with sea dishes. Well, what will be used in this recipe is a type of shrimp seafood. Anyone would want to make one if it was that awesome.

This chicken and shrimp sempol can be used as school supplies for your children. Surely your child will really appreciate it rather than biting without making sure of his health.

Ingredients used:

250 grams of ground or puree chicken

250 grams of peeled shrimp

Tapioca flour 100 grams

Garlic that has been mashed 3 cloves



one egg


Cooking oil.

How to cook

To make the chicken sempol dough, you need to mix the chicken meat, prawns, salt, pepper, tapioca flour, and eggs then knead until all the components are evenly mixed and solid.

If generally chicken sempol uses a skewer as a place to compact the dough, this time it was replaced with shrimp. Take one peeled shrimp and rub the exemplary mixture all over the outside. Do this until the dough runs out or until the amount you want.

The next step is to bring the kettle of water to a boil. After the water boils, put the sempol that has been mashed in the shrimp into the water.

Cook the sempol for about 10 minutes until tender. Remove and drain after that.

Prepare a frying pan and put the oil into the pan, turn on the stove and wait until the cooking oil is hot. Once hot, add the prawns that have been wrapped in sempol and cook until completely pink. The color of the sepol indicates whether the sepol is ripe or not. Ripe sepol is brown.

Remove and drain when it changes color. Chicken and prawn sempol is ready to be served.

Mushroom Chicken Sempol Recipe

Mushroom Chicken Sempol Recipe

After the previous recipe for cooking mushroom chicken sempol, in this recipe we will make mushroom chicken sempol. Mushroom lovers rejoice: you've just found one of your new favorite snacks.

Ingredients used:

Chicken breast can be sliced into bite-sized pieces or stuffed for lighter meat.

Oyster mushrooms 50 grams then coarsely chopped

2 cloves garlic minced and browned

eggs and egg whites

1 small carrot, peeled and diced

Tapioca 13 tablespoons, if you don't have it, you can replace it with sago flour

1 thinly chopped green onion

Pepper 1 tsp

1 teaspoon. sea salt

Soup made with mushrooms



Cooking oil

How to cook

Make a fine puree of chicken fillet, carrot, egg and garlic. Then combine the previously blended components, and add the sliced green onions, salt, stock and pepper to taste.

After that, mix all the ingredients and stir until well blended. Add the tapioca flour to the meat and other ingredients and stir again.

While stirring, you can add warm water little by little until the dough is well blended and there are no more lumps of flour.

Make a test dough and see how it tastes. If there is still a lack of taste, you can add appropriate seasonings such as salt, sugar or pepper according to taste.

The shape of the skewers isn't important; just make sure the dough is tightly wrapped. you can reinvent yourself the way you want.

Prepare a kettle of boiling water, then add the sempol and boil for about 10 minutes or until cooked.

Fry the boiled sempol next. Smudge the sempol with beaten egg to make it more savory.

It's time to throw it away and drain the browned sempol.

You can eat it with sauce, chili sauce, chili sauce or soy sauce according to taste.

Melted Cheese Chicken Sempol Recipe

Melted Cheese Chicken Sempol Recipe

Cheddar cheese or melted mozzarella cheese with salty chicken breast is very appetizing. Instead of just imagining how delicious it is, try making your own using this chicken skewers recipe as a guide.

Ingredients used

200 grams of chicken

150 grams of tapioca flour

Garlic 3 cloves



35 grams of cheddar cheese, grated

one egg



Cooking oil

How to cook

Clean the chicken that has been prepared, then puree the meat. You can crush them, combine them, or cut them into small pieces.

Finely chop the garlic and sauté until cooked.

Mix the mashed chicken with tapioca flour. Add ingredients like garlic, salt, sugar and eggs.

To make the dough easy to shape, add water little by little to the dough until the dough comes together and is even.

Knead the dough again after adding the grated cheese.

Make sure the sempol already has the flavor you're looking for. You can use the prepared skewers to shape them right away if you have them. However, if you haven't already, you can add seasonings according to the lack of taste.

Form the sempol dough on the finished skewers by pressing on it. The more original the shape of the food, the more interesting it will be.

Prepare a kettle filled with boiling water and then boil the solidified sempol on a skewer.

Discard the cooking liquid and then fry until golden yellow over medium heat if it has been prepared like this.

Then drain and serve with sauce or mayonnaise and a sprinkling of grated cheese on top.

Curly Chicken Sempol Recipe

Curly Chicken Sempol Recipe

From the name alone, you might think that this chicken sempol is made with noodle seasoning. Because curly words are associated with noodles. When you're relaxing, curly chicken nugget is the ideal companion.

Especially when you are with your beloved family, after a day of struggling with hard work. When you two sit down to watch a movie or just play around. You can make it with ingredients that are easy to get and in an easy way.

Materials used:

Try a 200 gram chicken breast. then puree or puree

1 pack curly noodles, then boiled half cooked

Garlic 2 cloves chopped and sautéed until cooked then chopped

Eggs and egg whites

13 tablespoons of tapioca flour, if you don't have it, you can replace it with sago flour

depending on your preference, cayenne pepper powder

Salt to taste

Sugar to taste



Cooking oil

How to make curly chicken sempol

The first step is to make a rare meat-and-noodle-and-dough mixture.

To start, add 13 tablespoons of tapioca flour to the dough and just enough water to keep it from sticking.

Add salt, sugar, eggs and ground pepper, then make sure it tastes right or not.

Press the dough onto the pre-prepared skewer when it is smooth and feels good. Changing shape is optional.

Prepare a kettle of boiling water, then place the compacted chicken breasts on the skewers. Boil until the chicken stock is cooked or marked with floating chicken stock. After that, let the water come out of the faucet.

Cook the chicken sempol in hot oil in a skillet. Fry until golden yellow.

It's time to make curly chicken sempol with chili sauce, which will increase the heat and enhance the taste.

Chicken Potato Sempol Recipe

Besides noodles, you can also mix potatoes with chicken stock. Chicken Sempol combined with potatoes has a complete content. Because potatoes provide carbohydrates and chicken has protein.

As a result, it's understandable that this chicken potato stub was donated to your child's school. Because it will be filling and healthy of course, especially with the savory taste that young people tend to enjoy. Here's the recipe for making it.

Materials to be prepared:

200 gr of chicken, mashed using a blender

Sago flour or tapioca flour 150 gr

1 potato, cooked according to package directions

3 cloves of garlic, coarsely chopped and fried


one egg




How to Cook it

After that, the mashed chicken is combined with boiled potatoes. Add fried garlic.

Fill a medium mixing bowl two-thirds full of the meat and potato mixture.

Add tapioca starch, sugar, salt and eggs to the potato and meat combination.

In order for the mixture to mix well, you can add water little by little, so that the dough is not too runny or too thick.

Press the sempol dough onto the skewer and shape it according to taste.

Place the sempol in boiling water and then heat it until the sempol floats, because that indicates the sempol is cooked.

If the sempol is cooked then drain. After that, cook the chicken sempol in the heated oil. Cook until the color is brown.

Sauce or chicken potato shoots with mayonnaise sauce is ready to eat. Eat it hot, and it gets much better!

If you haven't made all of the chicken skewers yet, you have time to fry them. Then you can store it in the fridge, you can still cook it whenever you want.

Due to the many types of snacks available, parents are forced to be more selective in providing nutritious snacks to their children which are also guaranteed to be clean. Because the snacks consumed by children will determine their health.

Especially snacks that are offered in the environment around the school, because you have to really pay attention to cleanliness. No harmful substances or colors that should not be used in food are included in this product.

To anticipate this, because of course you can't supervise your children while at school. So you should arrange for your children, give them nutritious intake for the growth and development of your children so that they grow well.


Sempol is a food originating from Malang, East Java. Chicken-based snacks are currently being favored by teenagers. Sempol chicken is popular among young people and teenagers and even adults. So that's some information that we can convey, sempo is useful and useful!