How to Make Soft and Tasty Donuts, Check Out the Reviews! - In the following we will discuss how to make soft and delicious donuts. Let's see the detailed explanation in this article!

Currently, donuts are a delicious food that we can get anywhere. Currently, several brands of donuts are offered in malls or grocery stores. There are a variety of interesting toppings, from cheese to green tea tiramisu.

On this occasion, we will explain how to make donuts using homemade ingredients. The simplest option is to make village donuts, because they taste delicious and their shape is no less beautiful. Immediately, we see how to make donuts. Check out the donut recipe below carefully!

Ingredients for Donuts

Ingredients for Donuts

Materials needed :

500 grams of high protein flour
200 grams of potatoes (steamed first then mashed until smooth)
75 grams of unflavored butter
11 grams of instant yeast
4 eggs (only take the yolk)
50 grams of powdered milk
100 grams of caster sugar or powdered sugar (caster sugar is better)
¼ tsp salt
100 ml of water
Right amount of oil

How to Make Donuts

Here are the steps to make donuts!

1. Make the Donut Dough

After the ingredients above are made, the next critical step in how to make donuts is to make the donut dough itself.

Easy-easy-hard are the steps needed to make donut dough. It is said to be simple, because basically Sedulur only needs to mix each of the components mentioned above.

However, it cannot be said that it is that simple either. Therefore, attention must be given so that the dough can develop according to the desired shape.

Generally, the first step is to add 10 tablespoons of flour, yeast and sugar to 10 cups of hot water.

Stir the ingredients in a circular motion until well blended. Add the remaining flour by typing it in the text box provided.

Enter the margarine, powdered milk and egg yolks that have been provided. Knead the dough again until smooth and elastic. For maximum results, you can use your hands to make the dough and mix it evenly.

2. Cover the dough with a damp cloth

After the dough is prepared, and the dough becomes quite smooth when mixed. The next stage, Sedulur can add oil to the dough.

Stir again until the oil is evenly distributed throughout the dough. After that transfer the dough to another container. Although Sedulur can add flour to make the dough less sticky if it's still too sticky.

After that, save the dough in a separate container with the next method of making donuts. This procedure is very important, so that the dough expands which is made by the yeast component in it.

The time it takes to store the dough to rise properly is one hour.

Sedulur can also be stored longer for optimal benefits, don't forget to cover the dough with a wet towel. Keep the dough moist with this wet towel.

Dough Mixing Process

3. Shape the dough into donuts

After the dough is allowed to start and cover the dough with a wet cloth until it expands, the important step in how to make donuts is to process the donut dough and form it into a donut-like shape. Sedulur can weigh the donuts to make sure they are the same size and shape.

In addition, so that the shape is the same, Sedulur can use the donut molds that Sedulur has. Or, Sedulur can also use a glass circle, to produce the same donut size.

4. Fried donuts until cooked

When Sedulur has formed the dough into a donut shape and is ready to be fried, the next step in the donut-making process is making the donuts until golden yellow.

To get donuts with very good results, Sedulur can use the deep frying technique.

The frying technique uses a lot of oil and until it's really hot. Sedulur can lift and store donuts if they change color and dry.

5. Put the topping on the donuts

The last step in how to make donuts is to add toppings to the fried donuts. The most common and preferred toppings are chocolate and cheese sprinkles.

However, now there are various delicious and interesting toppings that can be used as references for friends. You just have to choose the topping according to your taste.

Hopefully the explanation on how to make donuts described above can help you make your own donuts at home. Apart from being a snack in the afternoon, you can also eat donuts as breakfast so you can start activities with enthusiasm.

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Soft and Delicious Donut Tips

Here are tips for making donuts softer!

How to Fry Donuts – Make Soft and Tasty Donuts

The first thing you should pay attention to is how to fry the donuts. Yes, the frying process affects whether the donuts are eaten or not.

There are many incidents in the community when donuts are fried so they are burnt or not cooked perfectly so that they still taste a bit of raw flour in them. The correct way to fry donuts is to fry them in hot oil until they turn slightly golden brown.

Remember, a little golden brown doesn't mean you have to burn it. Pay attention to the temperature of the oil when frying, which is not too hot and not too cold. When frying donuts, don't go back and forth too often.

If you want to go back and forth, make sure it's golden brown first then turn the dough over. Tips to keep donuts round when frying, you can use chopsticks when frying.

Dough Temperature Makes Donuts – Make Soft and Tasty Donuts

Apart from the method of frying, the temperature of the water used when making the donut dough also has an effect. The best water temperature to use for making donuts is warm water with a hot temperature of around 26-28 degrees Celsius.

The hotter the water used, the softer the dough will be and it will not be able to be shaped again. In addition, the use of hot temperatures makes the fermentation process faster so that the dough donuts burn easily when fried.

The use of hot water for donut dough also makes the yeast not work properly which makes the donut dough unable to expand and makes the donut texture harder.

Apart from using warm water, warm liquid milk can also be added to the dough. By adding liquid milk, the taste created will be more savory.

Soft and Delicious Donut Tips

Dough Mixing Process – Make Soft and Tasty Donuts

In general, the first ingredients mixed when making potato donuts are flour and others. Well, so that the dough can be perfect, you can mix the yeast and warm water in a bowl first.

Gently stir in the yeast and let it sit for about five minutes and add to the rest of the ingredients. Keep mixing or kneading until the dough is completely elastic to the touch. The soft donut texture has a lot to do with how you knead the dough.

The finer the dough, the softer the potato donuts will be. To knead the dough, you only need to use clean hands, not wet hands.

Tips for kneading donut dough by hand so that it is evenly distributed like washing clothes by hand. Knead the dough while pressed continuously until evenly distributed.

Potato Donut Fermentation Process – Make Soft and Tasty Donuts

Tips for making soft and delicious donuts next is to pay attention to the fermentation process that occurs. The fermentation stage is an important stage because it determines the donut dough to be soft and fluffy.

In order for the fermentation to be perfect, it is best to do it in a room that has sufficient humidity levels. After the mixture is evenly distributed and ready to be fermented, put the mixture in a large container and cover it with a cloth or plastic.

When using a cloth, make sure it is slightly damp but no water drips. This will prevent the dough from drying out and rising completely. Let the dough rest for 1-1.5 hours depending on how much dough you are making.

Make sure the donut dough has risen to 2-3 times the previous size. But don't let the dough sit too long because it can become soggy that it can't be shaped.

Donut Making Process – Make Soft and Tasty Donuts

The last tip for how to make donuts soft and delicious and perfectly cooked is to pay attention to the size of the donuts used. A feature of a good dough is that it does not spring back when pressed into shape.

So, if the dough is pressed and returns to its original shape, it means the dough is not ready to be fried and must be left alone so that the texture is soft.

That's a little information about the recipe for making potato donuts and tips for making soft and delicious potato donuts.


So, those are some ways to make soft and delicious donuts, you can immediately follow some of the methods we have explained above. Good luck!