How to Update the Play Store Application Automatically – The play store application that is frequently updated means that the application has many old versions. While downloading from Play Store, speed is greatly reduced if play Store is not up to date.

In many cases, we will get a warning that the Google Play Store is out of date and urge us to update now. The update is done to get rid of the problem while operating the google play store app.

Google offers a mechanism to update the Google Play Store automatically without downloading the apk file, so it's not difficult for Android users to update this application. But google play store can also be updated manually, by acquiring apk from other sources.

However, there are some Android handsets that do not load the Google Play Store app as default. As a result, the Google Play Store apk file must be obtained from another source by the user.

The Google Play Store service updates frequently to improve the performance of other apps when downloading them from the Google Play Store.

By updating the Google Play Store automatically without downloading the apk file, it will make it easier for users to update it.

update play store app automatically

How to Update Play Store Automatically

We will provide several ways to update the play store.

Automatic Play Store updates

  1. Open the Google Play Store application on your Android smartphone and download the latest version there.
  2. Then look for the menu, by sliding the Google Play store main screen to the left and clicking on the menu to display a list of accessible menus.
  3. Scroll down and look for the settings menu, if you find the settings menu, press menu to reach the settings page.
  4. If you have accessed the settings page, check the Play Store Version option by scrolling down.
  5. This step will reveal information about the Play Store version installed on the smartphone.
  6. Then tap on the Google Play Store Version option to perform the upgrade procedure.
  7. The new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed if the version installed on the smartphone is out of date.

Installing the Play Store on an Android smartphone, on the other hand, ensures that the Google Play Store is running the latest version. Then a live notice will appear indicating that the Google Play Store is up to date, indicating that the latest application has been installed.

Update Play Store Manually

  1. Several vocational sites and institutes provide Google Play Store APK for download.
  2. Proceed with the Play Store installation if the apk file is successfully downloaded.
  3. The application will immediately update to the latest version, depending on the downloaded apk.
  4. By installing google play store manually, it will prevent long loading during lengthy procedures during the process.
  5. By updating the Google Play Store automatically, you don't have to worry about downloading the apk as you do if you update manually.
  6. Live updating is one of the most suitable approaches, as it is simpler and more secure.


So that is how to update the play store automatically and manually. Contemporary friends can choose which method is effective in your opinion. Hopefully useful!