HP Heats Up Fast! This is the Cause and How to Overcome It

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Because many users still ignore the health conditions of their mobile devices and allow bad behavior to continue, it is important for users to understand the causes of overheating on their cellphones and how to deal with them.

In fact, if you continue to practice this dangerous habit, the life of the components in your vehicle will be shorter.

Causes of HP Heat Fast

The appearance of heat symptoms on electronic devices is normal, but if the heat is far above the normal range, you should suspect that the device you are using is not working properly.

This heat generated by mobile devices can be attributed to two sources: batteries and hardware components such as processors, displays and other components.

However, it is possible for both to appear together, for example overheating is triggered when the battery heat doesn't go away.

And heat spreads to other components causing overheating. Normal heat isn't a big deal if it's not triggered by overuse.

If this behavior continues, it is possible that components such as the battery, CPU, and display will lose functionality and lifespan.

As a result, the cause of the cellphone overheating must be overcome and how to overcome it so that the performance lasts longer and the life of the cellphone can be extended.

Causes of HP Heat Fast

Triggers for HP to heat up quickly can be from internal and external factors. Usually, when viewed from an internal perspective, it is more or less close to HP components, applications, games and networks from the cellphone.

Then, from an external perspective, there are many influences from user habits that tend to be bad.

For more details, please refer to the causes of HP overheating and how to overcome them below:

1. Running Heavy Applications

Burdening heavy tasks on mobile devices can certainly affect the power consumption of a battery.

The longer it is used in running heavy applications, the more wasteful the remaining battery is, the instant effect that users will feel is that the cellphone will feel hot.

It would be better if you use it within reasonable limits.

2. Play Games All Day

Apart from heavy applications that burden device tasks, the next cause of a fast HP heat can be caused by games that run all day long.

Actually games have a more complex component response, because cellphones need the role of the GPU and processor in forming picture quality and perfect control.

If this is driven all day long, the result is that the device can overheat.

3. The battery is worn out. The HP battery is damaged

The condition of the battery that is unhealthy greatly affects the distribution of power in the cellphone.

Because battery activity can be said to be no longer normal, as a result during daily use it will cause strange symptoms such as cellphones like to heat up by themselves.

This is caused by a battery that has leaked, absorbing power too quickly causing the temperature of the device to increase.

4. Cellphones have difficulty capturing signals

Not many people know that HP is carrying out signal-capturing activities, the system in the device is trying very hard to reconnect to the network in order to get good quality access.

Usually the cellphone will heat up easily if you turn on the data plan. The solution is if you are in a place where it is difficult to reach a signal, temporarily turn off the data plan and then just connect to a Wi-Fi connection.

5. Weather and Ambient Temperature Factors

Actually external factors such as weather and temperature can greatly affect the temperature of a cellphone.

If the weather is hot around you and you are forced to operate your cell phone in an outdoor room, you don't need to wait long, it's only a matter of moments that your cell phone's temperature will rise.

Because based on personal admin experience, this factor is indeed very proven.

Running Heavy Applications

6. Troubled cellphone charger

Don't ever use a cellphone charger that doesn't match the original specs.

It is feared that if the charger used has a greater power output, the battery in the cell phone receives current too quickly causing the temperature to rise, and vice versa.

Especially if the cellphone is in charging condition but is still forced to use it, such as playing games or running heavy applications. Of course the temperature will rise instantly.

How to Overcome Hot Fast HP

Here's how to deal with when the cellphone heats up quickly:

1. Play in an air-conditioned room

For those of you who have more fortune, use an air conditioner or air conditioner, because this method of cooling your cellphone is quite effective.

By staying silent in an air-conditioned room, not only will your device be cold, but your body will also feel the effects.

It feels like feeling a losing streak in the Mobile Legends game won't be that painful in an air-conditioned room. Usually, the ideal room temperature so that the temperature of the device is maintained is in the range of 25c because we live in the tropics.

Even though it doesn't automatically cool down the temperature of the device massively, at least the HP's temperature can still be conditioned, right?

2. Use Additional Cooler

So, how to cool down this HP is quite popular at this time. Not only laptops, but now HP is given easy access to extra cooling.

Usually, how to use this cooler is simply attached to the back of the device while plugged into the charger, or even your device directly.

Luckily, the option to use this additional cooler is fairly easy and inexpensive for anyone to do.

You can find various coolers specifically for cellphones, even tablets that can significantly reduce the temperature of your device.

As a reference, we previously reviewed the Black Shark 4 gaming smartphone with and without a cooler, which you can see above.

3. Rest the HP

The easiest way to cool down your cellphone is to rest it for a while. Usually, the main cause of the heat of the device is due to use that is too intense.

Whether it's for playing games, or just use. By resting the cellphone for around 20 minutes, at least the temperature of the device can slowly decrease.

4. Clean HP from Junk Files

If the cellphone has been used for a long time, usually there will be a lot of accumulated junk files. Whether it's application cache, cookies in the browser, all of which play a role in indirectly helping to increase the temperature of the cellphone.

The processor and RAM on your device will take a hit, getting hotter because they have to process everything.

Make no mistake, sometimes cleaning your cellphone can also be one of the most efficient ways to cool your cellphone.

Play Games All Day

5. Avoid Playing HP While Charging

Well, this is the habit that I often see around me. As much as possible, avoid playing with your cellphone while charging it, because it will have an impact on the performance of the cellphone itself.

Logically, just charging can make the cellphone feel warm, especially if you are using it for something demanding, like gaming.

If a contemporary friend continues to do this, it is feared that it will actually shorten the life of the device itself.

6. Turn off Bluetooth and Location Access

Eits, who said that Bluetooth and location access don't consume a lot of power. Precisely by turning off Bluetooth connectivity along with location access when not needed it is proven to be able to lower the temperature of your device.

7. How to Cool down the Extreme HP, Dip it in Water

For those of you who have a cell phone that is water resistant like the author's Japanese waste, it feels like this method of cooling a cell phone is very commonplace.

It should be noted that this is extreme because not all cellphones have water resistance certification. However, if you do happen to have a cellphone that is waterproof, there's nothing wrong with trying this extreme method.

As a reference, the author managed to lower the temperature from 40c to 32c by dipping Japanese waste into water for 1 minute.


That's a little information about the causes and how to solve the problem of cellphones that often heat up quickly and even result in a battery that runs out quickly.

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