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InstaLooker is a website that allows you to view hidden or private Instagram accounts without having to follow them first.

Some of you may be annoyed when you want to see someone's Instagram feed but have to follow them first because their account is private.

Maybe at first we were curious, but the more we come here, the less we want to follow you because following you requires prior approval from the account, whether you want to be followed or not.

InstaLooker Com Instagram

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, and is widely used by internet users.

It is used by a wide variety of people, including children, youth, and adults. Users can create an account and share short photo or video content such as reels or IG TV as easily as possible on other Instagram applications.

However, users will connect with other users when you create an Instagram account because Instagram is a social media platform that cannot be separated from user interaction.

If you are an Instagram user, you are probably familiar with the difference between private and public accounts. In the Instagram application, these two features have separate functions.

A public account is an account that can be accessed by the public and can be seen by anyone. A private account, on the other hand, means that it cannot be seen by just anyone.

To see what posts are in private accounts, other users must first follow or follow to see the content.

Of course, if the account you're looking for isn't important and you're just out of curiosity, this can be very annoying. Definitely curious, right?

According to reports, the Instagram InstaLooker app can view private accounts without having to follow them.

InstaLooker Com Instagram

As previously mentioned, to see posts from accounts that are private, other users must first follow them.

However, if you are really curious and want to see that person's Instagram posts, you can use the InstaLooker website.

So, what exactly is InstaLooker? So, according to reports, InstaLooker is a website that offers preview services for private Instagram account posts.

So you can still see the photos and video posts of the restricted account without having to follow or follow accounts that were previously private.

Isn't that interesting? However, you can't immediately show off the photo in question; you have to download it first. You can preview the photo or video file once downloaded.

Even so, for those of you who are looking for information or are curious about restricted Instagram accounts, maybe this tool is quite useful.

So, how do you use it? How To Use It It is very easy to experiment with the features of the Insta Looker website.

You can go to to visit the official site. However, you can follow this quick guide for more information:

  1. Open the browser application and go to the Insta Looker site.
  2. Then click the Spy Now button to directly track the account in question.
  3. After that, enter the name or username of the IG account that will be peeked.
  4. If the username is correct, a User Found notification will appear, then click Continue.
  5. Then you will be able to see posts from the account that is being stalked

How easy enough right? In this way you can see private account posts practically without having to follow. So, is this website safe to use?

Is InstaLooker Com Instagram Safe?

Many users have questioned whether InstaLooker com is safe and can be used now that we know what it does and how to use its features.

Although this website does not ask for a login and password for an Instagram account. This website is a SCAM, and cannot be used to view private Instagram accounts at all.

After you complete the InfoKekinian steps described earlier. You will only get to the verification area, where you will have to end a survey that will get you nowhere.

Therefore, Infokekinian administrators recommend that you don't waste your time on this website. Because this website can not function properly.

Sites Similar To Insta Looker Instagram

Actually, sites that offer IG stalking features like this are not just Insta Lookers. There are many other sites with similar features that offer similar features.

Some of these sites are called Instalak and InstaSpy. The two sites also provide the same feature where you can view posts from locked accounts.

It's the same with the Instalooker com site. Both of these sites do not provide the features offered. you will only end up in the verification section in the form of a survey.

Logically, the security of a social media application as big as Instagram, of course, cannot be exploited easily. The only way to view private content is to follow it.

Danger of InstaLooker

What are the dangers when using installooker? So far nothing, because we've tried it ourselves and the website doesn't require users to log in (enter account data) on the page you created.

Most of such websites require users to enter username and password to be able to log in and do so, which is very dangerous.

By entering our password and email we will agree to the site terms, although we don't know whether you will save our login data or not?

And what's even more dangerous is if you sell the data for the benefit of several parties who will use our data for your own interests.


InstaLooker is a website that allows you to view hidden or private Instagram accounts without having to follow them first.

In order to see posts from accounts with private status, other users must first follow the person you are trying to find out. is a website that offers a preview service for personal Instagram account posts.

You can view restricted accounts' photo and video posts without following them. This website does not ask for login and password for Instagram accounts. It cannot be used to view private Instagram accounts at all.