Redeem Malice Joker Code and How to Claim It – The following is the Malice Joker redeem code and how to claim it, for those of you who don't know. Come on, let's see the explanation!

No, we don't have FF malice joker. There is a review of the code and instructions on how to claim the prize if it is true.

The latest redeem code for Garena's Free Fire game has again been shared on the official Instagram account @freefirebgid.

One of the prizes available in this redeem code is Malie Joker FF.

In other words, how do you exchange the redeem code in question? Listen all the way.

Code Redeem Malice Joker and How to Claim (2)

What is Malice Joker FF?

The Garena Free Fie (FF) game, also known as the battle royale game in Indonesia, is a popular and widely played game.

Free Fire recently ranked as the most popular game on the Indonesian Play Store, and this proves it.

With their respective targets and classes, players will be able to experience exciting gameplay in this FF game.

Modes include classic mode, ranked mode, and deathmatch mode, among others. Each game can be played either solo or with a group of other players.

Apart from that, FF games are famous for the many options and settings they offer players. Apart from character features, weapon items, skins, emojis and more, there are plenty of other customization options.

Free Fire video game developer, Garena, offers a redeem code option. Using a redeem code is a way to get free Garena prizes by exchanging random code arrangements.

Redeem codes, which are freely distributed by Garena, can be used to obtain various items and skins. This includes Malice Joker FF, a freebie from the latest redeem code.

Code Redeem Malice Joker FF

The Malice Joker Free Fire skin is a cool surfboard skin that you can collect and use in the game.

FF diamonds are usually needed to buy this joker Malice skin in the game. However, the latest redeem code shared on the Instagram account @freefirebgid allows us to get it for free.

The Malice Joker redemption code is FF10-1TSN-JX6E. To receive your prize, simply open the redeem code exchange menu and enter the code provided above.

Latest FF Redeem Code Prize

The Malice Joker skin item is available in the latest Free Fire redeem code, as previously mentioned. Malice Joker and Imperial Rome Weapon Loot Crate turned out to be two of the prizes.

Random Italian themed prizes are included in the Imperial Rome Loot Crate, which is a box. Isn't that interesting? Codes can be exchanged as follows.

How to Redeem Malice Joker Code

Changing the FF redemption code itself is very easy. To use the code, you have to go directly to the official website and do it.

This quick guide can help if you're still unsure:

Start the browser and go to, the official FF site.
Use Google, Facebook, or your mobile number to login to your FF account.
Then, in the space provided, enter the redemption code FF10-1TSN-JX6E.
If the code is processed successfully, a prize notification will appear after clicking Confirm.
Isn't that very simple? The Malice Joker surfboard skin can be yours with this redeem code.

Make sure to remember the expiration date and how many times you can use the redeem code. So, as long as the redeem code is still available, proceed to redeem it right away.

Failure to exchange or error may indicate that the code has been abused by another player and is no longer valid. All the best.


That's a review of the Malice Joker redeem code and how to claim it. For those of you who want to claim, you can immediately follow the steps we have explained above. Good luck!