How to View Instagram Stalker Without Application – Want to know how to view Instagram stalkers without an application? Do you know how to find out who has viewed our Instagram without an app? How to see people who follow our IG without an application?

Actually there are many ways you can do to find out who are the people who are often curious about our IG profile or what is commonly called a stalker. Yes, using social media does have its pros and cons.

On the plus side, we may reconnect with old friends, but on the downside, there are lots of hackers or stalkers who make us feel like they're being watched.

Instagram is a popular social media platform among Indonesians of all ages, especially among the millennial generation. On Instagram itself, we can publish videos, pictures and streams.

As a result, various benefits are available. Apart from that, Instagram offers its users the option to customize their privacy settings.

How to View Instagram Stalker Without Application (2)

How to View Instagram Stalker Without Application

In the following, we will explain several ways to see who is our Instagram stalker, without using an application

1. Instagram profile for your business

For business Instagram account owners, it's easy to see who's viewed their posts. It is possible to see who is stalking you on Instagram, but it is also possible to identify where the people who have viewed your profile have come from.

We can also quickly tell people who visit our ig profile from what age. To learn more, refer to the steps listed below.

  1. Open the Instagram program, Login using your business account.
  2. Select the options button with the icon in the upper right corner of the Profile menu.
  3. Select Insights.
  4. Then there is the Audience drop-down option.
  5. Then you will be able to observe who is actively viewing your Instagram business profile. The city and country your IG stalker is from can be found there, along with an approximate age range.

2. Private Instagram Profile

To quickly find out who reads our Instagram the most, take a look at the number of likes and comments each of our photos has received.

Moreover, we can also find out our ig stalkers by selecting the latest followers. This applies to private IG accounts, therefore those of you who have private (locked) Instagram accounts can quickly identify who wants to be our IG stalker.

1. See who likes the most

  1. Open the Instagram program, Login/Login using your IG account.
  2. Enter the Profile menu.
  3. Select an image or video from your Instagram post.
  4. Check the “Liked by… and Others” text below the image.

Other/Other posts allow you to see who likes our Instagram posts the most.

2. Check Recent Followers

  1. Open the Instagram program, Login/Login using your IG account.
  2. Enter the Profile menu.
  3. Select and tap Followers.
  4. Especially for Private Profiles (Locked), you can choose Follow Requests.
  5. You will see people who want to follow your Instagram account.

D. Check Frequently Interacting Followers

Our Instagram stalker profile can be found by looking at the people our followers most frequently interact with in direct messages or other forms of direct communication. Frequent likes on each of our Instagram photos is one way to check it out. Another way to find out is by how often he comments on your Instagram photos and videos.

Above we have offered tips on how to find out who is tracking our ig without an app. If you're still having problems and want to try another program, you might be interested in learning how to use an app to find IG stalkers.