KKN in the Dancer Village Reaches 6 Million Viewers, and Becomes the Best-Selling Film This Year

Infokekinian.com - Have you watched the KKN film in the Dancer Village? Did you know that KKN in the Dancer Village reached 6 million viewers, and became the highest-grossing film this year. Come on, see this article to the end to find out more complete and clear information.

FILM 'KKN di Desa Penari' is currently being widely discussed on social media, including the actors, stories, and shooting locations for this horror film.

'KKN di Desa Menari', as predicted, was finally able to fly and dominate the domestic film box office.

KKN in the Dancer Village Reaches 6 Million Viewers, and Becomes the Best-Selling Film This Year

After attracting one million viewers on the third day and doubling on the sixth day, the film, which describes the experiences of students implementing the KKN program in a village full of mystical smells, has now attracted more than three million viewers on the ninth day of its screening.

KKN in the Dancer Village

According to Awi Suryadi's official Twitter account, @awisuryadi, the filmmaker, who has become a hot commodity for the Indonesian film industry, expressed his gratitude to the audience after his film finally managed to break the 6 million audience mark.

A result that was expected beforehand, but the achievement itself was beyond the calculation limit because it happened in a short time.

With audience numbers reaching 6,277,019 pairs of eyes, now the film is about the story of Nur (Tissa Biani), Widya (Adinda Thomas), Ayu (Aghniny Haque), Bima (Achmad Megantara), Anton (Calvin Jeremy) and Wahyu (M Fajar Nugraha) can be said to have officially become the best-selling Indonesian film in 2022.

The reason is, with more than three million viewers they got, this figure has far exceeded the audience acquisition of the film Kukira Kau Rumah which was released in early 2022.

Adapted from the page Indonesian movie, the film Kukira Kau Rumah, which stars Prilly Latuconsina and raises the issue of mental health, has a total audience of 2,220,180 pairs of eyes, and lasted until the first third of May 2022.

And with official confirmation from the KKN film in Penari Village, they must officially be shifted from their top position as the highest-grossing Indonesian film in 2022.

An achievement that should be appreciated indeed. Because since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it's rare for a film produced by domestic filmmakers to break the one million audience mark.

For 2022 alone there are only 2 films that are able to break the number of over one million viewers, namely Kukira Kau Rumah, and followed by 'KKN in the Dancer Village'.

As a comparison, the film Dear Nathan: Thank You Salma which is in third place, during its screening in theaters was only able to reach a total of 754,744 pairs of eyes.

If we look at the current conditions, it will be very difficult to shift the audience's achievements from 'KKN in the Dancer Village' as the highest-grossing film in 2022.

How could it not be, besides having to be able to deliver a quality film, the right tactics and strategies are also needed to maintain interest and arouse the curiosity of Indonesian audiences, so that they have an interest in watching the films that are being produced.


That is a little information about the KKN film in the Dancer Village, which has been eagerly awaited for its screening which has been postponed several times due to the pandemic.

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