How to Vote Idol on Music Bank KBS World TV – On this occasion, I will share how to vote for idols on the KBS World TV music bank, see this article to find out how to vote for your favorite idols.

Currently, KBS WORLD TV's Music Bank program is looking for a new MC or host. K-Pop fans certainly hope their idol can occupy that position.

Just in case you're still confused by the lack of a sound button, here's the link.

What is Music Bank_

Or why there is no official announcement? Reason: KBS did not announce the vote and instead did so via Twitter or other social media sites.

So the voting is based on a short Talk Show done by a producer from KBS.

The producers asked for suggestions for new MCs for the Music Bank program throughout the conversation. Below is a copy of the video link.

For those of you who are confused about how to vote for your idol so that you can become an MC on Music Bank, of course, see this article until it's finished.

What is MusicBank?

Music Bank is a music program on a TV station from South Korea, namely KBS.

This program is one of the most popular in Korea, and K-Pop music fans in various countries always watch it through streaming or pay TV.

What's interesting about this event is that it always displays trending music through its K-Chart every Sunday.

Apart from that, always guided by the MC who hits from the idol of your choice, of course. The program usually airs on Fridays at 17.00 KST or 15.00 WIB.

Assessment Criteria on Music Bank

Music boy, which airs every Friday on KBS, also has its own criteria for its chart ranking every Sunday.

There are certain conditions that cannot be used as a benchmark, such as the original soundtrack (OST) of certain dramas or those who have won three consecutive wins (Triple Crown) on Music Bank in the previous weeks.

Following are some of the assessment criteria to become a winner in the Music Bank program as follows:

  1. The maximum points for the winners combined are 200,000 points.
  2. 65 percent digital (max 130,000 points)
  3. 58.5 percent online (max 117,000 points)
  4. 6.5 percent mobile (max 13,000 points)

Ringtone download:

  1. 5 percent physical album sales: Hanteo album chart (maximum 10,000 points)
  2. 20 percent broadcast points (maximum 40,000 points)

Based on how many songs have been played on KBS programs:

  1. 17 percent in television programs
  2. 3 percent on radio programs
  3. 10 percent viewer panel survey (maximum 20,000 points)

Sent randomly every week to viewers who registered for the KBS survey panel. Then how to Vote Music Bank?

How to Vote Music Bank for MC

To choose your Idol to become an MC at KBS Music Bank, the method is very simple, namely by liking and commenting on the KBS WORLD TV Youtube channel.

You can comment on the video entitled “PD & Directors Interview (2021 K-POP TALK SHOW) | KBS WORLD TV 210625”.

So, if you have entered, provide your comments by mentioning your name and also relevant reasons, of course.

Remember that the comments are in English so that producers can understand them, for example, make a comment like the one below.

“Choi Yena is a charismatic and lovely girl known for her ability to make everyone around her happy and comfortable. She's an excellent idol also known by her 'choisture', an all-rounder that easily catches the audience's attention!! We would love to see her as the new MC!”

“Stray Kids member Felix is a charismatic person who would steal everyone's heart, we would love to see him as your new MC for Music Bank”

“We would love to see ITZY's Ryujin as the new MC! Ryujin is a charismatic girl and besides her numerous charms, she is known for catching the attention of both international fans and the Korean audience! Please consider ITZY's Ryujin as the new MC!”

“We highly recommend Yoon Jaehyuk for the MC role! He is charismatic, has a great spirit and has a humorous personality that will make him easy to get along with and engage with the audience. He must be great for the MC role in the music bank. Even if he's never been to a music bank, please consider him”

“I believe SUNOO of ENHYPEN reflects all the criteria needed for being an EMCEE in Music bank, therefore I recommend him to be the next MC”


That's a little information about how to vote for idols on the Music Bank event, and besides that you can also vote for your idol so you can be chosen as the MC at the event.

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